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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: February 5, 2010


  I am Dr Cynthia Seaman a chiropractor practicing on the northwest side of Chicago. I am amazed at how long people wait till they finally seek care from a chiropractor. I have had patients who told me they passed my sign for 10- 20 years before they came in. Others have spoke about the years they have wasted in pain and all the things they stopped doing due to the fear it might cause pain. How the quality of their life, the enjoyment of their family and hobbies declined because they were so distracted by the pain and fear.

Of course there are also the stoic people who come in and tell me "It's not so bad. I can handle it". At what cost? Do you think you are 100% there for your job, your family and your life when pain is there too. Are you as happy and easy going ? Or does it make you short tempered or cranky? What would your friends and family around you say?

So what is the hesitation? Why procrastinate? Why delay? I have been practicing chiropractic medicine for 25 years. At my office treatment is safe, effective and gentle. I have seen every condition countless times. I thoroughly diagnose you and create a personalized treatment plan not only to get you out of pain and stabilize your condition but to get you back to life and improve your energy and vitality. I use payment plans so you can budget the care you need.

I have a large tool box of treatment options and techniques and a long history of success. I don't tell you "you are just getting old" or "it's just in your head ". I treat you like I would my family. I walk you through the process and I listen to you.

Get up out of your fear and all the voices, internal and external, especially those that tells you nothing can be done. Pick up the phone and make an appointment. I know two thing for sure. One is, if you don't act there is 100% chance you won't get better and two, the longer you wait, the larger the problem, the more damage is done and the cost to correct it is higher.

"If I hadn't taken the plunge into the unknown and gone to Cynthia to help me help myself, (treat my back), then I would be doomed to suffer with a bad back for the whole of my life--as my mom's side of the family quietly suffers."
Jennie O

What will you do ? Will you read this article and do nothing for the problems you are experiencing or will you pick up the phone right now to make an appointment? Call my office today 773-545-2233. Decide to become healthy. Put wellness in your future.

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