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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: February 16, 2010


As a general rule chiropractors prefer that individuals explore the least dangerous, least invasive, safest and most natural care first, before resorting to powerful or "heroic" (and highly dangerous) drugs, radiation and surgery (except in emergency situations where life and limb are at stake).

Interventions such as medicine and surgery have a place - but today they are all over the place. Too many people are "medicalized," swallowing synthetic, artificial chemicals that may alter and suppress their symptoms but do not cure. If drugs cured, after a while you should stop taking them. But look around, aren't those taking drugs long-term the sickest? Drugs do not heal, they may alter body chemistry but there is no true healing.

And don't forget all the thousands of people who die and are sickened from prescription drug side effects and adverse reactions.
As the taking of drugs continues, individuals often spiral into poorer health. That is because health is not something you get from artificial chemicals. Health is the result of your body functioning properly. Your body functions properly when it is properly aligned, free of adverse structural stresses; when it is fed nutrient dense foods and when it is free of artificial chemicals and toxins.
More and more people are taking that first step of getting off the drug merry-go-round and discovering natural health care.

Chiropractors, due to their license, do not prescribe drugs nor do they take people off of drugs - that is the role of the medical doctor. It is a good policy to discuss with MDs the full effects of the drugs they prescribe. Of course patients may learn for themselves about their drug side effects by using the Internet.

Chiropractors favor freedom of choice in healthcare for all, especially children. Parents should have the freedom to decide on their family's health choices without medical doctors or government bureaucrats coercing them, under threat of force, to undergo medical procedures. Health-care freedom of choice should be a basic human right.

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