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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: February 4, 2010




  Dr Cynthia Seaman here- a Chicagoland chiropractic expert who specializes in treating the whole person in a natural way using healing hands and 25 years of experience. I want progressive wellness for you, not just the absence of pain. I want you to feel great not just get through your day. You can have that life if you take steps and use experts, like holistic coaches, to give you the guidance to get there. I don't want you dependent on drugs and medical models of "don't worry you are just aging and there is surgery when it gets worse".

Most of you out there simply don't know what to look for or how to recognize the beginning of something wrong. That is why you come to Seaman Chiropractic Center. Because I do!

Many patients come to my office and say" I just picked up a pencil " or
"Yesterday I just started having pain. I was fine before". In my thorough consultation, we find that the body has been giving out signals for a long time. The patients just couldn't translate. I compare the body to my cat. When something is wrong, he can pee outside the litter box, stop eating, keep away from me or meow A LOT if I don't respond. The body also has few ways of communication. It can cause pain , numbness, tingling.It can function badly or stop working . But by the time those signals appear, you are well into a disease process.

Preventative health care is all about doing the right thing in the absence of symptoms. Some of us think they know what to do. They workout or run but eat fast food , drink a lot of coffee and don't maintain spinal health. That doesn't keep a body healthy for a lifetime.

Your nervous system is the most important communication system you have. It tells you to breathe, your heart to beat and everything else, EVERYTHING.

You go to the dentist to check your teeth and change the oil in your car. You vaccinate your children and bring them to regular visits to their pediatrician. But what about their spinal health?

Visits to my office combines working on specific problems while also discussing sleep, food, stress, core strength, nutritional supplements to maximize your healthy lifestyle. It is not how long you live but how you feel doing it and keeping the activities you love.The earlier you start the better the long term results.

If you want to wake up feeling great with more vitality, energy and a longer more, active life, call 773-545-2233 now to come to my office for a free consultation.Bring your children to see if they are developing any spinal problems. I can help you!

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