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Posted on 01-14-2013

What is it called when you have severe pain in the leg caused by compression, irritation or inflammation of specific nerves? That’s right, SCIATICA!

The sciatica nerves, explains Chicago Chiropractor Dr. Cynthia Seaman, are thick nerves that extend down from your low back vertebra to the back, side or front of either leg. They divide to go to your organs, muscles, and function of the lower abdomen.

There are different types of symptoms that are caused by sciatica. Shooting pain, achiness, cramping and numbness down the leg, foot or toes, to name a few. Sciatica can be caused by many things.  Simply sitting at a desk, or standing for long periods of time may cause this unusual pain. Even sports like tennis and golf or other activities that involve bending or twisting can cause sciatica pain to flare up. In rare instances the pain can be in both legs, often times it may alternate from one leg to the other or just be down one leg. You can simply have one pain like in your foot and can still be from your sciatic nerve.  Disc herniations or “slipped discs” as you may know them can also cause sciatica.  Discs are the shock absorbers between the vertebrae of the spine and if these discs are irritated it can cause restriction of the back to turn and bend normally.

Dr. Cynthia Seaman’s purpose is to make your spine, nerves, discs and muscles healthier, stronger and more stable by correcting your vertebral subluxations (bones out of place). These can be corrected by chiropractic adjustments which allow for a healthier spine which then allows for better self -healing once you are subluxation free.

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