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Seaman Chicago Chiropractic, Chicago Acupuncture-
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Jimmie C Shares His Story at Seaman Chiropractic Center from Seaman Chiropractic

Jimmie C shares his success story from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Alanna S Shares Her Story at Seaman Chiropractic Center from Seaman Chiropractic

Alanna S Chicago, IL 60630 shares her success:

Alanna S Chicago, IL 60630 shares her success from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Nadia A., Chicago, IL 60646 shares her success

Nadia A Shares Her Story at Seaman Chiropractic Center from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Sharon P., Chicago, IL 60625 and his story at Seaman Chiropractic:

Sharon Peterson Shares her story at our office from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Lester A., Chicago, IL 60630 and his journey of healing at our office:

Lester A sharing his story about Seaman Chiropractic Center from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Heena T., Chicago, IL 60660 shares her experience:

Heena T. shares her experiance at Seaman Chiropractic Center from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Tom S., Chicago, IL 60630 shares her experience:

Tom S Shares His Story @ Seaman Chiropractic Center, Chicago from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Arturo A., Chicago, IL 60612 shares her experience:

Arturo A and his success at Seaman Chiropractic Center in Chicago from Seaman Chiropractic on Vimeo.


" I have been to chiropractic offices before, but I don't feel that they had been as helpful as my visits with Dr. Seaman have been.  She listens to my concerns and acts on the effectively. A.J., mu massage therapist, has also been amazing and helpful.

-Emina O

"As of my initial visit and consistent therapy I have been feeling absolutely better! My pain in neck, back and head are reduced dramatically. I feel much more motivated and happy!

When I first walked in, I was miserable- 6 weeks later, it has been a complete turn around"!

-Esmerelda M


"The combination of chiropractic, massage and physical training have improved range of motion. I also have less pain and feel I have a program moving forward to continually improve my back and neck health. Dr. Seaman and staff have provided me knowledge and a sense of ownership in improving my overall health, especially neck and spine"!

-James P


" I feel better after every visit with Dr. Seaman. I first started coming to see Dr. Seaman because I had pain in my lower back and she was able to find the cause of my problem and treated my pain & discomfort has been very minimal".

Thank you Dr. Seaman!

-Edgar R


"I am very glad to be pain-free through chiropractic care. The care and information given to me over the years has been and is extremely helpful to maintain my vitality and activeness".

-Gregory W.


"Since being treated by Dr. Seaman over the past 3 months, my back pain has diminished significantly. As my weight-loss training and exercise regimen continues, I believe I'll be in optimal condition. As it stands now, I'd be happy in my current condition long-term. Kudos"!

-Ricky N.


"In early June 2010, I was stricken with severe lower back pain. I had trouble getting around and could up and down stairs, one foot at a time, and with much pain. 

A friend recommended Dr. Seaman, who was her doctor, and this proved to be a blessing for me.
Dr. Seaman has treated my back and spinal area and I am pain free and able to move about very well.
Thank goodness for doctors like Dr. Seaman."

-Joan M.


"Dear Dr. Seaman & Staff, Thank you for all your efforts to keep me pain- free! Back pain is not fun to experience and I received a lot of tender care here!
I have been a patient here for several months. Just recently I tried to lift a dresser off a piece of carpet without positioning my body correctly and ow- I heard something pull in my back.
I was in a lot of pain by the next day, could hardly get out of bed without moaning in pain. I called Dr. Seaman's office and after several good treatments I was no longer bent over. Now I can walk again like I normally did and no more pain!
Thanks again!"

-Leona K.


"When I came to Dr. Seaman, my back was screwed up and now it is 100% better than before. So I thank you Dr. Seaman for the help making me feel better."

-Sam S.


