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Posted on 05-11-2011

Original Post Date: April 16, 2010

 Your baby is finally home. Unfortunately your child can't tell you why he or she is crying so persistently. The baby is inconsolable and looks so uncomfortable. Infantile colic can be as painful for the parent as the child experiencing the condition. Characterized by a multitude of symptoms, the child suffering from colic does not respond to the usual comforting methods and exhibits periodic fussiness that continues over hours and even days. This condition is seen in infants as young as 2 weeks to about 16 weeks old. The parents often feel helpless to solve their precious child's pain. I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman the owner and chiropractor at Chicago's Seaman Chiropractic Center. Not all chiropractors treat infants; as a pediatric chiropractor serving Edison Park, I have treated many infants with colic. Sometimes they do not sleep well. They cry much more than usual. Sometimes they cry for several hours at a time for apparently no reason. In many cases, the child appears to be in pain and will pull up his/her legs. Sometimes the abdomen is distended and hard. Occasionally the passage of gas will give relief, yet these attacks may last for hours. Studies have been performed that prove gentle, non-force chiropractic corrections have eliminated colic in babies. The non-invasive adjustments made by a chiropractor normalize the nervous system as related to the intestines, stomach and other digestive organs. The interruption or blockage of this flow of information can lead to serious health complications like colic. As a pediatric chiropractor, I correct those blockages in my young Edison Park patients by performing a small, gentle correction of the vertebrae in the back while the infant is laying on the mom's stomach. In my Chicagoland chiropractic practice I have seen very successful results for this condition. As the infant responds to the chiropractor's care, parents find the child sleeps longer and peacefully without fussing. The child requires less comforting. The result is a content baby and a happier you. Why let your infant suffer? Try chiropractic to alleviate colic in your child.Call 773-545-2233 to set up a consultation today. I can help you.

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