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Health Blogs
Health blogs

Chronic Sports Injuries

By Dr. Cynthia, May 9, 2010


Sports injuries are common in today's active society and weekend warrior sport enthusiasts. Due to increases in athletes' size, speed, power and strength, greater stress is placed upon an athlete's muscles, ligaments and tendons. The key to treating a chronic sports injury properly is to identify the complete cause not simply to treat the injured area.
If a individual suffers from multiple chronic sports injuries, dehydration must be ruled out.  This is found with people who sweat more than average. Increasing water intake is good but not the whole picture. Electrolyte balance is very important because you are also losing sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate. When the body is dehydrated and imbalanced from an electrolyte standpoint, pulled muscles are very common.

Chronic sports injuries are often due to overuse syndromes or muscular imbalance. When the bones are misaligned, the muscles around and attached to them are unbalanced. That is where chiropractic can prevent sports injuries. A stable, aligned body resists strains and sprains. Injuries such as tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons) and arthritis (joint inflammation) can be avoided by  stable and  aligned joints. If  playing sports are important to you, then Seaman Chiropractic Center can be your best friend. I can help you avoid future injuries or help you deal with present injuries.

Heathy Lifestyle Workshop
 May 7, 2010

I will be presenting a workshop Tuesday May 11 2010 at 3pm at St. Ladislaus School in Chicago. It will include complimentary spinal screens for the teachers and discussion on nutrition, exercise,and stress reduction.They are interactive and fun. I am excited about visiting them.If your employer or if you are an employer, does in house workshops, you can contact me for a list of our topics. Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Becoming A Chiropractic Community

April 25, 2010

I have just started a facebook page to discuss with others, all topics natural and want everyone to join. I will be adding discussions and info from 25 years of my experience to encourage all to live a more conscious life and thinking about their health in a brand new way. Or for some it may be the way they always felt and want like minded people to share with.

If you are interested become a fan of the Seaman Chiropractic Center. I am so excited to hear from you, have discussions and provide solid health information. See you on Facebook!

Is Medicine Safe?
 April 21, 2010

The safety of Chiropractic has been well documented in professional journals. Even medical journals have concluded the safety of a chiropractic correction. Serious side effects of a chiropractic manipulative therapy occurs approximately one out of every one million adjustments. That is why chiropractors have the cheapest malpractice insurance. We all know people who have gone to the hospital for a routine procedure and never came out  and have gotten a serious side effect fro their medication.

This isn't meant to be "M.D. bashing". It is simply statistics about the  safety of prescription drugs as reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association{April 1998} as opposed to a chiropractic correction.The article continues "Discovering new dangers of drugs after marketing is common.Over 51% of approved drugs have serious side effects not detected prior to approval.Each year prescription drugs injure 1.5 million people so severely they need hospitalization and 100,000 die making prescription drugs the fourth leading cause of death in  the U.S."

Chiropractic is gentle and safe. At Seaman Chiropractic Center,I use   gentle non force techniques like a Thompson drop, Activator and Flexion Distraction table  so the correction can be used for Chicago patients from infants to geriatrics. Call 773-545-2233 to see what chiropractic can do for you. Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Seaman Chiropractic Center Patients: Just Like You
 April 20, 2010

I'm Dr. Cynthia, owner and chiropractor at the Seaman Chiropractic Center. Do you know the patients who come to my Northwest side Chicago office are just like you? When you read their comments you'll have a better understanding of what I mean.

The patients who are treated at my Chicago chiropractic clinic receive quality alternative medical care. They have families, who they can now enjoy spending time with because their pain has been relieved.

The people who choose to receive my progressive chiropractic medicine are the folks who have chosen a natural drug free way to maintain their health or restore themselves to the activities they enjoy.

They are service industry workers, construction workers, public safety personnel, teachers, office workers. They drive heavy trucks  or they sit behind a desk. They are like many of you. These are the people who have less time off the job because of injury and illness; they are maintaining a healthy spine which leads to a wellness lifestyle.

They can pursue the activities they enjoy like dancing, golf, tennis, bowling and other sports.  These amateur athletes, like many professional athletes who receive drug free health care, get performance benefits derived from safe healing techniques without harsh side affects.

Contact my office today, 773-545-2233, to schedule an appointment.  I can help you. The Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Rehabilitatin Your Spine: Chicago Rehabilitation Expert 60630!

April 22, 2010

Rehabilitating your spine {or any joint} after an injury, misalignment, or dislocation, or after a prolonged period of pain is possible.

You need to understand that joints, muscles and ligaments combine in a specific way to provide the human body with motion and stability all driven by the nervous system. When a joint (spine, knee etc) is injured, the primary muscles around the joint shorten to protect it. Muscles moving the opposite way become stretched so the other ones can shorten. This is called reflex inhibition.

The goal of rehabilitation of any joint is to achieve balance between flexibility, stability and motion. I, Dr Cynthia Seaman, am a rehabilitation expert to take you from painful to terrific.

Three steps I recommend to rehabilitate the spine from the previously mnetioned problems:

Step One-Correction

Creating proper motion within the joint is best accomplished by realigning the joint back into a neutral position. At the Seaman Chiropractic Center, I use a specific table called a Flexion Distraction table which creates movement in a joint that has been stuck or jammed. I also use a gentle, non-force correction with a Drop table to put the joint into its most comfortable neutral position. Over time, the joint learns muscle memory and begins to hold that new correct position.

Step Two-Stretching

Specific stretching is necessary for those shortened muscles around the joint. There are specific ways to stretch before and after exercise. Before exercise, it is to warm up the joint, fluids and muscles. Much like warming up a car before you go driving it in the cold. After, it is to stretch muscles that have been worked out to reduce stiffness the day after. Sadly I find patients either don't stretch at all and just exercise, or they think stretching is enough and skip the exercising to strengthen the joint.

Step Three-Exercising

Specific exercises are done to strengthen the weakened muscles around the joint and must include all the muscles crossing that joint. I often find even my patients who go to a gym don't know how to rehab a joint.

Chicago folks need a rehabilitation expert to walk them through the process so they work the correct muscles, don't hurt themselves and have a stable structure to work on. That is what I do best and why chiropractic and physical therapy make such a powerful combination. All without drugs or surgery. Call 773-545-2233 today to see how I can be of service to you. The Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Chicago Chiropractic Health Model

 April 19, 2010

The chiropractic model of health is centered on the scientific fact that the human body will heal itself given the right opportunity and circumstances. I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman serving the Lincolnwood community in Chicago. Today I am writing about the chiropractic model of health.

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact our nervous system controls and influences the function of every cell in our body. Just like the blood brings nutrition and oxygen to the body, the nervous system communicates and controls the organs, muscles and actions of the entire body. The purpose of the Chiropractic Model or Wellness Model is to uncover the cause of your health condition, not merely cover up your symptoms.

Conversely, the absence of pain or problems doesn't necessarily equal good health. The clearest way to illustrate this by looking at the statistics on heart attacks. Research shows in about 33% of all heart attacks, the first symptom of heart disease is death. We go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned and change the oil in our cars however, we are unaware our nervous system requires care and maintenance too.

Wellness care encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of overall health. In my office, I emphasize taking care of conditions in the absence of pain. I know that 99% of my patients come to me for pain but over time, I educate them on true health and optimizing the nervous system health through chiropractic corrections which will increase your "true health" not just how you "feel".

Chiropractic is one of the only health sciences that can have a positive affect on your entire body during and following each visit; over time it creates a better, more efficient working human system that will vastly increase the quality of your life.

If you are truly interested in maintaining your optimal health , call 773-545-2233 today to make an appointment to find out if chiropractic care is for you. Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Infant Colic & Chiropractic

April 16, 2010

Your baby is finally home. Unfortunately your child can't tell you why he or she is crying so persistently. The baby is inconsolable and looks so uncomfortable. Infantile colic can be as painful for the parent as the child experiencing the condition. Characterized by a multitude of symptoms, the child suffering from colic does not respond to the usual comforting methods and exhibits periodic fussiness that continues over hours and even days. This condition is seen in infants as young as 2 weeks to about 16 weeks old. The parents often feel helpless to solve their precious child's pain. I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman the owner and chiropractor at Chicago's Seaman Chiropractic Center.

Not all chiropractors treat infants; as a pediatric chiropractor serving Edison Park, I have treated many infants with colic. Sometimes they do not sleep well. They cry much more than usual. Sometimes they cry for several hours at a time for apparently no reason. In many cases, the child appears to be in pain and will pull up his/her legs. Sometimes the abdomen is distended and hard. Occasionally the passage of gas will give relief, yet these attacks may last for hours.

Studies have been performed that prove gentle, non-force chiropractic corrections have eliminated colic in babies. The non-invasive adjustments made by a chiropractor normalize the nervous system as related to the intestines, stomach and other digestive organs. The interruption or blockage of this flow of information can lead to serious health complications like colic. As a pediatric chiropractor, I correct those blockages in my young Edison Park patients by performing a small, gentle correction of the vertebrae in the back while the infant is laying on the mom's stomach.

In my Chicagoland chiropractic practice I have seen very successful results for this condition. As the infant responds to the chiropractor's care, parents find the child sleeps longer and peacefully without fussing. The child requires less comforting. The result is a content baby and a happier you. Why let your infant suffer? Try chiropractic to alleviate colic in your child.Call 773-545-2233 to set up a consultation today. I can help you.

Inducing Labor Using Acupuncture

April 14, 2010

Today at Seaman Chiropractic Center in Chicago, I will be using acupuncture to induce labor on a patient who is ready to give birth. Did you know acupuncture is very successful for inducing labor? Having a licensed chiropractor perform acupuncture to induce labor avoids the hospital's insistence on a timetable and giving the expectant mother Pitosin to induce or speed up labor. As a Chicago chiropractor who is also a trained acupuncturist, I have been treating patients with acupuncture for 25 years.

Pitosin is an artificial version of the body's hormone Oxytocin. There can be a few unfavorable results when the drug Pitosin is used. The drug may stop muscle contractions or it may be the cause of too many contractions. It may even cause contractions to go on for too long. Pitsosin can be the cause of pain and suffering for the unborn child-fetal distress. In spontaneous labors, the mother naturally makes Oxytocin and that triggers the onset and progress of labor.

However Pitocin is not the only drug received by women whose labor is being induced or sped up. The use of Pitosin requires the mother be given IV fluids, have continuous electrical fetal monitoring due to the chance of fetal distress and remain sedentary in the hospital bed while connected to this equipment. This increases the severity of contractions and that leads to narcotics and painkillers given at the dosage for an adult. These drugs are secondarily transferred to the child.

Get help to avoid these risks. Seek natural solutions for your unborn child. Arrange an appointment today. Call 773-545-2233 , the Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Osteoarthritis: The Silent Disease, Part 2

April 12, 2010
This is Dr. Cynthia continuing with an explanation of the different ways osteoarthritis is treated in a patient using traditional medicine and how the silent disease is treated through natural chiropractic medicine. I have been serving the Niles Community as a chiropractor for 25 years.

The Medical Approach
Medicine offers no cure for arthritis. Symptom treatments include a lifetime of drugs for the pain and inflammation, heat and exercises.

If a joint severely degenerates, surgery is suggested.
1) Aspirin, while it does reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation can cause stomach irritation, bleeding and ulcers.
2) Drugs such as Tylenol, Indocin, Advil and Naprosyn can cause kidney damage, bleeding of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine.
3) Steroids, with prolonged use, may cause thinning and weakening of the bones and kidney disease. Approximately 10,000 people a year die from gastrointestinal complications from drugs prescribed for arthritis.

The Chiropractic Approach
At Seaman Chiropractic Center, I find the cause of arthritis, i.e. structural problems, benign neglect, disruptions of the joint(accidents, falls), unlevel or rotated joints.

With a specific, progressive combination of chiropractic corrections, physical therapy, massage, orthotics and acupuncture, I achieve high success in treating and managing arthritis without drugs or surgery. Professional athletes, like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods, use chiropractic care to protect their joint health and prevent osteoarthritis. What do the athletes know that you don't?

Live life on your terms!
Call 773-545-2233 today to see how drug-free chiropractic medicine can increase your vitality, mobility and activities without pain. Come to Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Osteoarthritis {OA}, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. Its old fashion name was Rheumatism. In Part One of this article I will explain why it is the silent disease.

Osteoarthritis: Part One

April 2010
I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman, a fully licensed Chicago chiropractor. I want you to know osteoarthritis is a very common problem. I have seen it in my patients and I have experience providing successful treatment for patients in my Chicago chiropractic office. Athletes, like Tiger Woods and Jerry Rice, know the importance of being cared for by a knowledgeable chiropractor to stabilize their joints in order to minimize future osteoarthritis.
OA often results from an imbalance in any joint in the body, old injury or an instability in the joint such as weak musculature or a structural defect. With enough time and instability, the joint develops extra bone in the joint {called lipping or spurs} which decreases the joint's motion. In the spine, this can irritate discs between the bones and the disc gets thinner or compresses nerves causing pain and affecting muscles and internal organs.
In many people there are no symptoms till it is quite advanced; you might see a decrease in your ability to turn or move or increased stiffness. Others have pain and some can be quite incapacitated by it.
In the second part of the article on osteoarthritis, I will compare the medical approach and chiropractic approach to this common form of arthritis.
If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, call 773-545-2233 to have a Chicago chiropractic authority treat the cause of arthritis and to slow the effects of the disease. I can help you.

Your Shoulder, Skokie!

April 10, 2010

I am a chiropractor who serves the Skokie folks and here is another article about your shoulder. It is an interesting joint. I have many Skokie patients who come for treatment of the shoulder after the traditional physical therapy and drugs fail.
Shoulder problems can be minor or serious. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness, changes in temperature or color, or changes in your range of motion. Shoulder injuries most commonly occur during sports activities, work-related tasks, projects around the home, or falls.
The Seaman Chiropractic Center serves the people of Skokie by using a combination of chiropractic correcting adjustments, physical therapy and massage to heal the shoulder problem.
The shoulder is a remarkable joint. It has a great range of motion and possesses a great deal of stability. Most joints gain stability from the ligaments {strings connecting bone to bone}. The shoulder derives most of its stability by the muscles crossing the joint.The joint consists of the collar bone {clavicle}, the arm bone {humerus} and the big bone in the upper back {scapular}. The stabilizing muscles that cross the shoulder joint are called the "rotator cuff" and they are found in front under the chest and deltoid muscle.
The joint can get injured if you fall because we reach out to protect ourselves. Sports that injure the shoulder joint include football, baseball and golf. Tiger Woods sustained a shoulder tear last year, and has not opted to undergo reconstruction; instead he is having it treated by natural medicine.
Avoid surgery.Try drug free natural medicine. Call 773-545-2233 today for an appointment. Come to the Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing.