"I came to Dr. Seaman in my 1st trimester of pregnancy in order to prevent the common back pain associated with pregnancy. During my second trimester I was experiencing terrible headaches. The care I received eliminated my headaches and significantly reduced my back pain.
I also received rehab to strengthen my back/core muscles which will help in my recovery after birth.
With my 1st pregnancy I had no chiropractic care and had many aches and pains thru-out my pregnancy including neck, back & hip pain. This time around I have almost no pain.
I look forward to continuing my care even after I deliver my second baby.
I strongly recommend Dr. Seaman to any woman who is pregnant. It will make things so much easier for them."

-Brandy K.


"I called Dr. Seaman when a pinched nerve in my neck prevented sleeping or sitting without pain. Her treatments pinpointed the problem, providing relief and suggesting additional exercises I can adapt to avoid recurrence of this problem. She also discussed work habits and made valuable suggestions to me to improve my posture and working habits."

-Andrea D.


"If you are like me and are nervous about chiropractic...all I can say is Don't Be!! Dr. Seaman was able to help me in an unbelievably short time when medical doctors were telling me it would be six months to a year before the pain went away.
I've been coming to Dr. Seaman for about 10 weeks and I'm nearly pain free. I can't thank her enough for helping get my life back.
I will share my apprehensions about seeking treatment. Part of my fears were the "unknown". How would I feel? Would it hurt? Could I be injured during treatment? All I can say about this is talk to the doctor about your questions and concerns. In talking with Dr. Seaman she was able to answer all of my questions and take away my anxiety. She and her staff are excellent. I recommend her to my family and friends without hesitation. You will be glad you chose her, too.

-Odessa K.


To: The best Dr.,
Dr. Cynthia Seaman:
A Chiropractor...mmmm?!?!
The best idea I got...
The best Dr. I found...
...Very caring, ...witty...professional, ...
...she really knows her stuff...
and staff, let's not forget the massaging staff. They are all great.
Very Friendly.
My ailment...a terrible pain in my left elbow...bad shoulders and neck...
she fixed it all...with treatment, rehab and Tiger Balm! a month later the pain was gone. I really and truly thought I had to live with the pain...Wrong Answer.
...Dr. Cynthia Seaman...showed me...How wrong I was...
Now I 'm a Happy Camper! Thank you Doc.

-Marilyn S.


Dear Dr. Seaman: I am writing to tell you of my experiences of trying to get relief for my back, knee and neck problems. I went to my medical doctor who prescribed many pain pills along with muscle relaxants all to no avail. My medical doctor sent me to an orthopod who said my knees were beyond help, but he would send me to a pain treatment center where I was injected 3 different times at six week intervals; this was no good and no help.
I was then sent back to my medical doctor who proceeded to tell me I would have to live with my back pain and would eventually end up in a wheelchair.
Then I met Dr. Seaman at her office which was very well staffed, friendly and no one has to wait to be treated.
Today I am able to walk, turn my head and bend my knees. Thanks to chiropractic care, which I highly recommend to everyone.
Again thank you Dr. Seaman. I owe it all to you. Your killer ad was a godsend. A very satisfied patient,

-Dorothy G.


Any need for care in body pain was my family doctor until I had an accident. I was advised to see a chiropractor. I can say now after several months of therapy , adjustments and rehab on a regular basis I feel like I've been born again.
I am seventy-five years of age and haven't done much in exercising. I feel as though I've been given a new lease on life. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who would need it, and especially Dr. Cynthia Seaman.
I have an arthritic knee which has been diagnosed for surgery. Since my care here my knee has come to the point of no surgery.

-Ann T.


I was involved in a rear end collision on the Kennedy Expressway. I was struck from behind pretty hard and was left in a pretty messed up state. Because of the care Dr. Seaman and her staff provided for me, I'm almost my old self again.
Dr. Seaman is a very caring, kind professional chiropractor. To whomever reads this letter, please allow Dr. Seaman to "fix u up". You won't regret it! Sincerely,

-Christian M.


When I came to Dr. Seaman's I was getting horrible headaches everyday and my doctor had me on Elavil (an anti-depressant) because he couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. After about 2 months of adjustments my headaches were gone and I was off my pills. I still get adjustments once a month and my headaches are gone.
My chiropractic treatment also helped my scoliosis and my posture. I've been very pleased with my chiropractic treatment. I just wish I had come sooner.

