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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: March 5, 2010

Dr Seaman here to give you important information about disc herniations. The most common cause for a truly"pinched" nerve is a disc herniation.The disc is a soft gel inside connective tissue between each vertebrae that works as shock absorption and spacer for the nerves to get out to the body. It is sometimes called a slipped disc but that is a rather inacturate description. It doesn't slip. It is attached but it can get irritated, swell and eventually blow like a tire. It is a common cause for severe back pain and {sciatica} pain, numbness or tingling from the back, buttock and all the way to the foot.

At Seaman Chiropractic , I use a very specialized table called a Flexion -distraction table.It is not widely used in Chicago but it is specific for disc problems and very gentle. It separates each vertebrae, pumps it to bring in blood flow to speed healing and moves the vertebrae to get back it's full range of motion. This is the best technique I have seen in 25 years to get a person in severe spine pain and possibly leg pain back to a normal life WITHOUT surgery.

I 've had many patients after surgery , after months off work, and much pain, get their back and leg pain back because the back surgery doesn't get to the core of why the disc herniated in the first place . That is what you need to find out and solve for a permanent recovery. Herniation don't happen spontaneously. There is something unlevel , structural deformity or abnormality in the low back that you are unaware of.

Combining flexion-distraction,physical rehab and sometimes acupuncture is very powerful to bring that particular patient back to their families, activities,
and job so they can enjoy life again.

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