Seaman Chiropractic Center Where Technology Meets Natural Healing

 April 10, 2010

 The Seaman Chiropractic Center, located 4941 West   Foster Avenue on Chicago's Northwest side, is owned  by leading chiropractor Dr. Cynthia Seaman.

 Dr. Seaman treats patients of all ages in her small, and friendly natural health care center. The center is known to patients of all ages from the surrounding communities as the place where modern technology meets natural healing.

Dr. Seaman, a fully licensed and experienced practitioner uses many effective drug free techniques to restore and maintain wellbeing in her patients  including acupuncture, therapeutic massage and physical rehabilitation.

Want to know more about chiropractic? Find out if this gentle non-invasive treatment is for you. For an appointment call 773-545-2233 today.

Helping Yourself or Your Child With Food Allergies- Part Two
April 5, 2010

I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman, a chiropractic authority, with Part Two of how you can help yourself or your child effectively control food allergies. My practice, Seaman Chiropractic Center, in Chicagoland is an alternative health care facility where modern technology meets natural healing.

In Part One of this topic, food allergies, I described what a food allergy is and how it can affect any system in the body, thus making a food allergy difficult to diagnose; for this reason I recommend an elimination diet. What most people don't know is we tend to eat the same favorite foods and doing this can create an allergic situation. So we eat a smaller variety and eliminate the most common foods that cause allergy in people.
A starter menu begins with:
MEATS: lamb,veal turkey
VEGETABLES: carrots, squash, sweet potato and beets
FRUITS: pear, peach, apricot, apple
GRAINS: rice,barley,oat
OTHERS: Arrowroot cookies, Zwieback, Rice crackers/cookies, non gluten pretzels
The starter menu is suggested to eliminate foods in order to diagnose the condition. Juices can be consumed from the fruits listed in the menu; egg yolks are fine, soy milk and/or rice milk are good choices. There is a difference between intolerance and allergy (like lactose intolerance in dairy). This is not a allergy. It is the inability to digest lactose (dairy) due to lack of an enzyme.
When your or your child's allergy is diagnosed, it is not the end of the world.

Some basic rules apply:
1) The best way to treat a food allergy is avoidance
2) When eating out, ask questions about ingredients
3) Read food labels
4) If your child has food allergies, he/she must be warned about sharing food
Best results are obtained when you consult with an experienced chiropractic authority who has worked with allergies as I have for 25 years. Call the Seaman Chiropractic Center today, 773-545-2233, to schedule an appointment. I can help you.

Health! What Does it Mean??

April 3, 2010

What is health? As a chiropractor on the northwest side of Chicago, I have asked myself that question. Over the years, the answer has changed in my Chicago physical therapy center. That is the subject of this article.
I know many of my patients say "I feel fine". Is that health? Or is it simply an absence of pain? Maybe there are two questions-What is true health? How do you know?
For me, as your chiropractor, the first question is about function. For twenty five years, I have, with my helping hands, corrected functioning of your nervous system, joints, muscles, immune system and improved all the automatic responses like breathing and your beating heart. If you can measure your nervous system function, it would give you an idea of how your health is doing.
At Seaman Chiropractic Center, I use a progressive chiropractic exam and xray to determine how the nervous system is functioning. Although most patients come to me for a pain problem, I then make sure my chiropractic patients get a good understanding and education about how the body works and how to increase function and vitality. As my patient, you will receive a health care plan which includes gentle, non-force joint correction, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, orthotics and nutritional supplements.
To check YOUR health and improve YOUR true health, call 773-545-2233 today to have a chiropractic expert to care for your nervous system health. Come to the place where modern technology meets natural healing.

Knee Problems

April 1, 2010

I am a Jefferson park chiropractor in 60630. Today I want to write an article to educate you about knee problems.
Let us begin at what might cause a knee injury. The knee is a complex joint. The upper thigh bone{femur} and the lower leg bone {tibia} meet. Plus the kneecap {patella} protects the joint in the front. Repeated strain on the joint, an injury or a misaligned joint in the foot, ankle or spine can damage the tissue in the knee. This leads to swelling,stiffness, pain and sometimes the knee "locking" or "giving out".
There are ligaments connecting bone to bone and helps brace the joint limiting forward and sideways motion. Muscles connect to the bones by ropey tendons providing strength and mobility

At my chiropractic center, I exam the ankle and foot for any instability. Using healing hands and a gentle non-force device called an Activator, I restore correct position and range of motion to the joint and I add physical therapy and sometimes acupuncture to achieve healing and strength back to the joint. I advise a comprehensive program to achieve the optimal results for the patient. If you are sick and tired of your knee problems , call 773-545-2233 for a consultation today.

Chicago's Chiropractic Authority Offers Acupuncture

March 24, 2010

Dr. Cynthia Seaman, Chicago's leading chiropractor, and chiropractic authority, has recently completed post graduate studies of advanced chiropractic acupuncture protocols for specific conditions. Dr. Seaman has been performing the acupuncture, the ancient traditional Chinese medical treatment, for twenty-three years in her Northwest side Chicago practice.
....Continued from news release...
Dr. Cynthia, as she is affectionately called by her patients, explains, "Very fine, slender, hair like needles are used in stimulating the flow of energy at the acupoints. There is no pain when these needles are inserted or removed." The World Health Organization along with several medical professional associations, as well as the U.S. government's Food and Drug Administration have concluded acupuncture is safe when performed by practitioners who are proficient using sterile equipment.
An individual chiropractic acupuncture session can take as little as twenty minutes when administered by a professional chiropractor. "During this time the patient lies quietly on a table. Sometimes the patient sits in a chair reading a book. The procedure is painless and patients exhibit improvement after in a few treatments," says Dr. Seaman.
"I have often taken post grad classes over the years to stay apprised of the latest modalities in chiropractic care. This advanced acupuncture course allows me to be aware of the most recent findings in the effectiveness of the therapeutic treatment. The new information obtained from the courses allows me to have a more advanced understanding of treating patients with a neuromuscular/skeletal disorder. I can painlessly help them heal, thus relieving pain or a specific disorder without drugs."
Dr. Seaman adds, "For example I can treat a condition such as low back pain, neck pain or hip pain, shoulder pain, herniated disc pain, leg pain from sciatica, arm pain, tennis elbow, even tight muscles (spasms) by using chiropractic acupuncture and achieve excellent results."
Cynthia Seaman, D.C. also offers a smoking cessation program for those who sincerely desire to stop the killer habit. "It's about them wanting to stop. It's not because someone told them to. They've firmly decided, on their own, to stop smoking."
Acupuncture is one of the treatment options, along with massage and physiotherapy, utilized by Dr. Seaman. The Flexion distraction table, the Thompson drop table and the activator device are tools she also uses to achieve gentle non-force manipulation of the spine to guide the body toward healing itself.

For further details about chiropractic acupuncture successfully used for the past twenty-five years in Dr. Seaman's practice contact Seaman Chiropractic Center

Dr. Cynthia Seaman, Expert Chiropractor, Completes Advanced Acupuncture Protocols Course

March 23, 2010

My most recent news release distributed earlier this month.

Dr. Cynthia Seaman, Chicago's leading chiropractor, and chiropractic authority, has recently completed post graduate studies of advanced chiropractic acupuncture protocols for specific conditions. Dr. Seaman has been performing acupuncture,the ancient traditional Chinese medical treatment, for twenty-three years in her Northwest side Chicago practice.
Chicago, IL, March 09, 2010 --(PR.com)--
Chicago's leading chiropractor, and chiropractic authority, Dr. Cynthia Seaman has this year completed studies of advanced chiropractic acupuncture protocols for specific conditions. Dr. Seaman is an alumna of both Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and the National University of Health Sciences, (formerly National College of Chiropractic), in the Chicago, Illinois area; the doctor has incorporated acupuncture in her Northwest side practice, Seaman Chiropractic Center, since the office was established in 1987. She is already renowned as an expert chiropractor; Dr. Seaman's participation in the post graduate level course, offered online by University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, to update her skills, allows her to offer more treatment options to all her patients in her Chicago family chiropractic practice.
Twenty-five years ago the only people who knew anything about acupuncture as a medical treatment for a variety of conditions were Asians, some Americans, like retired professional football QB Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears, and Willie Gault former NFL wide receiver along with several of their team members.
It was 1986 during Superbowl XX in New Orleans when the controversy surrounding this Eastern medical procedure arose. Reports had circulated McMahon was receiving the ancient Chinese traditional medical treatment from a Japanese acupuncturist who attended the national Olympic team in Japan. The system based on meridians, acupoints or acupuncture points on the body and the flow or blockage of energy, was found to be so effective McMahon requested the team bring the therapist to the site of the Superbowl in New Orleans that year.
Dr. Seaman says, "According to traditional Chinese medicine, life energy, the source of good health, called chi, flows along these meridians. The associated pain or disease is believed to be the result of a blockage or a deficiency or excess flow of energy."

To be continued ....

Vitamin D; Versatile Nutrient

March 23, 2010

I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman, the chiropractor and owner of the Seaman Chiropractic Center in Chicagoland. In my chiropractic practice there are many patients who find winter is a time of low energy, depression and an increased incidence of flu and colds. Vitamin D is a very versatile nutrient. I am a Chicago chiropractor who offers nutritional guidance as an integral part of wellness care for my patients.

Vitamin D for some time has been used to increase calcium and aid in bone growth. Increasing data has given Vitamin D recognition in relieving:
1) cardiovascular disease
2) skin disorders
3) peripheral neuropathy, ( arm and leg pain),
4) poly cystic ovarian syndrome
5) immune support(especially auto-immune and cancer)
Currently there is information regarding Vitamin D and the brain. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with increased risk of
6) depression
7) risk factors for dementia (cardiovasculardisease, diabetes, osteoporosis and periodontal disease).
In a study of 318 elderly participants, Vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency was associated with:
 8) Alzheimer disease
9) stroke 
10) MRI indicators of cerebrovascular disease.
Scientific evidence suggests Vitamin D contributes to the improvement of human health in humans that is even more critical in pregnancy. It is critical for:
11) fetal brain development
12) increased immunity.
Vitamin D is both a vitamin and a hormone. Supplementation should be with active D3, 15 minutes of sun exposure three times a week and 10,000 i.u. is a good dosage to maintain.

Call 773-545-2233 today for more nutritional counseling from a Chicagoland chiropractic authority. Improve your nutritional I.Q. at Seaman Chiropractic Center. I can help you.

Feet: How They Affect Your Muscoloskeletal System

March 20, 2010


I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, the owner of, and practitioner at Seaman Chiropractic Center, a natural health care center serving the Niles chiropractic community. Today I am writing about how your feet affect your entire body. Many of my patients tell me they have flat feet; and they aren't concerned about it, as if it has not much importance. This is far from the truth.

This is how I show patients what is happening. Stand in front of a mirror with bare feet so your feet are visible; close your eyes and then look at your ankles. Are they leaning inward? Can you see a space under your arch or is it flattened? Are your feet leaning toward the center?
Once you know you have flat feet, what can that do to the rest of you? If your feet are leaning inward, your knee will also lean in and so with your hip. The patella, {knee cap }, moves to the outside and gets stuck. That is why I find so many people with arch problems also have knee problems and later in life begin to have hip issues. If your hip is leaning in, your pelvis is lowered on that side and then your back is not level. Instabilities of unleveling leads to degeneration, also known as arthritis. All over a little foot problem!
You have 3 choices:
1) You can ignore the problem and let your joints degenerate.
2) I have found some great, non custom arch supports for those budget conscious patients. (NO! Dr Scholls is not an arch support. It is foam and will collapse). An arch support must be rigid just under the arch. The point is to achieve a neutral foot.
3) A great number of my patients get fitted with a custom orthotic. It is the most expensive option but once you begin wearing these, your feet never feel as good as when you have them in your shoes.
4) Most important, get your knees and ankles realigned from a chiropractor like me with twenty five years experience diagnosing and correcting these problems.

If you have developed foot, knee or hip problems or if you suspect you have flat feet, let a chiropractic expert help you to keep your joints from degenerating. Call 773-545-2233 to set up a consultation. Seaman Chiropractic Center is where modern technology meets natural healing.

You Can Help Yourself or Your Child With Food Allergies, Part One

March 18, 2010
I am the owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center, an alternative wellness center in Chicago, Illinois. My name is Dr Cynthia Seaman. Today, I present Part One of information about food allergies for you and possibly your child.
Let us get a basic understanding of what exactly is an allergy. The hallmark for all allergies is the production of a specific antibody called immunoglobulin E (IgE). This ability to produce allergy antibodies is given to us through genetics. So we can blame our parents for our hay fever, allergic asthma or food allergy. Allergy is also a disease of exposure so it might take 2 or 3 exposures before we have an allergic reaction.Those reactions can range from mild to life threatening. Get ahead of Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson and Serena Williams who all suffer with allergies.
It has been stated in allergy references that approximately fifty million Americans suffer from some form of allergy disease. It might be airborne, food or an auto immune response.
For this article, I will be concentrating on food allergies. We hear more about food allergies lately. Maybe that is in part due to increased use of processed foods, additives and less breastfeeding. It is estimated up to two million children, or eight percent of children, in the U.S. have food allergies. It may be as high as three percent for adults and I suspect many more are undiagnosed.
The most common food allergies include cow's milk, egg whites, wheat (gluten or whey) fish, shellfish, peanuts, peas, beans and nuts (almonds,pecans walnuts, etc).
Symptoms of food allergy can involve any of our systems. A respiratory system allergy may include frequent runny or stuffy nose or a feeling your throat is closing. A digestive system allergy may show up with bloating, excess gas, vomiting or diarrhea. A skin allergy may result in hives, severe itching and/or secondary eczema.
In Part Two I will be discussing some chiropractic, nutritional solutions to reduce your reaction to an allergen and ways to find out what is causing the allergy.
If you are experiencing chronic symptoms or suspect allergies call today 773-545-2233.

