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Posted on 05-11-2011

Original Post Date: April 22, 2010

Rehabilitating your spine {or any joint} after an injury, misalignment, or dislocation, or after a prolonged period of pain is possible.

You need to understand that joints, muscles and ligaments combine in a specific way to provide the human body with motion and stability all driven by the nervous system. When a joint (spine, knee etc) is injured, the primary muscles around the joint shorten to protect it. Muscles moving the opposite way become stretched so the other ones can shorten. This is called reflex inhibition.

The goal of rehabilitation of any joint is to achieve balance between flexibility, stability and motion. I, Dr Cynthia Seaman, am a rehabilitation expert to take you from painful to terrific.

Three steps I recommend to rehabilitate the spine from the previously mnetioned problems:

Step One-Correction

Creating proper motion within the joint is best accomplished by realigning the joint back into a neutral position. At the Seaman Chiropractic Center, I use a specific table called a Flexion Distraction table which creates movement in a joint that has been stuck or jammed. I also use a gentle, non-force correction with a Drop table to put the joint into its most comfortable neutral position. Over time, the joint learns muscle memory and begins to hold that new correct position.

Step Two-Stretching

Specific stretching is necessary for those shortened muscles around the joint. There are specific ways to stretch before and after exercise. Before exercise, it is to warm up the joint, fluids and muscles. Much like warming up a car before you go driving it in the cold. After, it is to stretch muscles that have been worked out to reduce stiffness the day after. Sadly I find patients either don't stretch at all and just exercise, or they think stretching is enough and skip the exercising to strengthen the joint.

Step Three-Exercising

Specific exercises are done to strengthen the weakened muscles around the joint and must include all the muscles crossing that joint. I often find even my patients who go to a gym don't know how to rehab a joint.

Chicago folks need a rehabilitation expert to walk them through the process so they work the correct muscles, don't hurt themselves and have a stable structure to work on. That is what I do best and why chiropractic and physical therapy make such a powerful combination. All without drugs or surgery. Call 773-545-2233 today to see how I can be of service to you. The Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

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