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Posted on 09-14-2011

 A common word in chiropractic is 'atlas'. C-1 is also called the atlas. C-1 is shorthand for your first cervical (neck) vertebra and it is located just underneath your skull. Just as the Greek god Atlas held the globe of the world, your atlas vertebra holds the globe of your head.

The atlas lies in a very important area between the skull and spine. This is known as the transitional area. Your atlas is shaped like a ring and your spinal cord extends through the center of this ring as it leaves your brain. A subluxation (misalignment) of the atlas can affect billions of nerves. If the atlas is badly subluxated the effect could be devastating. We'll touch on an example of that in our next blog.

Misalignment of the atlas commonly causes headaches, muscle pain, depression, and fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ear, allergies, and high blood pressure. For one specific area, it's got a pretty big influence on your health.

If you think your atlas could be misaligned, or want to find out if it is, call our office to see Dr. Seaman today at 773-545-2233.

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