Seaman Chiropractic Center where modern technology meets natural healing

Activator Adjusting Tool

March 16, 2010
I am the owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center and I use a variety of adjusting techniques for my Hardwood Heights chiropractic patients based on their individual needs.What is all the buzz about the activator? It is a small, specific, gentle force and is an integral part of my practice. The activator has a geater speed than by hand with a lower force and I can target specific joints.
The first advantage of the activator is that it has a very small adjusting cushioned head. This allows me to adjust small joints like ribs, feet, ankles, knees and the upper neck for patients with headaches or rotator cuff shoulder problems.
Although all adjusting techniques are safe, I may not want the normal force and the activator allows me to adjust a wider range of patients with its gentle force like older patients with osteoporosis or pediaric patients.

Some patients are afraid of their head being turned quickly and although it is very safe to be adjusted by hand, I have an alternative for such patients.

If you have not sought care for your problems because of fear, consider the activator as your correction device.

Call 773-545-2233 today to see if chiropractic can benefit you. If concern about being adjusted has stopped you in the past, the activator may just be your ticket for pain relief and recovery. Our office is where modern technology meets natural healing.

Advanced Chiropractic Acupuncture- Post Graduate Studies

March 14, 2010

     Dr Seaman here to tell you about the progressive chiropractic postgraduate education I have taken in 2010 so far. I completed an extensive class in advanced chiropractic acupuncture which included classes in cutting-edge needling, and the latest in chiropractic acupuncture protocols for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions . It was very enlightening and enjoyable to know I have even more to bring to my patients at Seaman Chiropractic Center.The great thing about postgraduate education is that it can be brought to your patients right away and the patients win.

That is why I encourage everyone to read my articles on my website.The more information you have, the more educated a decision you can make.
There are certain protocols used for certain ailments and over 25 years, I have found acupuncture treatment protocals that are very successful.But there is always something to learn that can benefit your patients.
This month I am taking some breakthrough education in pregnancy conditions and prenatal ailments.Watch for my article on that.
Are You Getting the Cold Shoulder? Frozen Shoulder & Chiropractic
March 12, 2010

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a common and poorly understood condition that can affect the patient's shoulder in a variety of ways. As the chiropractor at Seaman Chiropractic Center, I have been very successful in treating Skokie patients with frozen shoulder for the last 25 years. Most times it is a very painful shoulder with a very limited range of motion with a thickening of the shoulder joint capsule. There are three stages to adhesive capsulitis.
Stage One
This is where deep persistent pain develops and affects the patient's sleep. You no longer can sleep on the affected side or even on any side.
Stage Two
At this point the range of motion has decreased. I have seen patients who no longer can blow dry their hair, put on a coat comfortably or raise their arm above shoulder height.
Stage Three
In this third stage the patient begins to incrementally regain motion but can also begin to have pain reappear.
It is imperative for the patient to seek a experienced doctor who has worked with this condition because left untreated some of their range of motion lost may become permanent.
I have seen patients who'd been given drugs for months without improvement and then encouraged to have surgery. If surgery and drugs is not for you, finally seek out my natural solutions.
In my office, I combine gentle, non force corrections of the bones, massage, passive range of motion and when the patient is ready, active physical rehabilitation.
Acupuncture is available; however 99 percent of the time it is not necessary. This combination is very successful to regain both full range of motion and relief from pain.

If you have frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, call 773-545-2233 now and to recover your shoulder and your life. I can help you.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex

March 10, 2010

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman a Chicago chiropractor serving the Niles community for 25 years. I always believe if a patient is educated, they will make better decisions regarding their health concerns. So today I am writing about the central core of what we do at Seaman Chiropractic Center.
I work on the nervous system to effect the organs, muscles and systems of the body. Using a gentle, non force chiropractic adjustment, it is gentle enough for the infant, for the pregnant women and the older adult. I do spinal corrections because of a disease called the Vertebral Subluxation Complex {VSC}. Given enough time, all of these components will be present and your body will age faster with more damage.
Vertebral Subluxation Complex
1) Loss of normal position [subluxation} of the vertebrae leads to restricted movement.
2) Abnormal positioning leads to shortened muscle tissue with decreased strength and flexibility as well as scar tissue formation.
3) Continued pressure on the nerve due to the subluxation lead to numbness, tingling or pain in the area in which the nerve travels or dis-function of the organs to which the nerve travels.
4) Swelling or inflammation will develop in the disc, joint or surrounding tissues.
5) Degenerative Joint Disease {known as DJD or osteoarthritis} will eventually develop in the affected areas, lead to the development of bone spurs and wearing away of disc material.

This is a silent killer because often you don't realize you have it. It happens so slowly over many years and medical doctors just tell you it is normal aging. I actively treat this disease to slow the aging of your organs and prevent illness. To see the shape of your spine, joints and nervous system, call 773-545-2233 today. We can help slow your body's aging and prevent further damage

Why Try Massage?

March 9, 2010

At Seaman Chiropractic Center, we use progressive chiropractic massage to augment the realigning of all the joints in your body.Celebrities like Heidi Klum know how important it is to keep your muscles relaxed especially when she is pregnant. Correcting your skeletal structure, I also want to re-educate the muscles to cover this new structure with balanced, strong muscles. I take weak, tight, or mushy muscles and want to create balance and strength .Whether you are under chiropractic care or not , chiropractic massage can reduce pain, keep your body more relaxed, rebalanced muscles and reduce trigger points. Our massage therapists are Nationally Certified and have taken postgraduate courses in sports, prenatal, deep tissue and specific health conditions i.e. shoulder and headaches.
Before you strengthen muscles, you need them relaxed and ready to get stronger. That is why I often prescribe massage in the first month of care. Often the muscles are full of trigger points. Trigger points are muscle bundles that have tightened in the belly of the muscle, the fleshy part. They feel like lumps under the skin. The muscle tightens, especially in a weak muscle that is uncomfortable or forced to work longer than it wants to.

Whether it is to relax, re-balance or re-educate muscles or to eliminate trigger points let our chiropractic massage therapists with their healing hands help you with sports, deep tissue, prenatal or relaxing massage.Call 773-545-2233 to book a massage. Anyone in Chicago can come to our office to get the benefits of an experienced massage therapist.Try the difference

Disc Herniations

March 5, 2010

Dr Seaman here to give you important information about disc herniations. The most common cause for a truly"pinched" nerve is a disc herniation.The disc is a soft gel inside connective tissue between each vertebrae that works as shock absorption and spacer for the nerves to get out to the body. It is sometimes called a slipped disc but that is a rather inacturate description. It doesn't slip. It is attached but it can get irritated, swell and eventually blow like a tire. It is a common cause for severe back pain and {sciatica} pain, numbness or tingling from the back, buttock and all the way to the foot.
At Seaman Chiropractic , I use a very specialized table called a Flexion -distraction table.It is not widely used in Chicago but it is specific for disc problems and very gentle. It separates each vertebrae, pumps it to bring in blood flow to speed healing and moves the vertebrae to get back it's full range of motion. This is the best technique I have seen in 25 years to get a person in severe spine pain and possibly leg pain back to a normal life WITHOUT surgery.
I 've had many patients after surgery , after months off work, and much pain, get their back and leg pain back because the back surgery doesn't get to the core of why the disc herniated in the first place . That is what you need to find out and solve for a permanent recovery. Herniation don't happen spontaneously. There is something unlevel , structural deformity or abnormality in the low back that you are unaware of.
Combining flexion-distraction,physical rehab and sometimes acupuncture is very powerful to bring that particular patient back to their families, activities,
and job so they can enjoy life again.

To find out how our specific treatments can help your condition, call 773-55-2233 to begin living the life you deserve. I can help you

Anti-Aging Effects with Chiropractic

March 3, 2010
I am Dr Seaman,a Chicagoland chiropractor and if you knew what I knew about how the body functions and stays vital and healthy { not just pain-free} you would be under treatment.Progressive chiropractic treatments with my healing hands keeps Chicagoland patients healthy and produces anti-aging effects.
Chiropractic works because you are a self healing and self regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. Millions of instructions flow from your brain, down through your spinal chord within your spinal column and out to every organ,muscles, part of skin , immune system and every cell in your body.The body is also sending millions of messages about itself and the outside world to the brain so it can make decisions for your body and confirm if the body is working correctly.
If your immune system is working properly, you will get over a cold in 10 days. If your immune system is flawed, you might have allergies. At Seaman Chiropractic Center , we realign your vertebrae so your nervous system can be at its best.
Improper {struck or too much} motion or incorrect position of the moving bones{vertebrae} of the spine is called a subluxation.This can and does interfere with this vital exchange of information by irritating or pinching nerves. This eventually compromises the function of affected organs and cells .This occurs way before you have pain or know something is wrong. For example,you have heart disease years before a heart attack.

Specific spinal adjustments made at Seaman Chiropractic helps improve this brain/body communications. This is the only treatment I know that makes a difference for the entire body. Health and the slowing down of the aging process returns with improved nervous system control of the body. Call 773-545-2233 to slow down the aging of your body.

Part Two of How To Avoid Pain Through Your Choice Of Foods

March 1, 2010
 I am the owner of Seaman Chiropractic. I am an practicing chiropractor with 25 years experience of teaching patients in Niles how to make progressive improvements in their wellness. Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne may have avoided addiction to pain killers if they had used some of these suggestions.

Foods to Consume:
* Fruits and vegetables
* Lean meats and fish (lean meats are best because fat releases inflammatory chemicals)
* Potatoes
* Herbs/spices (i.e. garlic, oregano, etc.)
* Olive oil
* Coconut oil
* Nuts
* Dark chocolate
* Lots of water
* Red wine (in moderation-one to two glasses/night)
* Stout beer (in moderation)
* Sea Salt
Reasons to Consume These Foods:
All of the foods mentioned act as an anti-inflammatory and/or function to control important physiological parameters such as pH (acid/base) balance. The current American diet is roughly 20:1 in regards to inflammatory versus anti-inflammatory foods; the goal should be more towards 1:1 .
Sea salt doesn't affect your blood pressure so it is safe to use. The food recommendations should help you achieve a healthier balanced ratio of inflammatory/anti-inflammatory food items, thus leading to a greater quality of life and a decrease in your pain levels when you follow these guidelines.

Get help and advise for decreasing your pain, call 773-545-2233 today. I'm Dr. Cynthia. I can help you.

Prenatal Chiropactic Care in Chicago

February 24, 2010

Recently I wrote about procrastination, pain and chiropractic care. I want to share with you recent comments received from one of my patients who is an expectant mother.
If you are pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant I believe Brandy K.'s remarks will be interesting to you because she says with her first baby she chose not to see a chiropractor for relief of the headaches and back pain that come with the delicate pregnancy condition.
Brandy says:
"With my 1st pregnancy I had no chiropractic care and had many aches and pains thru-out my pregnancy including neck, back & hip pain.
This time around I have almost no pain.
I look forward to continuing my care even after I deliver my second baby."

The fact she's choosing to continue the gentle non-invasive care for herself as well as her children speaks volumes about the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for infants and growing children.
Brandy's endorsement goes on:
"I strongly recommend Dr. Seaman to any woman who is pregnant. It will make things so much easier for them."

To make an appointment to find out how natural, drug-free health care can make your pregnancy experience an easy one call 773-545-2233 today.

A Clear Picture: Why I Take X-Rays

February 21, 2010
 At Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago, I have always taken x-rays before I adjusted any patient. My patients from Skokie know I am just a chiropractor , not Superman. They know I can't see inside you. That is why you need X-rays at our initial meeting when you come to me for answers.
I believe taking X-rays on the areas I would be treating is protection for the patient. It also assists me in planning a specific treatment plan. It is also my belief taking X-rays before administering an adjustment contributes to the high levels of success I have in achieving the patient's goals.
Many times when seeing people for the first time, they tell me all they have done prior to coming to my office. It usually involves MRIs, drugs, physical therapy and no X-rays. I want to see the patient in a standing, weight bearing position, so I can observe the physical structure with the normal stressors on the body.
There are many things are missed with just an MRI. An MRI is like a very thinly sliced roast. You can't see the original shape of the roast. You can miss seeing a short leg, a fracture, scoliosis {a side curve}, spinal misalignments and joint and bone structural defects or diseases that would help correct a patient's problem. The exception is, of course, a pregnant woman. We wait till she has given birth. I do not X-ray expectant mothers.
I get very few objections to taking X-rays because smart Skokie residents realize no one has found the root cause of their pain and problems. In that rare instance, the patient has the fear of radiation, I explain they get more UV rays outside on a sunny day.

At Seaman Chiropractic Center, after a thorough exam and reading of their x-rays, I then do a report of all of my findings. That is when I tell you what is wrong, if I can help you and how I will help you achieve your new path to wellness. If you really want to increase your well being, not just an absence of pain, call 773-545-2233 to arrange an appointment today to begin your new life! I can help you.

Productive Sleep For Children

February 18, 2010
  My name is Dr Cynthia Seaman. I am an expert chiropractor in Chicago's Harwood Heights area and I help parents with their child's sleeping problems.
Science tells us a good night's sleep, a productive sleep, contributes to good health, less stress and a longer life. Adult insomnia costs about 414 billion dollars every year in the U.S. Medical journal studies prove pediatric sleep disorders contribute to attention deficit,hyperactivity, mood disturbances and memory problems.
Many times I have found misalignments and restriction in the upper cervical {upper neck}, mid-thoracic {between the shoulder blades} and asymmetry of the bones of the skull of children can contribute to waking up multiple times a night.

Progressive chiropractic adjustments are gently administered to correct subluxations at a frequency of three times a week for 4 weeks. After that adjustments are less frequent as time goes on. Sleep disturbances for infants and children often resolve; and a child can get an undisturbed night of sleep and so can the parents.

Many parents of sleep disturbed children are undoubtedly searching for non-pharmaceutical alternatives. Seaman Chiropractic Center offers gentle solutions for pediatric sleep problems. I am a chiropractor who provides great answers for parents of infants and children who seem to have problems sleeping well.
Make an appointment today. Call 773-545-2233. I can help you and your child.

