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Posted on 02-15-2012

Women are becoming increasingly more active in contact sports. Roller derby, women's football leagues, and hockey leagues are popping up everywhere and gaining rapid popularity. Everyday women are turning into workout and weekend warriors. Why is this Chicago chiropractor a little concerned? Knee injuries, specifically, tears to the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL are a common occurrence in many sports. Hockey, soccer, basketball and football are all legendary sports for causing these injuries. Recent studies have shown that women playing sports are 4 to 6 times more likely to suffer from knee injuries than men in the same sport. The cruciate ligaments are deep in the center of the knee joint. There are 2 cruciate ligaments, the anterior and the posterior. They are called 'cruciate' because they cross one another. Unlike most of the ligaments of the knee, they are tight when the knee is relaxed; i.e. when your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. This arrangement of ligamentous support provides stability when the knee is most vulnerable. The usual cause of these tears is an abrupt change of direction in which the body moves or rotates while the foot is planted firmly on the ground. The knee only has two motions: bent and straight. Any force from the inside or outside causes trauma Knee trauma in contact sports such as hockey and football is more likely from direct blows, usually from the side, causing the knee to rotate and buckle inwards. This action can also tear the anterior cruciate.

How does this tie into chiropractic? Seeking treatment at Seaman Chiropractic works on improving your balance and your sense of joint position (proprioception), as well as improving other joints in the body. If other joints (specifically in the lower limb) are not working correctly they can put increased stress on the knee joint, resulting in injury over time. Chiropractic adjustments help your body return to neutral position, and rehabilitative therapy strengthens any problem areas, both helping to prevent new injuries. When appropriate, I introduce exercises to improve strength, endurance and stability. This in turn decreases the chances of injury. My approach of assessing and treating the knee includes the evaluation of the other joints and muscles relating to the knee. The best medicine is prevention, especially when playing sports where an injury such as a torn ACL could mean the end. If you're an athlete, laying a good body foundation is essential in ensuring that you have the ability to play your favorite sport for as long as possible. Give Seaman Chiropractic Center a call at 773-545-2233 today!

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