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Posted on 03-08-2017

Contrary to belief, all headaches start in the upper part of your neck. Depending on what the dominant irritant is determines where and how you will feel the pain. Headaches are partially muscular, vascular and neural muscle, blood vessel or nerve. If it's a tension headache it will show up in your forehead and / or eyes, or like a vise around your head. If it is a migraine it will show up as a throbbing, possibly one-sided, and possibly with nausea and vomiting. 

Chiropractic is very,very effective to decrease or eliminate chronic headaches/migraines. By adjusting the upper neck, you eliminate pinching of nerve and the muscle spasm that can cause all these different types of headaches. Pinching of the nerve is called subluxation. If there are subluxations in the body, no amount of drugs will correct them...You can get rid of headaches with drugs but the problem is not solved and they will continue to appear.

Many of my patients come into the office and state that they don't get many headaches maybe once or twice a week. What? That is not  normal. That is a frequent problem.

With Chiropractic and sometimes acupuncture, we can get a 95% reduction or elimination of the headache/ migraines. We are experts at relieving subluxation which restores your body to a greater level of health and wellness so it can better heal itself.  

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