Professional Athletes Talk Chiropractic Care and Performance

February 17, 2010
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman a Chicago chiropractor who is a rehabilitation specialist. I am expert on ways to optimize your muscle balance. I teach my patients how to maximize their workout and improve their performance. I can help you, too.
This is part two of what professional athletes say about their use of chiropractic care to enhance their natural abilities and improve their athletic performance. Read comments from the professionals about how treatment by a chiropractor can create a stronger, more stable body with a fully optimized nervous system and enhance your physical performance. I have more than 20 years experience practicing chiropractic techniques. I can help you.
Fred Funk PGA Tour Professional:
"I do believe chiropractic has really benefited my game. Over the last three years, I feel I have become more exposed to, and knowledgeable about, the benefits of chiropractic for me and my game. I realize how your body can get out of balance, and chiropractic care helps....."
jerry_rice_796505.jpgJerry Rice 49ers All-Pro Wide Receiver:
"Most injuries require chiropractic care. It works better for me than anything else."
Dan O'Brien Double Olympic and World Championship Decathlon Gold medalist:
"Were it not for Chiropractic I would not have won the gold medal."

These professionals see the benefits of chiropractic. What progressive chiropractic benefits can you receive to enhance your sports abilities ? We provide stability and the expertise at Seaman Chiropractic Center on Chicago's Northwest side.

Contact 773-545-2233 today to find out what I can do to improve your physical condition. I can help you.

Exploring Natural Healthcare and Chiropractic in Chicago

February 16, 2010
As a general rule chiropractors prefer that individuals explore the least dangerous, least invasive, safest and most natural care first, before resorting to powerful or "heroic" (and highly dangerous) drugs, radiation and surgery (except in emergency situations where life and limb are at stake).
Interventions such as medicine and surgery have a place - but today they are all over the place. Too many people are "medicalized," swallowing synthetic, artificial chemicals that may alter and suppress their symptoms but do not cure. If drugs cured, after a while you should stop taking them. But look around, aren't those taking drugs long-term the sickest? Drugs do not heal, they may alter body chemistry but there is no true healing.
And don't forget all the thousands of people who die and are sickened from prescription drug side effects and adverse reactions.
As the taking of drugs continues, individuals often spiral into poorer health. That is because health is not something you get from artificial chemicals. Health is the result of your body functioning properly. Your body functions properly when it is properly aligned, free of adverse structural stresses; when it is fed nutrient dense foods and when it is free of artificial chemicals and toxins.
More and more people are taking that first step of getting off the drug merry-go-round and discovering natural health care.
Chiropractors, due to their license, do not prescribe drugs nor do they take people off of drugs - that is the role of the medical doctor. It is a good policy to discuss with MDs the full effects of the drugs they prescribe. Of course patients may learn for themselves about their drug side effects by using the Internet.

Chiropractors favor freedom of choice in healthcare for all, especially children. Parents should have the freedom to decide on their family's health choices without medical doctors or government bureaucrats coercing them, under threat of force, to undergo medical procedures. Health-care freedom of choice should be a basic human right.

Pain and Procrastination on the Northwest Side

February 5, 2010
  I am Dr Cynthia Seaman a chiropractor practicing on the northwest side of Chicago. I am amazed at how long people wait till they finally seek care from a chiropractor. I have had patients who told me they passed my sign for 10- 20 years before they came in. Others have spoke about the years they have wasted in pain and all the things they stopped doing due to the fear it might cause pain. How the quality of their life, the enjoyment of their family and hobbies declined because they were so distracted by the pain and fear.
Of course there are also the stoic people who come in and tell me "It's not so bad. I can handle it". At what cost? Do you think you are 100% there for your job, your family and your life when pain is there too. Are you as happy and easy going ? Or does it make you short tempered or cranky? What would your friends and family around you say?
So what is the hesitation? Why procrastinate? Why delay? I have been practicing chiropractic medicine for 25 years. At my office treatment is safe, effective and gentle. I have seen every condition countless times. I thoroughly diagnose you and create a personalized treatment plan not only to get you out of pain and stabilize your condition but to get you back to life and improve your energy and vitality. I use payment plans so you can budget the care you need.
I have a large tool box of treatment options and techniques and a long history of success. I don't tell you "you are just getting old" or "it's just in your head ". I treat you like I would my family. I walk you through the process and I listen to you.
Get up out of your fear and all the voices, internal and external, especially those that tells you nothing can be done. Pick up the phone and make an appointment. I know two thing for sure. One is, if you don't act there is 100% chance you won't get better and two, the longer you wait, the larger the problem, the more damage is done and the cost to correct it is higher.
"If I hadn't taken the plunge into the unknown and gone to Cynthia to help me help myself, (treat my back), then I would be doomed to suffer with a bad back for the whole of my life--as my mom's side of the family quietly suffers."
Jennie O

What will you do ? Will you read this article and do nothing for the problems you are experiencing or will you pick up the phone right now to make an appointment? Call my office today 773-545-2233. Decide to become healthy. Put wellness in your future.

Have a Comfortable, Engergetic Pregnancy with Chiropractic

February 13, 2010
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a progressive chiropractor, serving the Edgebrook and northwest side of Chicago. For many years I have been using my gentle chiropractic healing hands for expectant mothers.
If you are a mother to be you will find chiropractic heightens the vitality in your body so you can have a comfortable, energetic pregnancy. Chiropractic treatments take care of the joints out of position so your body can be relaxed, your muscles aren't tight and your nervous system is really humming.
Pregnancy can be hard on your lower back, neck and shoulders. Examine the body of an expectant mother from the side and it is easy to see why they are in pain. Increased breast tissue rounds the shoulders forward placing tremendous pressure on the neck and shoulders. The weight of the growing baby places strain on the low back which can result in bladder problems, low back pain and even pain in the buttocks or down the legs.
The nine months of pregnancy brings on many hormonal changes that relax the ligaments that are normally stabilizing the lower back and pelvis. As the pelvis rotates down in front, the muscles of the low back and pelvis become short and tight, causing increased pressure on the joints of the low back producing achey, lower back pain.
At Seaman Chiropractic Center,we have had great success increasing the odds of a woman getting pregnant; once she is, our flexion distraction table which provides a gentle non force correction has a drop down middle segment just for the last months of pregnancy when you are your biggest and don't want to be on your stomach. My massage therapist is excellent at prenatal massage and when we add muscle workouts , you are more active, stronger and your body bounces back much faster after you give birth.
Seaman Chiropractic Center can help make this special time in a woman's life as enjoyable as it was meant to be. Call today 773-545-2233 if you want to get pregnant or if you want your pregnancy to be comfortable and energetic.

"I had tried for 7 years to get pregnant. I went for fertility treatments that did not work. I had pretty much given up the past year or two. This pregnancy is a blessing!I truly believe the chiropractic care has been the reason for this pregnancy."
Viannine J.

More Professional Athletes on Chiropractic Care

February 11, 2010
For those of you who consider yourselves active, or athletic, and do not see a chiropractor on a regular basis, I have compiled some professional athletes speaking about their experiences about using chiropractic as part of their training and healthy lifestyle.
I am a chiropractor in Jefferson Park, in Chicago Illinois. I use progressive chiropractic physical rehab and to strengthen and balance the spine as well as other joints.
Often patients who go to the gym or play sports regularly don't know the anatomy and physiology of muscles and don't use their workout to maximize their athletic goals and strength.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventive health care. What you are doing, and I have experienced this for the last 30 years myself on my own body, means that whenever I have a problem-or even if I don't have a problem-and I go to a chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time."
Arnold also said: "Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using chiropractic very extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured. We are a perfect team- the world of fitness and the world of chiropractors."

Joe Montana
"I've been seeing a chiropractor and he's really been helping me out a lot. Chiropractic's been a big part of my game."
Joe Montana and 35 of his teammates received chiropractic care.
Evander Holyfield
"I have to have an adjustment before I go into the ring. I do believe in chiropractic. I found that going to a chiropractor three times a week helps my performance. The majority of boxers go to get that edge."

Ryne Sandberg, former second baseman in Major League Baseball, who spent nearly his entire career with the Chicago Cubs, and who is considered by experts to be one of the most outstanding second baseman of all time appreciates the benefit of chiropractic care.
His wife Cindy explained,
"He's had some awesome games after getting an adjustment. He was frequently adjusted before games."

George Angat-US Lightweight Champion
"The split second that can be added to my speed by my chiropractor could be crucial."
Manager Denis Doucette: "Chiropractic care gives him that little advantage, that little extra strength and quickness and allows him his best opportunity to regain his title."

If you want an edge to your sport of choice or you want to maximize your workout contact Seaman Chiropractic Center today 773-545-2233 to see how chiropractic can benefit you. I can help you.

Why Correct a Subluxuation?

February 8, 2010

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a Chicago chiropractor using healing hands for pain management. In my practice I use progressive chiropractic treatments for correction of problems. This is a completely natural medicine.
Once a patient has gotten to a stable, pain free, strong state of health, it is imperative to maintain the precious gains you have worked so hard to achieve. At Seaman Chiropractic Center our supportive care for most patients is every two weeks. Why so often? Is that arbitrary? After all the goal is to maintain a subluxation free body so the communication system [nervous system] works at peak functioning.
As Montel Williams said:
 "It's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!" After suffering 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, he experienced almost instantaneous relief from pain with his first chiropractic adjustment. "There's not a person who knows me who will not confirm this. I am walking differently, my pain is less, I've already regained strength in my left leg."

He also added that he could stand up straight without pain for the first time in more than five years.
Research done by Tapio Vidman, a number of years ago, tells us that a
Subluxation, { a joint not in a neutral position which causes disc, muscle, bone and nerve damage} once formed, will cause an inescapable degenerative progression if it is allowed to remain for any longer than 2 weeks. Did you get that? 2 weeks!
This means that a monthly maintenance visit to my office will absolutely ensure you as a patient will get worse over time and you will. That is not O.K. My job is to improve and at the very least slow down degenerative conditions from irritated, neglected or damaged joints which pinch nerves, degenerate discs and harm your nervous system.
You think everything is all right on a monthly adjustment because you feel good but underneath the Subluxations are damaging you. The problem is that you would confront me at some point in the future and ask me point blank why I have allowed you to get worse when you have paid me all this money over the last few years to prevent these problems and keep you healthy and you would have been correct. Most doctors do not see their patients on an appropriate schedule of care in order to be able to really correct their Subluxations. PERIOD!
A Subluxation, once formed becomes a habit - it is a neurological pattern. It is a spinal distortion that defaults to a incorrect position. It is a neurological habit the body becomes accustomed to. And it most often starts in children

To correct your physical health issues or those of your children
call 773-545-2233 now to begin your Subluxation free life.
Achieve and maintain the health you deserve. I can help you

TMJ: Symptoms and Treatment

February 6, 2010

I am the owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center, a pain management and corrective chiropractic natural health care facility on the northwest side of Chicago. I use chiropractic healing hands with gentle, non force techniques. Let's talk about TMJ.
All of a sudden you are experiencing seemingly unrelated symptoms. For example headaches, earaches, fullness and pressure in your ears, jaw pain, sounds in your ear [tinnitus], eye pain or your jaw locks. It could be one or more of these symptoms. You are confused because they are random and all over the place. You may have developed TMJ [TemporoMandibular Joint] problems or TMD [TemporoMandibular Joint Disorder].
I use a small activator [small, specific force ] to realign the TMJ {the chewing joint}. The joint is very small with connective tissue.Unfortunately, it is a very delicate joint with very little motion and can easily misalign. It could be as simple as a trip to the dentist where you have to keep your jaw opened very wide for a period of time or injury or excessive gum chewing. We have had great success with this condition. Progressive chiropractic treatments improves or corrects the problem.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms , call 773-545-2233 today to see if we can correct your problems and pain.

Preventative Steps to Feeling Great

February 4, 2010
  Dr Cynthia Seaman here- a Chicagoland chiropractic expert who specializes in treating the whole person in a natural way using healing hands and 25 years of experience. I want progressive wellness for you, not just the absence of pain. I want you to feel great not just get through your day. You can have that life if you take steps and use experts, like holistic coaches, to give you the guidance to get there. I don't want you dependent on drugs and medical models of "don't worry you are just aging and there is surgery when it gets worse".
Most of you out there simply don't know what to look for or how to recognize the beginning of something wrong. That is why you come to Seaman Chiropractic Center. Because I do!
Many patients come to my office and say" I just picked up a pencil " or
"Yesterday I just started having pain. I was fine before". In my thorough consultation, we find that the body has been giving out signals for a long time. The patients just couldn't translate. I compare the body to my cat. When something is wrong, he can pee outside the litter box, stop eating, keep away from me or meow A LOT if I don't respond. The body also has few ways of communication. It can cause pain , numbness, tingling.It can function badly or stop working . But by the time those signals appear, you are well into a disease process.
Preventative health care is all about doing the right thing in the absence of symptoms. Some of us think they know what to do. They workout or run but eat fast food , drink a lot of coffee and don't maintain spinal health. That doesn't keep a body healthy for a lifetime.
Your nervous system is the most important communication system you have. It tells you to breathe, your heart to beat and everything else, EVERYTHING.

You go to the dentist to check your teeth and change the oil in your car. You vaccinate your children and bring them to regular visits to their pediatrician. But what about their spinal health?
Visits to my office combines working on specific problems while also discussing sleep, food, stress, core strength, nutritional supplements to maximize your healthy lifestyle. It is not how long you live but how you feel doing it and keeping the activities you love.The earlier you start the better the long term results.

If you want to wake up feeling great with more vitality, energy and a longer more, active life, call 773-545-2233 now to come to my office for a free consultation.Bring your children to see if they are developing any spinal problems. I can help you!

Why Does My Back Ache?

February 3, 2010
  I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, the owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center where I see Lincolnwood patients with back aches. They are carrying their kids on their shoulders, cleaning floors, lifting groceries, mowing the lawn, may have a little weight in front, bend and twist or sit at work all day and spend time sitting in their car. Add to that an occasional fall or previous car accident and it is not difficult why studies show that approximately 80% of Americans will suffer from low back pain at some time in their life. The U.S. Department of Labor estimate that 100 million work days per year are lost due to low back pain.

Many times back pain begins after a small act like bending over to pick up a pen or just waking up. It is not the act that hurts your back but rather your back structure including the muscles, joints, discs and vertebrae has lost its normal functioning and therefore could not provide the necessary support to your spine.
At Seaman Chiropractic Center, we specialize in finding the cause of your lower back pain. Combining gentle spinal adjustments with proper exercises and stretches are the keys to reducing or eliminating your lower back pain.

If you are suffering from low back pain or have had an incident of low back pain,
call 773-545-2233 today to find the cause of your problem. I can help you.