-Eunice N.


I came in with excruciating pain on the right side, lower back area. I had it on and off for over a year, but not as intense or excruciating; I could not sit, walk of lay down...could not find a comfortable position to alleviate the pain.
Since I have had treatment and rehab, I feel like a new person, able to function far better than I have for a few years. Thanks to Dr. Seaman, I feel like a human being again...able to work, and do all the things I did before the pain.
Furthermore, I know I need to continue to keep in shape to remain pain free. Seaman Chiropractic Center will help me to maintain good health.

-Lorraine K.


A few years ago I consulted an orthopedic surgeon for chronically painful knees resulting from years of dance, over-use and injuries. His solution was to wait until the condition warranted surgery. I was given a prescription, a few vague exercises, and no hope.
For a few years I resorted to anti-inflammatory herbs to control the pain, but their effects gradually lessened. Having a background in selling nutritional supplements, I became increasingly aware of alternative therapies that some of my customers were seeking.
At that point, my knees were seriously beginning to affect my life. A day at work would not be tolerable without knee bandages, and walking like an arthritic 80 year-old woman. It's ironic I came to know Dr. Seaman through pain! I'd come down Elston Ave after work, stop at the Foster Ave light and see the sign, "Why Suffer?" After seeing this message night after night, I became angry and thought, "Yes, why suffer?", so I made an appointment.
Two days after a Saturday night wedding reception, where I danced frantically, I had my first appointment. I was in such pain I felt like calling it off; really wondering if chiropractic care could handle the damage I had inflicted on my knees. My brothers, both being in the medical field, discouraged me while, at the same, recommending surgeons they knew who could "correct" my problems.
After my first visit, which included low-dose X-rays, and a lengthy consultation with Dr. Seaman, it was determined the next few weeks would involve ultra-sound, electrical stimulation, and of all things, acupuncture to combat the pain. I was immediately drawn to the friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. I noticed the warm interaction between Dr. Seaman, the staff and other patients. The treatment would take time. I was willing to give it a chance.
I am now at the end of 3 months of steady chiropractic care, and my knees have improved so much I can hardly believe it. I went in with an open mind, hoping for the best; I can now enthusiastically encourage others to try it. Of course it took time, and there were other set-backs, but I recovered.
I was certain the nutritional supplements I was taking were helping, but I was skeptical of acupuncture. The thought of sitting like a pin cushion for 30 minutes wasn't appealing, but I was desperate for pain control. It took about 5 treatments before I could actually feel my knees coming to life, so to speak. The areas that were previously numb from injuries had a tingling sensation. I can honestly say acupuncture has given me absolute pain relief.
I am not against traditional medicine because it works well in life-threatening situations. However in other situations the answer isn't always more medication and costly surgeries.
Chiropractic care involves the total person. During my weeks of treatment and rehab I focused on being pain-free; free from the pain that resulted from my limitations.

-Sandy I.


Dear Dr. Seaman and Staff, I have passed by your office many times in the past 8 years, wondering if this was the place for me.
My husband tried to encourage me but I was overwhelmed with my pain, I could not bring my self to go...until one day someone called from your office, offering a free exam. That's all it took! I was there in five days.
I just wanted to express how "welcomed" and relieved" I felt when I walked into your office for my first treatment.
You and your staff were very caring and eager to nurture my pains in my body. After 2 weeks now, I'm on my road to recovery and health.
Thank you so much for helping me and I know I can leave my concerns in good hands. I hope other people will not wait as long as I did for treatment.
I appreciate your care and genuine honesty to diagnose the problem and not just treat the symptoms. Thank you.

-Darlene G.


Since starting treatment in April I have much improvement in my mobility and have reduced the pain I previously experienced through exercise and Dr. Seaman's treatment.

-Kurt V.


