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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: February 21, 2010   


 At Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago, I have always taken x-rays before I adjusted any patient. My patients from Skokie know I am just a chiropractor , not Superman. They know I can't see inside you. That is why you need X-rays at our initial meeting when you come to me for answers.

I believe taking X-rays on the areas I would be treating is protection for the patient. It also assists me in planning a specific treatment plan. It is also my belief taking X-rays before administering an adjustment contributes to the high levels of success I have in achieving the patient's goals.

Many times when seeing people for the first time, they tell me all they have done prior to coming to my office. It usually involves MRIs, drugs, physical therapy and no X-rays. I want to see the patient in a standing, weight bearing position, so I can observe the physical structure with the normal stressors on the body.

There are many things are missed with just an MRI. An MRI is like a very thinly sliced roast. You can't see the original shape of the roast. You can miss seeing a short leg, a fracture, scoliosis {a side curve}, spinal misalignments and joint and bone structural defects or diseases that would help correct a patient's problem. The exception is, of course, a pregnant woman. We wait till she has given birth. I do not X-ray expectant mothers.

I get very few objections to taking X-rays because smart Skokie residents realize no one has found the root cause of their pain and problems. In that rare instance, the patient has the fear of radiation, I explain they get more UV rays outside on a sunny day.

At Seaman Chiropractic Center, after a thorough exam and reading of their x-rays, I then do a report of all of my findings. That is when I tell you what is wrong, if I can help you and how I will help you achieve your new path to wellness. If you really want to increase your well being, not just an absence of pain, call 773-545-2233 to arrange an appointment today to begin your new life! I can help you.

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