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Posted on 09-22-2011

"It hurts me here - why do you adjust me there?" is question we hear in our Sauganash office all the time.


Practice members have also asked Dr. Seaman:

"The pain is in my leg, why do you adjust my back?"

"The menstrual cramps aren't in my neck, why are you adjusting me there?"

"How can doing something to my child's neck affect her ear infection (fever, asthma, allergies or stomach ache)?"



A common misconception is that since Dr. C works on the spine, she is thought of as a doctor who "treats" bones and muscles. Although she does work on your joints (where two bones meet and move), her "portal of entry" is where the spinal nerves come out. This is the starting point from which her care affects the entire body. The spinal nerves go to every cell, organ, muscle, and tissue in your body. Think of it this way: MD's prescribe drugs you take by mouth or give injections into the skin. But does that mean MDs are mouth and skin doctors? We never hear medical patients asking, "How can taking something in my mouth that goes to my stomach affect my asthma? Aren't they different parts of my body?"


Of course we know that drugs, even if taken by mouth, are the "portal of entry" to affect the entire body. Drugs enter your blood after you (usually) swallow them to change your entire body chemistry. They go into your blood stream and affect your body. So in the same way the spine is Dr. Seaman's "portal of entry" or starting point.


 Medical doctors use the circulatory (blood) system to carry medicine, nutrition, and oxygen to the place where it needs to go. Dr. Seaman uses the nervous system (your communication system) to amplify the function of all your joints, muscles, tissues- every cell in your body. The spine houses your spinal cord, which gives off, at each level, a spinal nerve which goes out to every cell of your body. For you to be healthy all of your body parts must work together in a coordinated manner. Your nerves carry messages from your brain to all your body parts so you function at 100%. Your nervous system helps organize your body so can live at your fullest potential. Energy flows over your nerves. You need an uninterrupted nerve flow to function at 100%. And if you aren't at 100% anything less is less than optimum is lack of health or disease.


Chiropractors have discovered that a distortion in your spine will partially block or alters the nerve flow through your body. This distortion is called a subluxation. No matter where they are, Dr. Cynthia will find them out and fix them. And no matter what condition you are suffering from, you will function better without nerve pressure.


If you have subluxations in your body, problems can arise anywhere because your nerves interconnect in many complex ways. Therefore a pain or problem here may be related to a subluxation there. If you're ready to eliminate pain and get to the source of your problem, give our office a call at 773-545-2233 today.


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