Chicago Chiropractor: Debunking Myths About Chiropractic

February 1, 2010

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center using my chiropractic healing hands to correct subluxations [joints out of place]which put pressure on your all important communication system that controls and tells the entire body how to function.This is Chicago's top pain management and correction clinic.
I don't want to hear that I "pop" or "crack" anything.If you were "cracked" or "popped" you would be broken.That is not what I do and not what chiropractic is about.
What Is That Noise
The audible sound that is sometimes heard is made by normal gasses[O2,N2 and CO2] dissolved in the joint's synovial fluid .Those gasses pop out of the solution fast and form tiny bubbles in the fluid itself. When the liquid becomes gas, it makes a noise like water boiling or the bubbles behind a boat. In each case,the gasses "pop" into bubbles Sometimes you can hear this noise especially in the neck because it is so close to your ears.Some joints and people don't make any noise. Whether you do or don't, it is perfectly normal.This noise is totally harmless. After it has popped, you may notice you can't make another sound because there are no bubbles left.
Why Don't We Make Noise All The Time?
 Because my correction is very smooth, quick and tractioned while typical human movements are not like that.
Why isn't it good to "crack your knuckles or your spine"?
You grind the joint surfaces together irritating them rather than a gentle tractioning of the joint surfaces apart within the ligament limit which is not damaging in any way. Most importantly, people who "crack their back, neck etc" can only do the loose joints . So what they achieve is a joint which gets looser and looser. The stuck ones stay stuck. Proof of this in the real world is that people who manipulate their joints do it very frequently, multiple times a day and all the time and at Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago, our patients get a progressive treatment plan which decreases over time. Now that is real healing!

So to get true healing call Seaman Chiropractic today at 773-545-2233. I can help you heal naturally.

Chiropractic Authority on Reasons to Breastfeed

January 19, 2010
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman. Chiropractor and owner of a progressive chiropractic center serving Chicagoland. I use hands on chiropractic techniques for new moms and their precious babies. If you have chosen to breast feed your baby you are in good company with Christina Aguilara, Jennifer Garner and Tori Spelling who also breastfeed. Here are four reasons to breastfeed your baby.
1) prevents obesity. Breast milk contains a protein that could reduce the risk of obesity later in life. In fact, the longer a child is breastfed, the lower their risk of obesity.
2) reduces mom's risk of cancer and other conditions. Women who breastfeed have a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancers and osteoporosis later in life.
3) Saves money. If you breastfeed you don't have to prepare bottles and formula - breast milk is always fresh and ready to go. This will save you a substantial amount of time. Breastfeeding also saves you the expense of buying formula, which typically costs at least $800 per year. Breastfed babies have fewer doctor's visits and lower overall medical expenses. One study even found that a group of formula-fed babies had over $68,000 in health care costs for six months, compared to only $4,000 for the breastfed group.
4) increases the baby's immunity to disease by the antibodies in mom's milk and reduces the future allergies the newborn may have.

If you are pregnant or you are a new mom and you are looking for a natural doctor for both you and your child, call 773-545-2233 today. With my gentle natural approach, I can help you.

Is Back Surgery in Your Future?

January 16, 2010

If you or someone you know is suffering from back pain, don't rush off to the surgeon. I am a progressive Chicago chiropractor using pain management and correction. I have some interesting facts about surgery from the medical community.
The New England Journal of Medicine reported that surgery is overused for the treatment of back pain!
In fact, the rate of back surgery is up more than 40% in the U.S. more than in any other country. Furthermore it has been proven that surgery does not always improve the outcome and in some conditions makes the condition worse.
There is considerable evidence supporting the use of conservative, non invasive treatments for back pain.
At Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago, I use pain management and correction with chiropractic healing hand techniques to make spinal corrections . I use a flexion-distraction table for disc and leg problems, massage, acupuncture and finally strengthening after the patient is stable and the pain is reduced.

Consult with me, Dr. Cynthia Seaman, to find out if non-invasive care can correct the cause of your lower back pain. It will save you money, time off work, a great deal of pain and improve the quality of your future.

Chiropractic Nutrition Expert in Chicago Provides an Anti-inflammatory Diet- Part One

January 14, 2010


I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a progressive chiropractic nutrition expert practicing for 25 years in Lincolnwood and the surrounding vicinity.What if you could decrease pain with an anti-inflammatory diet ? Anything that amplifies the inflammation process will increase your pain. Maybe if celebrities like Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Kathleen Turner, and Anna Nicole Smith worked with their diet, they may not have gotten addicted to pain killers.

Foods to Avoid
*Grains and rice (white and wheat bread, rye, barley, etc.)
*Refined oils (cooking oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc.)
*Refined sugar (this is the white sugar you purchase at the supermarket, high fructose corn syrup in numerous products and other products with sugar listed as its primary ingredient.)
*Salt (in prepared foods and table salt)
*Fast foods
Reasons to Avoid These Foods
All of the above foods trigger inflammatory reactions in your body. In other words, when these foods are digested they stimulate our immune cells to release chemicals that cause inflammation.
1. Inflammation normally occurs in response to tissue damage and is characterized by its ability to cause pain, swelling, increase of temperature and affected tissues lose their functional capacities.
2. Inflammation is usually a healthy process because it walls off the damaged tissue and directs a fresh blood supply to the area to encourage repair and clean up. But inflammation occurring in the absence of tissue damage, such as through a poor diet, is not a healthy process because it can actually lead to progressive tissue damage. Inflammatory chemicals stimulate pain nerve fibers leading to pain.

•Refined grains, especially white bread or white rice contain a lot of carbohydrates, or sugar with little or no fiber to slow absorption of the sugar. When this bread is digested it increases blood sugar levels, which in turn stimulates the pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream (insulin is responsible for gathering up sugar in the blood and transporting it into cells). Consistently high blood insulin levels are believed to desensitize insulin receptors on cells (i.e. they become unresponsive). This in turn prevents the entrance of sugar into these cells where they are broken down for energy. If sugar is unable to enter cells, it remains in the bloodstream and prevents these cells from receiving much needed energy.

•This can ultimately lead to a condition called diabetes mellitus where the blood sugar levels become so high that it begins to spill over into the urine (diabetes mellitus means "sugar urine"). Refined grains interfere with nutrient absorption and can lead to headaches, back pain, abdominal pain, fatigue and in some cases, depression.
•Refined sugar (i.e. sugar purchased at the supermarket, sugar in soda, candy and other products containing high fructose corn syrup) can trigger the same mechanisms as above. In addition, sugar also stimulates cholesterol production via increased insulin levels.

•High fructose corn syrup (liquid sugar) inhibits satiety centers in the brain (in other words, you do not feel as "satisfied"/full when eating products sweetened with high fructose and, consequently, consume more calories than you should).

•High salt products, consumed on a daily basis, can increase blood pressure.

If getting healthier is important to you, get advice from a Chicago chiropractic nutrition expert call 773-545-2233 today to begin a life of wellness. I can help you.

Chiropractic Headache Expert Reports U.S Headaches #1 Reason for Over-the-Counter Meds

January 10, 2010

Most of us have had one or two headaches in our time. I serve the Hardwood Heights area as a chiropractor headache expert. I have treated many of my Hardwood Heights patients with chiropractic healing hands for headaches and migraines with modern, progressive treatments.
Studies show over 40 million of Americans suffer from moderate to severe headaches. Headaches are a major source of suffering and costs billions of dollars of missed work. Headaches are among the top reasons people go to a doctor. There are more than 100 types of headaches classified. The most common types have three components: muscular, vascular and neural. Let me simplify it further. A tension headache is muscular, joints in the upper neck creating pinched nerves is neural, and the pounding , pulsating is usually vasular [migraine].
The biggest problem is that most people have combinations of headaches, not just one type. That is where I come in to accurately diagnose the headache components and create a comprehensive plan that might include chiropractic , acupuncture, nutrition , strengthening and self -care stategies. Because the best headache is the one you prevent.
I have excellent success in relieving the symptoms of headaches, without a lifetime of drugs, and more important to stabilize the underlying causes of your headaches or migraines.

You owe it to yourself to explore alternatives for the treatment of your headaches/migraines.
Just think about how different your life would be and the enjoyment of that life without your pain. Call 773-545-2233 today. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman and I can help you.

First Visits- What to Expect

January 9, 2010

When patients from Skokie come to my Seaman Chiropractic Center for a first time appointment, they often don't know what to expect. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, Doctor of Chiropractic using my healing hands and I've been practicing and teaching patients for twenty-five years.
When you first come in, the front desk will greet you and help you to fill out our paperwork. She will then give you a pamphlet and discuss "What is Chiropractic". She also gives you a tour of our office so you can get your bearings and be aware of the different services available to you as your progressive chiropractic recovery continues.
The first question for me to answer is whether this is a chiropractic problem. I will ask you questions about how and when it started , the severity and what makes you better and worse, the first time you ever had it , childhood and adult accidents , falls and family history. I am interested in trying to completely understand your health condition. I begin by asking questions but the diagnosis of the condition is usually determined by the next two steps.
Physical Examination
I will then do a thorough chiropractic, neurological, orthopedic exam of the body {vertebrae, nerves, muscles, joints}. You might have what you THINK is arm pain; it may actually be coming from your neck. If you have a heart attack and have left arm pain, you don't want the doctor examining your arm. You want that doctor to know where the cause of the problem is located. That is what I do.
This will also lead to x-rays because I am not superman and I can't see inside you. Often I find a patient's former doctor didn't take x-rays and something very important and relevant is missed.
Report Of Findings
After I have analyzed your health condition, you will be given a Report Of Findings (ROF). During the ROF, I will be explaining how the body works as it relates to your condition, your diagnosis; I will provide and explain
an optimal treatment plan including what services are needed, number of visits and the payment options available for your financial responsibility.
Then you can make a educated decision based on what is actually wrong, what disease process is happening and what my medical opinion is for correction and stability.

Call 773-545-2233 today. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center. I can help you.

Northwest Side Chicago Chiropractor's Concern For Children's Health 60646

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am a Chicago chiropractor and the owner of a natural health care clinic on the northwest side specializing in families with newborns, toddlers, young children, teenagers and their parents. My name is Dr Cynthia Seaman and I use my healing hands and progressive spinal alignments to treat childhood conditions.

I am concerned with how parents don't choose or think about natural remedies for their precious children. With all the information about the side effects of drugs, I wonder what keeps them away even when they themselves are patients.

Think about how traumatic the birthing process is. Pulling the baby out by his head and neck, squeezing through the birth canal is very rough on the soft tissue and nerves of the newborn. Did you know that some births are so traumatic bones get broken and nerves get damaged? Now add trying to walk and all the falls a baby has before even getting to three years old.
As our children go to school, they become active in sports such as gymnastics, football, soccer, tennis, softball and hockey. Seaman Chiropractic Center can help offset their injuries and physical stresses like dragging all those books around or sitting in those terrible school chairs for hours.

I keep their little growing spines in line with my healing hands using chiropractic techniques so they grow correct and straight. The way I prevent problems from arising is with periodic hands on corrections.
My gentle, non-force spinal corrections are fun for the kids and they love to get adjusted. Parents are afraid of an adjustment but they take their children to the dentist, give them shots and tests, and sometimes surgery.

Spinal alignment are so important to children especially as they progressively grow. With spinal alignments, children get sick less often, sleep better, get fewer allergies and subluxations [joints out of place] are corrected. Chiropractic corrections for children help prevent the spinal problems I see in so many adult patients.
Parents are concerned about their child's teeth and their yearly M.D. visit but helping to form a healthy normal spine so their nervous system is optimally working seems to be low on a parent's priority list. I see the adult version of that neglected child later in life in my office. It is so important at this developmental stage for you to consider check-ups for your precious baby or child.

Call today 773-545-2233 to check your child's spine and give them the gift of health for a lifetime. I can help you.

Niles Chiropractic Rehabilitation Expert 60714 Explains Core Muscles-Part Two

 January 5, 2010  
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a chiropractic rehabilitation expert using hands on spinal adjustments combined with progressive muscle balancing and strength for the people of Niles for the last 25 years. This is Part Two explaining your core muscles and what Seaman Chiropractic can do with healing hands.
Where are your core muscles? Why should you care about them?
When we talk about core muscles, they are from your shoulders to your buttock, front and mostly back. They stabilize the spine, ribs,and pelvis.
Have you ever seen a bug that has fallen onto its back trying to right itself ? It waves its legs and it has difficulty turning over. The reason is bugs don't have muscles in their core.
As you age and lose muscle mass or if you are exercising muscles incorrectly (either in the wrong proportion or form ) you have the same problem. The muscles of your core include trapezius [shoulders] especially for women, rhomboids [between shoulder blades], max and min gluteus [buttock], latissimus [midback outer edge], abdominals [front and sides of torso] and especially neglected is the low back [above and below your waistline] quadratus lumborum.

Use my chiropractic expertise to gain true strength! Call 773-545-2233 today to find out how to create a lifetime of vitality. I can help you!

North Park Neighborhood Chicago Chiropractic 60625- Spine and Joint Health

 January 3, 2010
Today I want to discuss why you must maintain your spine and joints. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a progressive chiropractor who owns Seaman Chiropractic Center a natural health center. I have been happily serving patients in the North Park neighborhood in Chicago as a hands on chiropractor for 25 years.
Think of chiropractic like "orthodontics" for your spine. If your teeth can be moved slowly with braces so can vertebrae or any joint in your body(neck,low back,wrists,
shoulders,knees or ankles).They can be trained to maintain a neutral, level position. But unfortunately, I can't use metal to hold you in place because unlike your teeth, your joints have to move or you would be a tree.
I train your joints with my chiropractor's healing hands to maintain a neutral, level position by repeated adjustments with define frequency-progressively decreasing as your body learns muscle memory. Like your teeth, the time it takes to create proper positioning depends on the 1)condition of your spine or any joints in your arms or legs 2) your job 3) your muscle tone 4) balance 5) postural and 6) lifestyle choices.
Think of all the things you do to maintain yourself and your possessions. You get your teeth cleaned, change the oil on your car, paint your house. You want to do periodic care on your spine and joints because they are aging as you are. Moving parts wear out faster such as your tires or the belt on your vacuum.
As a chiropractor, I care about your spine because it is the house of your spinal chord which is the communication system for your entire body via the nervous system. That means every cell in your body, every organ, every muscle, the immune system, the blood vessels and all soft tissue of the body. EVERY CELL receives communication from the brain through the nervous system.
You may ask,"For how long?" In my opinion till you no longer need your body. You wouldn't ask that about your teeth or your car. The point is in life you maintain what you care about.
I hope by explaining how your spine and your nervous system work, you then understand the enormous need to do progressive chiropractic care for your spine. Whether it's weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depends on your individual condition. But ultimately "an ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure"

Go to the next level in your health's vitality, or call 773-545-2233 today. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, a chiropractor who is expert in creating vitality. I can help you

Torticollis Jefferson Park Chiropractor 60630

January 3, 2010
I am the owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center in Jefferson Park. I am a practicing chiropractor for 25 years. I am recalling a story about one of my young patients.
A 5 year old girl awakened with neck pain that was so severe she couldn't even lift her head from her pillow. The intense neck muscle spasms and pain kept her head tilted to one side (torticollis or wry neck). The girl was taken to the emergency room where she was examined and given a prescription of Motrin and Valium.
Her mother brought her to me because the drugs weren't working and the mom didn't want to be giving drugs to her five year old.
The girl reported significant improvement after her first adjustment. Her severe spasm and head tilting improved and she was experiencing only minimal pain.
By her third visit, she had a significant reduction in muscle spasm with improved range of motion and was pain-free.

