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Chicagoland Chiropractic Expert on Gardening! (Not just about planting!)

Posted on 03-31-2011

As this Chicago chiropractor watches springtime approaching, many people will spend more time outside gardening which provides a great workout, but with all the bending, twisting, reaching and pulling...

Scoliosis and Your Health: Chicago's Scoliosis Expert Offers an Inside Look at the Disease

Posted on 03-23-2011

Scoliosis is a word that many know of, but do not know what it means and what effect it can have on health. Scoliosis is curvature of the spine and, like in Elizabeth Taylor's case; it can have an adv...

Don't Touch Those Tonsils-Chicago Chiropractor 60712

Posted on 03-20-2011

A study in Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery of 300 children (ages 2-8) who were advised to have their tonsils out. Those who did not have them removed were ultimately healthier with ...

See The Science Of Chiropractic-Chicago Chiropractor 60631

Posted on 03-18-2011

Here is a video to help you learn about the science of Chiropractic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s68Yr38-lAQ ...

Lower healthcare Results Achieved By Chicago Chiropractor 60641

Posted on 03-18-2011

The Rand study states"Spinal manipulation is the most commonly used conservative treatment for back pain supported by the most research evidence of effectiveness in terms of early results and longterm...

Going Green at your Jefferson Park Chiropractor 60630

Posted on 03-17-2011

Slainte! (Cheers to your health!) With the greenest of all holidays upon us, St. Patrick's Day, our focus is on 'green' healthcare. The greenest healthcare of them all is chiropractic care! As a ...

Chiropractic Disaster: Chicago's Expert Pain Relieving Chiropractor!

Posted on 03-17-2011

Many times in your life, there will be certain health complications. There will be pain here or a tightness there. Some will even be disastrous, and much like the disaster in Japan, wreak havoc on dai...

Reinvention: Not Just For Madonna and Tyra!

Posted on 03-14-2011

Hello all! Jillian here again with some very interesting tid bits I just read about. We recently learned that model, actress, and talk show host Tyra Banks dropped her last name, following in the f...

Chiropractic Assistant Corner

Posted on 03-02-2011

Hello everybody! This is Jillian writing today, from the sunny front desk of Seaman Chiropractic Center on Chicago's northwest side, the premier chiropractic facility serving the northwest&nbs...

Need a New Chiropractor? Moving? We're Here for YOU!

Posted on 03-01-2011

Hello everyone! Lately we've been seeing a lot of people coming into the Chicagoland area, specifically the Jefferson Park, Norwood Park, Edison Park, (or northwest side of Chicago in general)...

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