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Posted on 05-19-2011

Originally Posted: March 20, 2010

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, the owner of, and practitioner at Seaman Chiropractic Center, a natural health care center serving the Niles chiropractic community. Today I am writing about how your feet affect your entire body. Many of my patients tell me they have flat feet; and they aren't concerned about it, as if it has not much importance. This is far from the truth.

This is how I show patients what is happening. Stand in front of a mirror with bare feet so your feet are visible; close your eyes and then look at your ankles. Are they leaning inward? Can you see a space under your arch or is it flattened? Are your feet leaning toward the center?

Once you know you have flat feet, what can that do to the rest of you? If your feet are leaning inward, your knee will also lean in and so with your hip. The patella, {knee cap }, moves to the outside and gets stuck. That is why I find so many people with arch problems also have knee problems and later in life begin to have hip issues. If your hip is leaning in, your pelvis is lowered on that side and then your back is not level. Instabilities of unleveling leads to degeneration, also known as arthritis. All over a little foot problem!

You have 3 choices:

1) You can ignore the problem and let your joints degenerate.

2) I have found some great, non custom arch supports for those budget conscious patients. (NO! Dr Scholls is not an arch support. It is foam and will collapse). An arch support must be rigid just under the arch. The point is to achieve a neutral foot.

3) A great number of my patients get fitted with a custom orthotic. It is the most expensive option but once you begin wearing these, your feet never feel as good as when you have them in your shoes.

4) Most important, get your knees and ankles realigned from a chiropractor like me with twenty five years experience diagnosing and correcting these problems.

If you have developed foot, knee or hip problems or if you suspect you have flat feet, let a chiropractic expert help you to keep your joints from degenerating. Call 773-545-2233 to set up a consultation. Seaman Chiropractic Center is where modern technology meets natural healing.

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