By the 12th visit the girl was pain-free with improved posture and full range of motion in the cervical spine. I found out by x-ray, she had scoliosis and that is why she experienced torticollis at such a young age.

Chicago Chiropractic Nutritionist 60646 Tells How To Stay Healthy In A Hectic World-Part Two
 January 1, 2010 a

I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman, a Chicago chiropractic nutritionist, who specializes in pain relief and creating progressive wellness using personal hands on care. This is the second part of the article on How To Stay Healthy In A Hectic World. Think of Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy as an example of an unhealthy lifestyle combined with prescription drugs contributing to premature deaths.
Rest Your Body
Insufficient sleep depresses your immune system. Lack of sleep can leave you susceptible to colds, the flu, low energy, weight gain and irritability.
People who are depending on sleep aids, like Ambien, instead of 1) going to bed earlier 2) getting the T.V. out of the bedroom, 3) lowering the stimulus by using low lights or soft music. Even one hour less a night can depress your immune system.
*Make sure you are not running on caffeine to give you energy. Excessive caffeine has serious side effects on your health and sleep.
*You need uninterrupted sleep, in the dark, without noise, music, or T.V., for 8-9 hours.
*Begin by going to bed earlier; read or listen to music with a timer so it turns off after 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.
*Use your bedroom for sleep and relaxation only. No work. No T.V. No computer.
Avoid Medication
Heartburn medication, laxatives and sleep aids are among the most common drugs used. There are so many natural alternatives which promote health and solve problems. Use those rather than just masking symptoms with drugs.
An irritated gut can lead to gastritis, allergies, skin rashes, autoimmune diseases and decreased absorption of nutrients.

"Pepcid can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert". This is a quote from Pepcid instructions.
As for sleeping pills, in March 2007, FDA notified health care professionals of its request that all manufacturers of sedative-hypnotic drug products[sleeping pills] strengthen their product labeling to include stronger language concerning potential risks. Common side effects include head and body aches, trouble concentrating, daytime sleepiness and rebound insomnia.
More severe risks includes progressive severe allergic reactions, severe facial swelling, complex sleep-related behaviors, memory lapses, and hallucinations. Sleep-related behaviors may include sleep-driving, driving while not fully awake after ingestion of a sedative-hypnotic product, with no memory of the event. Source: FDA News Release 2007.
All over the counter and prescription drugs have side effects. The side effects can vary depending on the specific drug, the dosage and how long the drug lasts in your system.
Everyone needs a natural doctor, a chiropractor to provide nutritional advise, suggest effective exercise, healthy alternatives to drug therapy and healing hands to amplify your nervous system's function.

I am the chiropractic nutritional expert at Seaman Chiropractic Center educating Chicagoland residents on nutrition for twenty five years. Call right now 773-545-2233. Make an appointment to get the vitality you deserve

Chicago Chiropractors Physical Therapy 60631 How to Stay Healthy in a Hectic World-Part One

January 1, 2010

I am the owner of Seaman Chicago Chiropractic Center, a progressive chiropractor with a hands on natural health care practice. I integrate chiropractic, physical therapy including physical rehabilitation, massage and stretches, nutrition and lifestyle choices. This is part one of staying healthy in a hectic world.
I want you to think very carefully about the answer to the next question. Are you moving toward health and vitality? Or are you heading toward dis-ease and dis-function? Remember, it is YOUR CHOICE.
You are with yourself 24 hours a day. You choose how you will live. You need self-care strategies that fit into your busy life. Britney Spears is a perfect example of an individual who had made unhealthy lifestyle choices while living in a hectic world.You know how that worked for her.
Challenge Your Body
There are all sorts of 8-10 minutes core workouts that can be done down in a gym, at home with a DVD or on the Internet. Your body needs to move every day and not just at work or doing the housework. You need your heart and lungs to get a progressive work out and your core (shoulders to buttock) need to be strengthened to withstand a life time of activity. The quality of your body's health is determined by how well you take care of it. You are in control. How you think determines how you act. You decide what you will do with your body.
Feed Your Body
You decide how you feed yourself. I suggest you keep away from the fast food and take-out. I advise you to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables by varying the colors. The deeper the color the more nutritious.
•Eat lean proteins every day, whole grain (breads, rice, pasta), low fat dairy, nuts; you might try low sugar snacks, stay away from fried foods and use vegetable or olive oil.
•Try to increase your consumption of cold water fish like salmon for the Omega-3's. They lower blood pressure, they reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve mood and concentration and are proven good for the brain.
•Get into the sun 10-15 minutes, three times per week. The sunshine boosts Vitamin D levels. Elevated vitamin D levels improve mood, enhances cancer protection and improve bone strength. At Seaman Chiropractic Center, we have an excellent liquid Vitamin D.
•Eat grapes, and have an occasional glass of red wine. Grapes are being studied for life extending life properties.
•Eliminate sugar. Sugar effects hormones, mood, immunity, weight and even possibly encourages the growth of cancer cells.
Use Natural Health Care To Heal . In the second part of this discussion, I will explain how my chiropractic healing hands and natural health care can stabilize your health challenges.
I am a chiropractic physical therapy expert and your gateway to a new way of treating your body. I can help you to think about your physical, emotional and mental health in a new and beneficial way. Call Seaman Chiropractic today 773-545-2233 today. Learn how natural healing can change your life and your future.

2009 Blogs

Chicago Seaman Chiropractic Successful Food Drive 60630
December 22, 2009  

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, chiropractor and owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center, a natural health care center combining hands on chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, massage, acupuncture and custom orthotics.
On December 21st, we ended the food drive for the Chicago Food Depository. I am so proud of our patients who brought in 20 bags of food. Thank you for your generous spirit.

The winner of the raffle for the free massage is P.Stearley. Enjoy your massage!

Jefferson Park 60630 Chiropractic Rehabilitation Asks Why Should I Care About My Core Muscles?

December 20, 2009

My name is Dr Cynthia Seaman.I am a chiropractor and owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center a fully equipped state of the art chiropractic and physical rehabilitation center.This is part one of which are my core muscles and why should I care about them?
I have been teaching physical rehabilitation to my patients in Jefferson Park for 25 years using hands on techniques. I have found even those who work out on a regular basis have muscle imbalance and weakness in their core muscles. How do you think Britney Spears and Shakira get strong enough to do all that dancing through a show and get those rocking bodies?
When I go to my personal gym and see people work out or even when I hear my chiropractic patients in Jefferson Park describe their personal training sessions, I am surprised by the misconceptions people have about their muscles , poor technique and lack of core muscle work . If you are going to spend money and time, you should get true strength. I'm sure Manny Pacquiao the boxer would agree with me.
Most people, even personal trainers concentrate on what I call "mirror muscles". By that I mean the muscles one can see in a mirror; chest, stomach,arms,and legs.
But people will say, "I'm strong. I work construction." Or they say, "I walk/run/walk the dog every day ".
I'll address both misconceptions:
There is a difference between work and exercise. That is why they have two different words. Work can be lifting, carrying, stooping or awkward positions. You do whatever you have to do.
Exercise is rhythmic, controlled and progressive.

Walking/running is very good for your heart and lungs, great aerobic exercise and may strengthen your legs but doesn't do a thing for your core muscles.

To create a strong core and really make yourself stable , call 773-545-2233 .Use my healing hands to make your work out is all it can be.

Chiropractic Techniques You Should Know: PART TWO

 December 18, 2009

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman, chiropractor and owner of Seaman Chiropractic with Part 2 of Chiropractic Techniques You Should Know. I've used my healing hands to help folks in Skokie for more than 25 years. I adjust all joints of the body that need it, either due to decreased motion, pinched spinal nerve, bulging or herniated discs or stenosis; all of these conditions usually mean pain for the patient. I will describe two more techniques I use as a chiropractor to help relieve my patients' pain.
This technique is so successful for disc problems which can affect all your organs and conditions like sciatica [Leg pain], neuralgia and complaints related to bulged and herniated discs, facet syndromes, and other low back pains and complaints. I am amazed I have found less than four chiropractors in Chicago using it. It is also a gentle, non-force technique as are all my methods. It works by pumping spinal discs to increase healing and relieve pinched nerves so they can begin to heal. I use a combination of my hands and a electric table that moves up and down at specific sections of your spine.You are on a comfortable, cushioned table on your stomach.
It is a small hand-held instrument used to realign bones. It was designed to be an alternative method to the manual techniques chiropractors employ to manipulate the spine. I place the tip of the chiropractic activator against the area of the area to be manipulated. I adjust the angle of the intended pressure and apply pressure to the chiropractic activator. The instrument then delivers a precisely-measured gentle thrust in a specific direction thus coaxing misaligned bones back into place.
It is very gentle and it is especially great for patients who are scared of having their head turned or hearing a noise in their neck or for smaller joints like wrists, ribs, ankles, knees and jaws (TMJ).
All the techniques I use are safe, effective and successful. All of my chiropractic methods can be safely used on clients of any age from infants to geriatrics.
If you have pain anywhere on your body and you want help, don't let fear of the unknown get in the way of your recovery. Call 773-545-2233 today. I can help you.

Techniques You Should Know-Part 1

 December 16, 2009 
I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman, chiropractor, and the owner of Seaman Chiropractic Center. In my practice I have been helping folks in Harwood Heights with my healing hands for more than twenty years. For those of you who have experienced chiropractic treatment, who may get adjusted a certain way or for those who have never had care by a chiropractor and are afraid of what we do -- read further.
At Seaman Chiropractic, I use 4 different techniques of adjusting the neck, mid-back and low back. All are gentle, non- force techniques and with each patient, I may use multiple methods based on the patients' unique needs. All methods move joints in the spine or other parts (shoulders, wrists, ankles, knees or hips) into the correct neutral position to relieve nerve interference and normalize joint function which then allows the body to heal itself. That, in turn, relieves neck and back pain, headaches, shoulder, hip and knee pain. In my office these are the methods I love to use:
Diversified :
The first technique is diversified which is purely done by hands. It is a quick gentle movement to correct the position of the vertebrae back to a neutral position either centered or level. I usually use this on the neck and the vast majority of patients love the way it feels. It opens up the nervous system straight from the brain and improves your immune system, arm pain, headaches, tingling and numbness, tinnitus, dizziness and so much more.
Thompson Drop:
This is such a great technique, so gentle and fast. I am always amazed so few doctors use it. Firstly, instead of being twisted on your side (called side lying) you are on a soft, cushioned treatment table on your stomach and to reduce any pressure of the adjustment the table drops a inch to buffer any pressure. In addition, my table is electric so it increases gentleness.

Secondly, my table has a center portion which can be lowered so pregnant ladies can be adjusted till they are ready to give birth and men with large bellies can always be adjusted comfortably.

I use the drops on the mid back and the low back, from your shoulders to your pelvis. Nerves in your mid back control your heart and lungs and all digestive organs including your gall bladder, liver, pancreas and stomach.This correction helps heal conditions like gastritis, heart burn and ulcers. Your low back controls your prostate, bladder, sex organs, colon, ovaries, uterus, pain in your back and your entire legs all the way to your feet. So it corrects bladder issues, prostate, fertility and leg or foot pain/tinglng or numbness.
Those are two of the four chiropractic adjustment techniques I employ in my practice. I will describe the other techniques I use in a future article.

If you are having pain or decreased activities or function, call 773-545-2233 now to begin your pain free future and progressive chiropractic improvement in your health.

How to Handle Holiday Stress-Part Two- Skokie Chiropractor 60077

December 14, 2009 
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman owner of a natural health facility. Here are more tips on how to increase your enjoyment of the holiday season.This will be the first year Michael Jackson's family will be without him.I'm sure some of you are also suffering loss. Here are more tips on how to increase your enjoyment of the holiday season.
Remember Your Loved Ones
If you have had a loss, there are two possibilities: 1) remember the good times, love and joy they brought to you--Celebrate their life or 2) feel guilty about living and enjoying life, seeing only the loss and just mourn their death--- you choose.
Create a Budget
Sure it is fun to buy and spend like there is no tomorrow. But January comes , the toys and jewelry are put away and you have a money hangover. Figure out what is reasonable for your situation and remember it is the memories not the possessions that will stay with you for years to come- long after the things are long gone. Remember you don't have Tom Cruise's budget.
Take Care of Yourself
That includes eating right, don't skip meals and eat junk. Get enough sleep so you feel energetic. Excess alcohol and a lot of rich foods will make you feel terrible and sluggish so don't overindulge. Get some exercise to keep your energy up, create feel good hormones, reduce stress and use up some calories.
If You Are Alone, Do For Others
If you are alone during the holidays, or battling depression, sometimes helping others can be an antidote to the holiday blues. It can also overcome the isolation that increases stress and depression. Many organizations are desperate for volunteers during the holidays, and you may have a useful skill that could be just what they need.
Remember this is six weeks out of your life. If things don't go right so what? Use the ten year rule: Will this affect me or will I even remember this in ten years?
One year when I was having a Thanksgiving party, guests were arriving and there was no smell of turkey. I had forgotten to turn on the oven. We ordered pizza and ate side dishes with some turkey when it was done at 11 pm that night.

Lighten up. Things don't have to be perfect .Life isn't perfect There may still be dust in the corner. No one cares about that.

