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Posted on 09-15-2011

The atlas, which is the first spinal vertebra underneath your skull, can be subluxated (which means bone out of place) and affect billions of nerves and create many health problems. One of these devastating problems is SIDS.

Such devastation was revealed in a fascinating research paper in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation. Coroners x-rayed 74 newly dead infants in a specially designed structure that put their spines through a range of motion. In this triple-blind study, a dangerous distortion of the atlas was found in the majority of SIDS deaths.

This research indicates that at least some cases of SIDS may be due to obstetrical damage at or near birth. This essentially means that the trauma of the birth process, resulting in a badly subluxated atlas, is the cause of some cases of SIDS. Indeed, there are cases of babies suffering serious spinal, brachial plexus (which supplies nerves to the chest, shoulder, and arm) and brain damage from obstetrical mistakes.

For that reason, Dr. Seaman advocates gentle birthing practices, which includes midwives, doulas, water births, and home births. To ensure a gentler pregnancy, Dr. Seaman adjusts the lower back to create an environment for an easier birth, and uses acupuncture to induce a natural labor.

In addition to a safer birthing practice, it is essential to have your baby's spine checked after birth to reverse any damage done by the birthing process. Dr. Seaman can gently adjust babies as young as a few hours old, and if you're looking to improve your child's health and lower their risks, give our office a call at 773-545-2233 today!

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