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Posted on 03-23-2011

Scoliosis is a word that many know of, but do not know what it means and what effect it can have on health. Scoliosis is curvature of the spine and, like in Elizabeth Taylor's case; it can have an adverse effect on health in general.

         In order to diagnose scoliosis,  x-rays are taken of the spine from the front and from the side. At Seaman Chiropractic, we take x-rays on site and can then interpret the films by the next day and present our findings to you as well as our treatment plans. The most commonly attributed symptoms of scoliosis are back pain and fatigue. The curve of the spine can also cause emotional problems or lowered self-esteem as a result of the condition or its treatment- in most cases in a child, medical doctors will suggest that a brace should be worn. Not only is this embarrassing, uncomfortable, it is also unnecessary! Scoliosis can also lead to arthritis and pain as an adult, and even organ problems if the curve is severe. Surgery can be scary and dangerous, and even if the surgery goes as expected, there is always a risk of spine infection after surgery. 

In our Chicago office, scoliosis can be corrected if you seek care as a child, and the damage can be managed when you are an adult- so can do all the activities you like, and decrease pain and the negative effects. 

So, with all this information about scoliosis, are you doomed to live your life in a wheelchair and with surgery after surgery as Liz Taylor had in her later years? Of course not! With care from your Chicago chiropractor at Seaman Chiropractic Center, we can start immediately on slowing the negative effects of scoliosis. The sooner it is diagnosed and acted upon, the more we can do for you.

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