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Posted on 06-24-2011

Your spine is a central highway of nerves. One of the principles of anatomy and physiology is that vertebral subluxations (interference) affect nerve transmission. Think of a phone with a poor connection: subluxations are the static that the other person on the line hears. They completely miss the message and therefore are not able to follow through on what you're saying. It's the same within your body: your reproductive system will not function properly if the nerves that lead to them are not functioning, or are blocked in some way.

Dr. Seaman will identify pinched or pressed nerves and fix those subluxations, which are basically spinal distortions. These interferences can be caused by physical stressors- childhood falls, illnesses, accidents, poor posture, and structural defects (short leg, etc.). If you're trying to conceive, these physical stressors may be a bigger factor than you thought. Thankfully there is a way to minimize the negative impact on the body.

Once the subluxations are minimized or eliminated, your menstrual cycle can become more regular and effective. This means that the action that delivers the egg through the fallopian tubes to the uterus can improve, and in some cases, endometriosis can begin to reverse. The balancing center of your body has been realigned, and all your reproductive organs can now properly communicate with each other.

Given the right kind of progressive chiropractic care, and enough time, the body has shown repeatedly that it is capable of transforming disease and dysfunction into wellness. We see it every day in our office, and with many of our patients from Norwood Park and the surrounding areas. If you're having problems conceiving, give our office a call at 773-545-2233 and see what Dr. Seaman can do for you.

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