Let me tell you a little about my experience with my chiropractor, Dr. Cynthia Seaman. I was in a car accident in June. The next day my lower back really hurt. I went to a medical center, got a prescription, no results. The following week I went to the emergency room, got another prescription, no help. Finally in July I went to see a chiropractor; going in on crutches because by then I could not walk. A couple of weeks later, no crutches; I was able to walk without pain. My chiropractor was a godsend. Thank you, Dr. Seaman. I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Thank you.

-Gertrude K. 

P.S. She's still my doctor!


Dr. Seaman and Staff!
Keep up the good work. You all were great! I appreciate the way you made me feel as a patient.
Adjustments, physical therapy and massages lead to a speedy and good recovery!
I love natural medicine especially when it is topped with care and concern.
I truly enjoyed the services I received at Seaman Chicago Chiropractic Center office.
Thanks! I'll always remember you all!

-Bridgette P.


I had pain in back, from waist down, back of legs to below knees. ( I have scoliosis). I was told I have spinal stenosis and the doctor would not operate.
Years ago I had pain, terrible, not able to move my left arm. I was told I'd have to have a shoulder replacement. My husband suggested Dr. Seaman, chiropractor. (We had gotten a flyer advertising her practice.)
Well, to this day with Dr. Seaman's treatment I can move my arm--no pain. Now I've come for back treatment, I must say my movements have improved with much relief from pain.

-Julia M.


No Bones About It!
Gymnasts, do you think it's out of your bounds
On the leg press machine to get 995 pounds?
For years scoliosis kept me down
Until I came to work in Chicago town.
Over fifteen years-- has it been that long?
Dr. Seaman's chiropracty has kept me strong!

-Paul L.


I injured my back in March at work getting off a ladder and slipping on loose pipe. I tried for 4 months to ignore the pain, but one day the pain became too much to handle, so I sought help from a naprapath.
The naprapath treated me for 6 weeks but the pain in my lower back persisted. Upon the advice of a friend I sought chiropractic help for my back problem-- immediately Dr. Seaman ordered X-Rays, unlike the naprapath, to diagnose the exact problem. One week later treatment began,but the pain persisted; so Dr. Seaman ordered an MRI- this showed I had a bulging disc in my lumbar area.
She upgraded my treatment along with physical therapy and the pain subsided; and I again enjoy doing simple tasks again without pain.
I was so confident and amazed with the results that I recommended chiropractic help to a co-worker and his wife! Chiropractic has been a godsend and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has injured a back, neck, etc.
The results are real! You get your life back!

-David W.


Before I came to Dr. Seaman's chiropractic office I was very miserable with pain down my back. I felt like I was shrinking with pain in my legs down to my ankles with headaches so painful no medication would help me. Sometimes I'd get relief when taking Excedrin. With the first treatment of chiropractic I began to feel like a new person. I can walk more, even walk faster. I can move like I was 45 years-old instead of 73.

-Jennie S.


When I came into Dr. Seaman's office it was because of an accident. While examining me she also found I have scoliosis.
She started out my treatments because of pain in my neck and lower back.
After two months of treatment I feel almost back to my normal self again and I know that with chiropractic care I will be myself in no time.

-Maria N.

By the way adjustments don't hurt!!


I came to Seaman Chiropractic after having met Cynthia at a Landmark Class. There, I found out she was a chiropractor and took it as sign to finally take care of myself. I was in my mid to late 20's and had suffered back pain since I could remember. (Mainly in my lower back and then upper/mid back when really stressed.)
I discovered I had three major back issues and together, we treated them. After months of being relatively pain free I fell. I know I would have been injured a lot worse than I was because I fell with a strong back. It was bad enough that I had to be treated for a year but again, Cynthia brought me to a relatively pain free state.
Unfortunately, before those treatments were over, I was a passenger in a car that got slammed from behind. And again, Cynthia worked with me to treat those injuries.
If I hadn't taken the plunge into the unknown and gone to Cynthia to help me help myself, (treat my back), then I would be doomed to suffer with a bad back for the whole of my life--as my mom's side of the family quietly suffers. (We have Christmas pictures of everyone dressed up, lying on the floor because one of them threw their back out and could not sit up.)
As wonderful as it is that I will live my life back-pain free, the absolute best part is that my mom is now seeing Cynthia. My mom will no longer live her life with back pain, thinking that's just the way it is.
I wouldn't trade that for anything.

