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Posted on 07-07-2011

We know that it is tempting for seniors to become content with simply sitting and enjoying the 'golden years' that you have worked so hard for. By not exercising, you're gradually allowing your physical health to go by the wayside. Ever heard of the term 'move it or lose it'? If you don't move those muscles, you lose them, along with your flexibility, mobility and overall health. One of the biggest dangers of muscle loss is the tendency to fall. Everyone knows someone who has "fallen and they can't get up". Celebrities like acclaimed author Kurt Vonnegut, actor George Burns, actress Natasha Richardson, and actor Glenn Shadix are perfect examples. Falling is a very scary and real threat, but it can be avoided with exercise, which strengthens muscles and ensure proper stability. Even if you have never been big on exercise in the first place, it is never too late to start. Exercises may need to be modified to suit your age. No matter how old or what your capability is, do not let it discourage you. It is never too early or late.

Here is some chiropractic advice for seniors in North Park and Beyond:

• Understand why exercise is so healthy for you. It is not enough to have someone tell you that you need to exercise if you do not think so.
• Do not fall into the trap of believing that you have to join a gym in order to get started. Instead, you will be able to enjoy healthy exercises by doing simple stretches. These stretches will prevent your ligaments from growing shorter and they are quite easy to do. Join our website as a member here or call our office to get stretches sent to you.
• Did you know that you can even stretch while you are watching television? There are programs shown on public television or exercise On Demand available on cable, or we can instruct you on simple exercises on your next visit to our office.
• Walk to your heart's content! We point out time and again that walking is the best kind of exercise as long as you follow a few simple guidelines, such as purchasing a good walking shoe and replacing them every 6 months. As you begin a walking regimen, do not overdo it! Instead, start out slow and with short distances and gradually work up to longer time periods and also greater distances.

Make certain that you keep in good contact with Dr. Seaman about your progress. If you find that your exercise is causing you to experience pain, do not hesitate to call your North Park chiropractor, Dr. Cynthia Seaman.  If you're a senior interested in becoming active again, or fixing the aches and pains you're experiencing, give our office a call at 773-545-2233 today! Same day appointments are often available.


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