To all of you in this holiday season, enjoy your friends and family,give back to others and have a blast. If pain is interfering with your activities or concentration call 773-545-2233 today

How To Handle Holiday Stress-Part One- Northwest side of Chicago Chiropractor 60630

December 13, 2009

This is a stressful time of the year.It should be a joyous time of year but there is a lot to do, close contact with family for prolonged periods of time, entertaining, cleaning ,cooking and gift buying.
It can fry ones nerves and create a lot of tension. Tiger Woods could probably sympathize with how stressful this time of year is. I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman and I have some tips to make your holiday season more relaxed.
Make a List
One side has things you must do and the other side has things you would like to do.Look at it carefully,especially the have to side. Is it really necessary to make a hundred chocolate balls?
Are you just dealing with holiday perfectionist? A picture of what the holidays SHOULD be like.
Make a list of what you have to buy so it will cut down on your time. Combine errands with your list to decrease your trips ,traffic and time.
Pick and Choose Holiday Activities
If from the end of November to New Years is a blur, then you need to look at what is really important and what you feel like you have to do. Is writing and sending out Holiday cards for hours really what you want to do or do you want to spend time with family enjoying their company? Pick the activities you truly cherish.
Get an Early Start
If you have to buy a lot of gifts, begin in September and remember instead of fighting crowds there are all the same stores and many more online.You can begin dealing with lights early and get those things you love out of the attic before December. Make it an ongoing event and slow down and enjoy the activities. Get the lights untangled and get decorations organized. Let everyone help and do it over weeks instead of days or hours.
Get Help
Who said you have to wrap all the gifts? Stores often (even online) have gift services ,many times for free. Enlist your family to help with shopping ,cleaning and cooking. They want your company and time. That is priceless! Gone are the days of Supermom .All that does is leave you exhausted and unable to enjoy the real pleasures of the holidays.
From Seaman Chiropractic on the northwest side of Chicago to you and yours, have a great holiday season. If you are having difficulties doing what you used to do or feeling pain or discomfort ,give yourself a holiday gift and call today 773-545-2233.
Are Chiropractors REAL DOCTORS? Niles Chiropractor 60714

December 12, 2009
Chiropractic is the second largest health care system in the world . In the United States there are over 50,000 practictioners.There are three other professions that share the term doctor in the health care sense. Those are medical(M.D.),osteopathic(D.O.) and dentist(D.D.S.).
Our educational process is very similar to that of the M.D.,and D.O.. To earn a degree, students need to finish an undergraduate degree including courses in biology,chemistry and physics. The Chiropractic school is than an additional 5 years. From my research ,chiropractors spend more time on anatomy ,physiology,biochemistry including nutrition, biomechanics [how the body moves] and neurology while the medical school and osteopathic school has more classes in pharmacology and surgery.
The chiropractic student then has their last year in a clinical internship. The M.D. and D.O. has their version of internship.During the internship, the student is examining and treating patients under the supervision and guidance of a clinical director who has much experience as a chiropractor (mine had 30 years) and director.
When a chiropractic student graduates, earning their Doctor of Chiropractic, they must pass a state exam to get their license to practice.

Now that you have some information about our educational process, if you are experiencing pain, lack of mobility or pain with your activities call Seaman Chiropractic at 773-545-2233 today to improve your future.I am Dr Cynthia Seaman practicing for 25 years and I can help you.

Food Drive For The Hungry-Chicagoland Harwood Heights Chiropractors 60706

December 8, 2009


Monday, December 9th To Monday, December 21st
As the season of gratitude approaches, Seaman Chiropractic Center is grateful for you! Please join us in sharing abundance with those less fortunate. The food drive allows eligible new patients to receive complimentary services in exchange of a minimum of 8 grocery items. We will be delivering all items to the Chicago Food Depository. Anyone in Chicagoland is welcome to participate.
New Patients: New patients can participate by donating a minimum of 8 non-perishable, low/no sugar canned fruits or vegetables (they need canned tuna, chicken, beans and low sugar fruits) (No glass please). In return, if they are a candidate for chiropractic care, the exam and one set of x-rays (a value of $275) will be discounted to $87.
Current Patients: Current patients can join in the festivities by donating a minimum of 8 non-perishable, low/no sugar canned fruits or vegetables (they need canned tuna, chicken, beans and low sugar fruits) (No glass please). In return, they will be entered in a raffle to win a 45 minute massage given at Seaman Chiropractic Center.

Please feel free to give us a call at 773-545-2233. Help yourself and others at the same time.

Revive And Create New Energy-PART TWO-Chicago Chiropractor Nutritionist 60630

December 7, 2009
This is part two of how to revive yourself and create new energy. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman and have been practicing on the northwest side serving the people of Chicago. Britney Spears could use some of these suggestions to keep up her energy especially while on tour. Here are more tips to feel vibrant and energetic again.
Work Out:
It increases your endorphins ( those feel good hormones). Do it even if you tell yourself you are tired. Rest has not improved your energy yet. You can't escape with T.V. or a glass of wine.
Do Something You Don't Think You Can Or That Scares You:
Bungee jump, scuba dive, speak to a stranger or something you have always wanted to try. You will feel accomplished , successful and powerful .
guy_in_hammock_759622.jpgTry A Relaxation Technique:
Take a walk , do a puzzle, seat in a rocking chair or a hammock, lie in bed and have a fantasy or watch the clouds. Your mind relaxes when you don't try so hard. Your brain needs a break .
Change your Hair ,Something In Your House,Your Clothes,Foods or Your Normal Activities:
It doesn't matter what-just shake it up.
Quit The Things That Are Draining You:
It might be certain people, the activities or obligations, the clients. Get rid of the psychic vampires in your life that are sucking the life out of you. Debbie Downer, Gossip Girl, Negative Nelly's. You know who they are. Now that feels good.
Bring In Someone From The Outside:
A coach, consultant, therapist, or your chiropractor. They can give you a different perspective or perception.

Seaman Chiropractic is here to help you with your health and wellness challenges. Call 773-545-2233 to begin your progressive road toward vitality. For more subjects to explore http://www.seamanchiro.com/chicago/

Revive and Create New Energy- PART ONE-Chicago Niles Skokie Lincolnwood Chiropractor

December 5, 2009
Have you ever felt burned out and not yourself? Are you stuck in a rut? Perhaps you just need some motivation and inspiration. Michael Jackson could have benefited from these tips so he wouldn't have sought out medication. I am Dr Cynthia Seaman and I have a wellness clinic on the northwest side of Chicago also serving Niles, Skokie and Lincolnwood. Here are some suggestions to inspire you to action!

Hang Out With Someone Who Makes You Think Bigger:
**Seek out people who want to grow ,try new things, expand their horizons, create. They will get your juices flowing and open your imagination.
Shake Up Your Routine:
**Go to a different place for coffee or try tea. Take a different route to work or change your schedule.
Take A Day Off:
**Really you can do it .The world keeps spinning.
When You Are Stuck, Stop:
**There is a law of diminishing returns. There is a point where you get less done in a longer time. For example,when you eat ice cream ,that first bite is delicious but if you continue to eat , it doesn't continue to taste like the first bite.
Take An Email Vacation:
**Put your email on "out of office" message . It is amazing how much you can accomplish, how much more focused, productive and creative you can be when you are not tied to email.
Take A Road Trip:
**Pack up your car and just go, even for just an overnight or weekend.

For more health tips visit http://www.seamanchiro.com/ .To make an appointment call 773-545-2233 today to help your progressive path to health and wellness.

Success With Partner Workouts- Part Two-Chicagoland Chiropractor Physical Therapy 60630

December 3, 2009

I am Dr Cynthia Seaman owner of Seaman Chiropractic. I have been teaching strength and balance of muscles to my patients for the last 25 years in Chicagoland. This is Part Two of how
to succeed with partner workouts. Just like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel who work out together, there are difficulties to overcome.
Working With Two Skill Sets:
Chances are, you and your partner have differences in your fitness talents. While one may be very flexible and a slow runner and the other is visa versa. Even with your differences, you can tailor your workouts and meet both of your needs. For example ,you can run together at different paces , take a yoga class which can accommodate different flexibility levels or one runs while the other slowly rides a bike or roller blades. Slowly you will create progressive improvements. You may have to plan ahead but you can be together in your workout.
Prioritize Fitness:
Everyone is busy,yet we all manage to find the time to read, update Facebook or Twitter, text, surf the net, watch T.V., or talk on the phone. Creating a set routine helps the workout schedule to succeed and working out in pairs can help if both partners agree not to let the other one use "I don't have time or I'm tired excuses". Your partner holds you accountable to your fitness goals and gives you support and companionship along the way.

If you are looking for an expert to help you to begin your fitness routine so you don't hurt yourself, call Seaman Chiropractic today at 773-545-2233 or http://www.seamanchiro.com/chicago_chiropractic_contact.htm to book your first appointment.

Success With Partner Workouts- Part One- Jefferson Park Chicago Chiropractor Rehabilitation 60630

December 1, 2009 
I am the owner of Seaman Chiropractic in Jefferson Park, Chicago 60630 and I have been advising patients for 25 years to find a workout partner to help compliance and keep each other accountable. Research shows that couples who work out together lose more weight than couples who work out individually.Like Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, they work out together. But it may not be as easy as it seems. Before you start an progressive exercise program together consider these tips:
Determine Each Person's Goals:
Think of your fitness/health goals as a road map. It will help you determine the type of workouts you'll do together. Both partners have to be willing to work toward both goals.
Schedule Your Workouts:
"I don't have time or I'm tired" excuses will sabotage and derail your fitness plans. When working out as a couple, scheduling time is imperative or you are likely to put it off.
Be Willing To Compromise:
One may be working on running a half marathon while the other is interested in losing some inches. Even though your goals may be different, you can achieve both with a varied workout routine.

If you need help in developing a safe, effective workout, call Seaman Chiropractic in Chicagoland at 773-545-2233http://www.seamanchiro.com/chicago_chiropractic_contact.htm to help steer you in the right direction and avoid getting hurt.

Factors That Increase Injury Risk -Part Two-Chicagoland Chiropractor Massage 60630

 November 22, 2009 

I created Seaman Chiropractic 25 years ago and have done physical rehabilitation for the same amount of time.

This is part two of our discussion about injury prevention and causation of injuries to maintain wellness. Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice and Lance Armstrong practice all these preventative measures. Professional athletes know if they are hurt,they don't play, so prevention is key.
MUSCLE STIFFNESS--Technically, muscle stiffness refers to the ratio between the change in muscle resistance and the change in muscle length. Muscle stiffness is directly related to muscle injury so it is vitally important to reduce stiffness during your warm up.
If you are just a weekend gardener, weekend sports warrior or a new sports or workout enthusiast, research indicates that only progressive,dynamic stretches that are slow,controlled movements through the full range of motion decreases muscle stiffness.
Static exercises which is holding a stretch in one position for a period of time doesn't decrease muscle stiffness. This suggests that dynamic stretches are the most appropriate exercises for warming up. Static exercises are better for cooling down as they help relax the muscles and increase their range of motion.
TRIGGER POINTS--When pain syndromes develop, certain parts of the muscle develop "trigger points" (TP). A TP is a knot in the muscle that you can feel and might be tender, even painful. But I have seen in patients where they let the TP's stay for years,become chronic and they no longer can even feel them That is very serious because there is a decrease in blood flow and the muscle continues to get damaged.
Massage therapists are experts in TP techniques and at Seaman Chiropractic, both of our therapists, are experts in reducing TPs.
The ultimate point here is that trigger points are an early warning sign of a potential serious injury so getting checked for TPs at Seaman Chiropractic is very beneficial.
Regular massage is well worth it as the massage therapists, Miljan and Kim, at our office check and treat trigger points.

I also recommend a anti-inflammatory cream to help reduce pain and inflammation which speeds up the healing process and reduces injury time.

If you need help in preventing injuries, call 773-545-2233 today or http://www.seamanchiro.com/chicago_chiropractic_contact.htm to book an appointment with me or our massage therapists to keep your activities,sports and physical exercise from being derailed.

Factors That Increase Injury Risk -Part One-Chicagoland Chiropractor Rehabilitation 60630

November 20, 2009

What does Tiger Woods, Andy Roddick, and Lance Armstrong know that all you potential athletes and weekend warriors need to learn? They all have chiropractic in common and go to great length to prevent injuries. My name is Dr Cynthia Seaman and I have been practicing in Chicago for 25 years and have incorporated physical rehab with my practice .Check my website https://seamanchiro.com/ for more wellness tips
There are some factors to keep in mind to avoid increased risk of injury with activities and sports:
1)WEAK MUSCLES--Many injuries are in fact caused by weak muscles not prepared to handle the specific demands of your activities. That is why you can start a weight or running program , gardening or seasonal sport for the first time, do well for the first few weeks but suddenly develop foot or ankle problems, hamstring soreness or back or shoulder pain as time progresses.
Your body is simply not strong enough to handle the demands of an increased training load or increased activity demands.
At Seaman Chiropractic ,we first handle the stabilization of the skeletal structure before starting a slow, progressive increased physical rehabilitation of the muscles. That is why it is so effective to begin care before beginning a new physical activity or exercise regime. Your body needs to be stronger before it can handle the new "demands" being put on it.
2)MUSCLE IMBALANCES--This is one I see quite often in the person who works out and believes themselves to be strong. Screening for muscle imbalances is the current cutting edge approach to injury prevention. There are detectable and correctable abnormalities of muscle strength and length that are fundamental to the development of almost all musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It could begin with structural abnormalities or misalignments. Detention of these abnormalities and correction before the injury has occurred should be part of any injury prevention strategy and will save you weeks of pain and having to stop your sport, activity or hobby.
At Seaman Chiropractic, I assess muscle strength and imbalances. Regular chiropractic care, massage and specific muscle rehab can be very beneficial in this regard.
3)PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAITS--Some studies have shown that athletes or weekend warriors who are aggressive,tense and compulsive have a higher risk of injury than their more relaxed counterparts. Not listening to your body, pushing through your pain and tension makes muscles and tendons tighter and strained,increasing the risk that they will be harmed during workouts or activities.
Listen to your body, try breathing exercises or visualization before starting your workouts and take breaks throughout activities to ensure you are as relaxed as possible.

Call Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago at 773-545-2233 to get expert advise to avoid injury and pain before you begin a new workout or physical activity.