-Jenny O.


I began to see Dr. Seaman in December 2006 for lower back pain. I was being prescribed large doses of ibuprofen for it and was disappointed that I was being treated to mask the pain.
After a few months of chiropractic care, the lower back pain disappeared--without medication. I began a routine schedule of visits with Dr. Seaman. During the visits, I was surprised to learn I was pregnant. I had tried for 7 years to get pregnant. I went for fertility treatments that did not work. I had pretty much given up the past year or two. This pregnancy is a blessing!
I truly believe the chiropractic care has been the reason for this pregnancy.

-Viannine J.


Before when my back would become very stiff and painful, it would take 3 to 4 weeks until I felt better and the stiffness would still be there.
I felt a marked improvement within a week (much to my surprise) and after 3 weeks I felt no recurring stiffness at all. And to think I'm older now!

-Greg W.


Chiropractic has helped me with a variety of ailments which I had "put up with" for many years: arthritic foot, tennis elbow, and easily-fatigued back. I decided to try chiropractic after my husband and 2 children saw impressive improvement of their back problems.
Since I am a pianist/organist and need to stay strong to maintain my professional work I am particularly pleased with the long-term training I have received that will ensure the longevity of my career and health.

-Sharon P.


I started coming to Dr. Seaman's office around 1994 when I had 2 car accidents within a few weeks time. I had terrible low back pain and whiplash in my neck. I could hardly stand or sit for more than a few minutes.
With Dr. Seaman's plan and treatment I was back to normal in a few months time.
I highly recommend Dr. Seaman's excellent care and to this day I continue to get adjustments and massages. And guess what? I am in the best shape that I ever have been in my entire life.
Thank you Dr. Seaman!!!

-Mary B.


I first stepped foot in Dr. Seaman's office witih my wife who had an appointment. My wife had pain in her shoulder and was willing to try any means to correct it. After seeing Dr. Seaman she saw positive results and thought Dr. Seaman could help me with my back pain.
I have been living with both back pain, and pains in my knees, and thought I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. The thought that Dr. Seaman could help, to me was a joke. I was a non-believer! I thought chiropractic offices were a true scam, and only out to make money.
After constant nagging from my wife, I agreed to see Dr. Seaman, but thought she could do nothing to help. Dr. Seaman talked to me like a person, and gave me choices that I had to make. No threats, no song and dance, but the truth.
I began seeing Dr. Seaman and started to see a change. I started to feel better, and my pain slowly started to go. I now believe that Dr. Seaman and her office does help me in living the healthiest life I can.
The work that Dr. Seaman did convinvced me to start receiving a massage, and today I go once a month to get adjusted and for a massage.
From a non-believer to a believer, that's me.

-David M.


When I first came here I had a terrible pain in my back when I bent over and especially when I tried to straighten up.
Dr. Seaman took X-rays and did some tests on me. After that I was given exercises to do and came to the office for three times a week for a whole month getting ultrasound treatment and electro stim.
After a month I felt much better and I've been coming to the office now once a month for the last seven years, and my back feels great.

-Joseph G.


I work in the building trades as an electrical worker.
Many times a day lifting and climbing ladders, carrying heavy equipment, working in tight areas in the ceiling; bending and twisting in ways not normal to get the job done leaves me with sore shoulders and neck stiffness.
So I came to the chiropractic office for relief.The adjustments and care I get from Dr. Seaman and her staff help relieve aches and pains and leave me with a wonderful feeling.
Dr. Seaman informs me of exercise to help strengthen muscle to prevent the stiffness and pains.
I feel the treatments have given me my life back. I can live a happier life with no pain and stiffness. Amen.

-Vince P.


