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Posted on 04-02-2011

1. Salmon-provides omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent protein source.Choose wild or Koho salmon

2.Blueberries-provide fiber,antioxidants and phytonutrients.

3.Broccoli-excellent source of disease fighting nutrients,vitamins and minerals

4.Red beans-has protein,fiber,potassium,iron and copper

5.Almonds-provides the good fat (unsaturated),calcium,iron,fiber and other nutrients

6.Spinach- has Viamin A, folic acid, iron and many more nutrients

7.Apples- great source of Vitamin C and heart healthy fiber called pectin

8.Sweet Potato- excellent source of Vitamins A,B6 and C  with fiber

At Seaman Chiropractic we strive for progressive chiropractic nutritional advise to heighten your energy and sense of well-beingvegetables.gif


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