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Posted on 05-19-2011

Original Post Date: March 12, 2010

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a common and poorly understood condition that can affect the patient's shoulder in a variety of ways. As the chiropractor at Seaman Chiropractic Center, I have been very successful in treating Skokie patients with frozen shoulder for the last 25 years. Most times it is a very painful shoulder with a very limited range of motion with a thickening of the shoulder joint capsule. There are three stages to adhesive capsulitis.

Stage One

This is where deep persistent pain develops and affects the patient's sleep. You no longer can sleep on the affected side or even on any side.

Stage Two

At this point the range of motion has decreased. I have seen patients who no longer can blow dry their hair, put on a coat comfortably or raise their arm above shoulder height.

Stage Three

In this third stage the patient begins to incrementally regain motion but can also begin to have pain reappear.

It is imperative for the patient to seek a experienced doctor who has worked with this condition because left untreated some of their range of motion lost may become permanent.

I have seen patients who'd been given drugs for months without improvement and then encouraged to have surgery. If surgery and drugs is not for you, finally seek out my natural solutions.

In my office, I combine gentle, non force corrections of the bones, massage, passive range of motion and when the patient is ready, active physical rehabilitation.

Acupuncture is available; however 99 percent of the time it is not necessary. This combination is very successful to regain both full range of motion and relief from pain.

If you have frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, call 773-545-2233 now and to recover your shoulder and your life. I can help you.

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