Dear Dr. Seaman: In December I hurt my neck and shoulder carrying a pole at work. This was on a Thursday, and by Saturday I had numbness in my fingers. I went to the Emergency Room, and was told, to "Take Tylenol and keep moving the arm." the numbness would stop in a couple of days. After a week and a half, I began to have second thoughts. I came to you to straighten out the "twist". The initial visit was immediate, not in two weeks. And the treatments were positive, not guesses as what could be wrong. The staff is always friendly and cheerful! After a month and a half I was feeling all right and now at 3 months I am feeling fine. The feeling is back in my fingers. Thank you for your attention.


-Joe W.


I had pain in back, from waist down, back of legs to below knees. ( I have scoliosis). I was told I have spinal stenosis and the doctor would not operate. Years ago I had pain, terrible, not able to move my left arm. I was told I'd have to have a shoulder replacement. My husband suggested Dr. Seaman, chiropractor. (We had gotten a flyer advertising her practice.) Well, to this day with Dr. Seaman's treatment I can move my arm--no pain. Now I've come for back treatment, I must say my movements have improved with much relief from pain.

-Julia M.


One day there were no problems--and the next day my back went into spasms. I'd heard people talk about spasms--but until you experience one, it can not be explained. After being in bed for three days-- a friend suggested I go to a chiropractor, as she did when she had a back problem. In no time after visiting the chiropractor, I was able to get out of bed and start moving around. And then back to work. Next time my back "spasms" it won't take me three days to get to the chiropractor.

-Ann A.


I began seeing Dr. Seaman at my husband's strong suggestion. His perception was that I "clomped" around-- walked heavy, and that when I stood after sitting I experienced discomfort. Sure I did. Doesn't everyone at age 46?
So on my first appointment with Dr. Seaman I waited for the doctor. an exuberant young woman in sweats hustled in. (Wow, even active people choose chiropractic.) The she extended her hand in introduction. this was Dr. Seaman!
We began talking about my whole lifestyle. She did diagnostic testing to get a picture of my state of health. Armed with the facts, a plan was effected. I had no idea my situation was acute. I had accepted back and ankle pain and I needed to get actively involved in stopping my downhill slide. I was in the office often at the beginning-- for adjustment, therapy, exercise and massage. She and her staff make me feel primary. They work with your insurance and your calendar.
I learned a lot. I learned to listen to my body. I learned I was strong, and that Dr. Seaman knows what she is talking about. I learned not to expect miracles from myself. I learned to be demanding with my self in tricky ways and to forgive myself and pick up where I left off when the tricks didn't work! It was easy for me to talk to Dr. Seaman. She has a lightning sense of humor and she's intuitive regarding her patients--not to mention those magic hands!
Two of my diagnoses are degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. Since beginning with Dr. Seaman in April I have done three 5K walks, (improving my time with each one); got a job and helped in a successful (and hectic) election campaign and recovered from brain surgery. I eat better, exercise more and just say no to to aches and pains. Instead of first gulping Advil, I consider whether it's Tiger Balm and ice that I really need.
And Dr. Seaman? She is a delight. She was just what I needed-- a wake up call; she forced me outside of my comfort zone yet comforted me. I can't say it was easy, or that Dr. Seaman is. She is interested and it is in your best interest that you do what she suggests.
My time with her has actually made me younger. I see her once a month and value that visit. I honestly am a new person. Hear me roar: Thanks, Dr. Seaman

-Laura A.


To Whom It May Concern, In the last 6 months that I have been treated at Seaman Chiropractic my back condition has gone from constant pain to not being in pain at all! I had been seeing another chiropractor weekly for approximately 2 years with no results before that! Thank you Dr. Seaman. Sincerely,

-Carol S.


"I came to Seaman Chiropractic Center with my mother for pain in her knee. When I watched her progress I started going myself. I had my neck hurting and my tail bone. My doctor said there wasn't a known cure. When I started coming to Dr. Seaman's office it took ten visits and I started sitting normal. That was a shock not to have pain in that amount of time."

-Linda H.

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