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Posted on 02-15-2012

As the winter months are steady underway, so are the cold and flus. People often refer to the colder months as the flu or cold 'season'. In reality, people don't get sick in any particular season - they get sick when their immune system is weak. With Chicago land weather, the seasons can change every 5 minutes!

The cause of the cold and flu is lack of sun, and therefore, decreased vitamin D in your system. This depresses you immune system. The central nervous system (CNS) controls your immune system. When the CNS is fully functioning, this ability to adapt can overcome outside stresses and keep us healthy. When it cannot keep up, overwhelming stress is like a power surge on a breaker switch. The increased demand causes the breaker to flip. The flip in your body is the spinal segments being pulled out of alignment. When your breaker goes off the power goes off in your house. When the spinal segments go out of alignment, communication between your brain and your body is compromised. Now with the CNS not fully functional your ability to resist the cold or flu is lost.

This is where chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia Seaman comes in. Chiropractic adjustments realign your spinal segment, which ensures that the communication between your brain and immune system functions at its optimum. When your nervous system is working at its best, your body can adapt better to changes in the weather and can fight off illnesses. Chiropractic adjustment s from your North Park chiropractor can optimize your immune system, and keep you free from those winter colds and flus that everyone else gets. Give Dr. Seaman a call at 773-545-2233 today!

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