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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: February 8, 2010

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a Chicago chiropractor using healing hands for pain management. In my practice I use progressive chiropractic treatments for correction of problems. This is a completely natural medicine.

Once a patient has gotten to a stable, pain free, strong state of health, it is imperative to maintain the precious gains you have worked so hard to achieve. At Seaman Chiropractic Center our supportive care for most patients is every two weeks. Why so often? Is that arbitrary? After all the goal is to maintain a subluxation free body so the communication system [nervous system] works at peak functioning.

As Montel Williams said:

 "It's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!" After suffering 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, he experienced almost instantaneous relief from pain with his first chiropractic adjustment. "There's not a person who knows me who will not confirm this. I am walking differently, my pain is less, I've already regained strength in my left leg."

He also added that he could stand up straight without pain for the first time in more than five years.

Research done by Tapio Vidman, a number of years ago, tells us that a
Subluxation, { a joint not in a neutral position which causes disc, muscle, bone and nerve damage} once formed, will cause an inescapable degenerative progression if it is allowed to remain for any longer than 2 weeks. Did you get that? 2 weeks!

This means that a monthly maintenance visit to my office will absolutely ensure you as a patient will get worse over time and you will. That is not O.K. My job is to improve and at the very least slow down degenerative conditions from irritated, neglected or damaged joints which pinch nerves, degenerate discs and harm your nervous system.

You think everything is all right on a monthly adjustment because you feel good but underneath the Subluxations are damaging you. The problem is that you would confront me at some point in the future and ask me point blank why I have allowed you to get worse when you have paid me all this money over the last few years to prevent these problems and keep you healthy and you would have been correct. Most doctors do not see their patients on an appropriate schedule of care in order to be able to really correct their Subluxations. PERIOD!

A Subluxation, once formed becomes a habit - it is a neurological pattern. It is a spinal distortion that defaults to a incorrect position. It is a neurological habit the body becomes accustomed to. And it most often starts in children

To correct your physical health issues or those of your children
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