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Posted on 09-29-2011

You get sick because you get out of balance. This leads to dis-ease. What is referred to as sickness are the mechanisms your body uses to return to balance, to its natural healthy state.


The purpose of these symptoms is to heal you, to bring you back to balance.

Put another way, symptoms are the mechanisms your natural healing ability (or inner healer) uses to heal you. Symptoms are a sign that your body is struggling to regain (or maintain) balance or homeostasis.

How did you get off balance? 

Physical, emotional, chemical, nutritional and other environmental stresses assault us all the time. Usually we are able to handle these stresses so efficiently that we aren't even aware it's being done (we don't notice any major symptoms).


For example, let's say due to various stresses (not enough sleep, junk food, worry, overwork, etc.) your resistance is lowered and some body tissues weaken. Germs may grow on these weakened tissues. On that day you may feel a little tired or out of sorts. You may decide not to go to that party and instead take it easy and go to bed early.

As you sleep your temperature rises and your immune system mobilizes to address your infection. Your depleted energy is restored. You may have diarrhea to further the elimination/detoxification process and in the morning you are back to being your healthy, happy self.


Symptoms are good?

Symptoms are a sign that your body is working properly. If you block or suppress symptoms with drugs you are working contrary to your body's wishes. This may give you temporary relief - but at a cost! Suppression may prevent your problem from fully resolving or may drive the disease deeper and cause chronic illness - which never goes away.


Chiropractic, acupuncture, and other natural medicines that Dr. C uses works with your body and the amplifies the body's natural ability to heal itself.  She makes sure the body is working properly so it may use its healing mechanism to the fullest to resolve its issues quickly and bring you back to balance.

When Dr. C corrects your structural distortions (subluxations) your natural healing ability is permitted to work at full throttle so your body may do its job most effectively.

If you or anyone you know is sick, fatigued, or feeling run down, we can make sure they are free of health-destroying subluxations so their inner healer is able to function without interference. Call our office, serving Norwood Park for over 26 years, at 773-545-2233 today.  


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