Urinary Incontinence-Surgery or Nutritional Supplements-Chicago Chiropractic Nutritionist 60630

November 17, 2009 
My name is Dr Cynthia Seaman and I have been using nutritional supplements to solve health challenges for my Chicago patients for 25 years.Go to my website www.seamanchiro.com for more nutritional tips. I was listening to the radio when I heard a surgical ad, regarding urinary incontinence or leakage with pressure, directed at women. The advertisement stated that in a 15 minute operation all your problems would be over. So I began researching the downside to this operation.

•"Factors that may decrease the effectiveness of surgical treatment include obesity, long-term (chronic) cough, radiation therapy, aging, low estrogen level after menopause, poor nutrition, and strenuous physical activity."

Let's explore this a bit. Most women who get this problem are over 50 years old and are going through or have passed menopause. Two factors, aging and past menopause, which are a large percentage of women seeking this operation will already face a reduction in its effectiveness. Chronic coughing and strenuous activity which caused the symptoms before the operation may continue after. So what is the point of the operation??

•"Most surgical failures are due to incorrect diagnosis. Other reasons for failure include surgery that is not done well, healing problems, obesity, and additional causes of incontinence that could not be identified before correcting the primary cause."

Well,Well the operation may not work because of the above reasons!! I especially like the fact that the doctor may misdiagnose or it may not be your problem at all. Are you willing to take that chance based on the above failures ?
NOW THE GOOD NEWS: In my chiropractic practice, my patients from all over Chicagoland use a modern progressive glandular vitamin formula that addresses the same issues very successfully(over 95% success)with no side effects,no knifes or scarring, no down time and using natural products.Get the wellness and vitality you deserve.

Why suffer? I can help you. Call our office Seaman Chiropractic Center in Chicago 773-545-2233 to address bladder weakness,excess urination or leakage.

Acupuncture For Injuries-Part Two-Northwest side Skokie Niles Lincolnwood Acupucture Chiropractor

November 15, 2009 
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman owner of Seaman Chiropractic on the northwest side of Chicago.I have been practicing chiropractic and acupuncture since 1984.Chiropractic and acupuncture are a perfect fit because both use the body's energy to allow the body to heal itself.
Chiropractic uses:
the nervous system to tap into the body's innate healing ability while also working on the physical structure of your body.
Acupuncture uses:
energy pathways, called meridians, to affect the energy of the body.
We, humans, are both energy and physical. At Seaman Chiropractic, all aspects of the patient are taken into consideration. Ours is a holistic progressive approach to chiropractic health care.
The great advantage of these two health care choices are they are less invasive than other choices; and they have no adverse side effects like drugs and surgery. Chiropractic and acupuncture provide a greater percentage of success than the conventional methods, just as quarter back Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears testified more than twenty years ago.
Fortunately, patients in Chicagoland including the Northwest side, Skokie, Niles and Lincolnwood have all become more enlightened since the 1980s.
If you are experiencing unexplained or chronic pain, call Seaman Chiropractic 773-545-2233 now. Find out what our specialized treatment plans can do for you to achieve
wellness.Go to SeamanChiro.com to get more health and wellness tips

Why suffer? I can help you at Seaman Chicago Chiropractic Center.

Cold vs. Flu-When to see your doctor-Jefferson Chiropractor 60630

 November 13, 2009
Don't get hysterical when you or your child gets the flu. There is a 99.9999% chance it's just the seasonal flu. I have had patients coming into my office for the last 25 years and I have seen every respiratory problem you can imagine. I am Dr. Seaman, and I own Seaman Chiropractic in the Jefferson Park area of Chicago. Visit SeamanChiro.com for more information about this subject.
What are the differences between a cold and flu?
A cold has a stuffed nose and your head may feel huge. It might begin with a sore throat or not. You may cough, especially as your nose begins to clear. It may move to your lungs. You will have it especially if you don't do preventative measures for about 2 weeks.
A flu makes you feel very fatigued and listless; no energy and you have body aches,chills and possibly a temperature. Don't take anti-inflammatories like Advil or aspirin because your body works better at a higher temperature. It may last up to 5 days
In both cases,keep yourself, especially your head neck, chest and feet very warm. Wear a cap, socks and turtleneck to bed. Keep the house warm.
When to seek out a doctor when you have a flu:
1)when you have been sick for more than 5 days
2)you felt better then got worse again
3)you have trouble breathing
4)you have a fever for more than 3 days
5)your skin has a grey or blue tinge
The best offense is a great defense. Use homeopathic remedies to prevent colds and flu and promote internal wellness. These methods can save you from catching the round of viruses going around.
Call Seaman Chiropractic Center 773-545-2233 in Chicago today for the latest in progressive, preventative supplements.

Why suffer? I can help you.

Acupuncture For Injuries-Part One -Chicagoland Acupuncture Chiropractor 60630

November 11, 2009 
In 1986, it was reported Chicago Bears' quarter back Jim McMahon was receiving
acupuncture therapy from Japanese acupuncturist Hiroshi Shiraishi.
McMahon had suffered a low back and sacral injury. He said the treatment seemed to relieve the pressure, pain and discomfort of the injury better than conventional methods. McMahon had flown Shiraishi from Tokyo into Chicago. He also wanted the Bears' organization to allow the trainer for the Japanese national track team to join him in New Orleans in order to provide progressive rehabilitative acupuncture treatment in the days leading up to the big game against New England for SuperBowl XX.
Twenty-three years ago the treatment was controversial. Today as a Chicago Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, I have provide acupuncture as part of a treatment plan to relieve pain ,speed up the healing process and promote wellness for my patients in the greater Chicago area including Niles, Skokie and Lincolnwood for the last 25 years. Call our office 773-545-2233 now to set up an appointment to see if acupuncture can benefit your life.Go to www.seamanchiro.com for more health info.

Why suffer? I can help you. Seaman Chicago Chiropractic Center.

Chicago Chiropractic Acupuncture 60630

November 9, 2009
I am a doctor. I am a teacher. I educate my patients. I help them using progressive chiropractic remedies and acupuncture, a traditional Chinese practice. They learn to live the healthy life they are intended to live.

Laura A. says: "...We began talking about my whole lifestyle. She did diagnostic testing to get a picture of my state of health. Armed with the facts, a plan was effected. I had no idea my situation was acute. I had accepted back and ankle pain and I needed to get actively involved in stopping my downhill slide. I was in the office often at the beginning-- for adjustment, therapy, exercise and massage. She and her staff make me feel primary. They work with your insurance and your calendar.
I learned a lot. I learned to listen to my body. I learned I was strong, and that Dr. Seaman knows what she is talking about. I learned not to expect miracles from myself. I learned to be demanding with my self in tricky ways and to forgive myself and pick up where I left off when the tricks didn't work! It was easy for me to talk to Dr. Seaman. She has a lightning sense of humor and she's intuitive regarding her patients--not to mention those magic hands!"

I am Dr. Cynthia Seaman. Why suffer? I can help you Call 773-545-2233 today for an appointment.

Pediatic Chiropractic-Part 2-Edison Park Chicago Chiropractic 60631

November 8, 2009  

Both Tom Cruse and John Travolta understand natural health care for their children and if there is blockage of any of the nerves along the spinal chord at all,a state of dis- ease begins. Dis-ease is a state of dis-harmony and decreased vitality which can lead to lowered immune resistance,organ malfunction,and other illnesses .
The problem with subluxation ,as with many diseases, you don't know you have it till you begin to have symptoms which may be years in the future.
Some warning signs indicating the spinal column may be out of alignment:

one hip higher or lower
joint aches
one shoulder blade flares out
one arm looks shorter
neck tilt
frequent falling
one leg looks shorter
"noisey bones"
frequent colds/flus
ear infections

More and more families find that chiropractic spinal check ups for their children make a huge difference in their health. So call Seaman Chiropractic today at 773-545-2233 to start a healthier life for your child.

Why Us? Seaman Chiropractic-Chicagoland Chiropractor 60631

November 7, 2009 
That is a question patients struggle with when choosing a doctor of chiropractic, especially when they don't have a direct referral from friends and family. Although the majority of our patients from all over Chicagoland find us from a referral, I wish to help the potential patient to feel great about their choice to come to Seaman Chiropractic for their health challenges.
Our entire staff's intention is to exceed your expectations and goals and to make your experience with us stress free and pleasant. Together, with my guidance, you create the vitality and wellness you deserve. I want you to return to the life and activities you enjoy without pain or hesitation.
But don't take my word for it. Go to the link on our website, testimonials. Read for yourself what our patients are saying about the care and concern we provide.

If you believe we would be the right office for you, call 773-545-2233 today to correct what has been holding you back from a full,healthy life.

Pediatric Chiropractic-Part 1-Northwest Side Chicago,Niles,Harwood heights,Skokie Chiropractor

 November 5, 2009

Chiropractic care for my child? Why? Her back doesn't bother her. Both Cybil Sheppard's children and Demi Moore's children are under chiropractic care. Many parents appreciate the importance of regular checkups for their child's teeth, eyes and vision but draw a blank when it comes to a spinal check up. It may be the most important checkup you can do for your child.
The spine protects billions of nerve fibers that send messages ,information and energy to every part of the body.Periodic spinal check ups can find subluxations (interference to the nerve) which will affect their future health. At Seaman Chiropractic, we check childrens' spines throughout the northwest side of Chicago, Niles, Harwood Heights and Skokie to prevent future problems for your most precious family members.Check out www.seamanchiro.com to get further care for your child.

More and more families, famous and not, find that chiropractic spinal check ups for their children make a huge difference in their health. Call 773-545-2233 today. Let Seaman Chiropractic start a healthier life for your child.

Chiropractic is Part of Swine Flu Prevention-Northwestside Chiropractor 60631

November 3, 2009
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report on September 4, 2009 stating that the H1N1 virus also known as swine flu had 36 deaths of children under 18. The CDC report noted that a higher amount of these deaths( 67%) involved children with serious"high risk medical conditions". Normally the average death toll in children from the seasonal flu shows only 35%- 55% had serious medical conditions. This suggests that children not suffering from serious medical conditions are less likely to die from H1N1 than from previous flu outbreaks. Celebrities like actor Jim Carrey and his photogenic girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, the TV personality agree that vaccines have some ingredients that are dangerous.
The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health notes that in addition to a healthy diet,exercise and sufficient sleep, one crucial way to make sure a child's immune system is functioning at its best is to make sure their nervous system is free from interference. The Journal release also noted the nervous system ,surrounded by the spine to protect it, has a direct effect on the immune system. They state that it is important to have your children's spines checked for any interference to the nervous system.

At Seaman Chiropractic, we offer complimentary spinal screens to check your children for interference.I strongly contend the best defence against viral and bacterial diseases is a highly functioning immune system. Chiropractic should be a part of an effective flu prevention strategy. Call our office at 773-545-2233 in Chicago to check your children today.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Relief with Chiropractic

November 1, 2009
At Seaman Chiropractic ,we have been very successful with the reduction and in some cases, elimination of the agonizing pain, debilitating fatigue and joint stiffness associated with Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS). Many athletes have been diagnosed with CFS such as Ricky Carmichael, the hugely successful American motorcross/supercross rider and Michelle Ackers, the phenomenal soccer star. Laura Hillenbrand, the writer of Seabiscuit, also suffers from CFS.
While Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are medically unexplained syndromes, it affects the muscles and connective tissues.Both cause heightened nervous system responses which can be reduced by normalizing nerve function. Seaman Chiropractic has growth sharply in popularity among the Chicago, Niles and Skokie sufferers for dramatically reducing chronic and widespread pain and restoring patients back to healthier, happier lives.
All of your health and wellness including organs ,muscles and immune system are controlled by your nervous system. Every cell in your body has a nerve attached to it so the nervous system can tell the body what to do. Your nervous system is what I am expertly trained to address- making chiropractic care a viable option for fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue patients.
At Seaman Chiropractic, I correct misalignments of the spine and extremities (knees,shoulders,hips)through gentle non-force adjustments. As motion in the joint improves, inflammation decreases and patients discover that excruciating pain can be reduced or eliminated. Once we have accomplished that , we can work on other symptoms such as fatigue, sleep deprivation and depression to diminish their impact on your health.

Call us at 773-545-2233 now to help with your Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue challenges.

Chicago Chiropractor What Patients Are Saying About Seaman Chiropractic

November 1, 2009
I'm Dr. Cynthia Seaman. I want to share with you a few of the comments from patients who come to the Seaman Chiropractic Center in Chicago.
Some patients are so grateful for the relief they write poetry.
No Bones About It!
Gymnasts, do you think it's out of your bounds
On the leg press machine to get 995 pounds?
For years scoliosis kept me down
Until I came to work in Chicago town.
Over fifteen years-- has it been that long?
Dr. Seaman's chiropractic has kept me strong!
Paul L.

No bones about it! Others say things like "The results are real!" Or "You get your life back".
Often my staff and I hear rehabilitated patients remark, "Thank you for all your efforts to keep me pain free!" "Thank you for making me feel better." I can not hear those statements too often.
Thomas Edison said "The doctor of the future will give no medicine; rather he will educate his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease."
I provide wellness chiropractic care so the body can self heal and function better. I allow the people I care for to be empowered to live the quality of life they were intended to live.

Why suffer? I can help you. Arrange an appointment 773-545-2233. Call today.

Newborn-Infant Chiropractic-Chicago Chiropractor-Northwest side 60630

 October 20, 2009


Many people recognize the value to their lives and health in having chiropractic care. Everyone benefits from a nervous system that is subluxation (joint out of place )free.
A nervous system that allows a communication between the brain and body gives everyone optimal health. Before subjecting your children to risky drugs or hoping it will go away,
a wise parent seeks out Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago.
Chiropractic care for children is different than for adults. I use an activator a device which is a gentle, non-force instrument. Tailored to their weight and age, their adjustments require no more pressure than a light touch. The children love their chiropractic care and look forward to their visits. It feels to them like they are getting a massage.
Can you recognize signs of nerve interference in your child? If you see in your infant or newborns:
Unexplained crying
A lack of appetite
Chronic stuffed nose
Allergic reactions
Holding their head to one side
Rubbing or pulling at their ears
Chronic earaches
It is time to call me, Dr. Cynthia at Seaman Chiropractic Center for an evaluation of your child's problems.
Many parents of the young patients in my practice have made the discovery after chiropractic care their child sleeps better, eats better, experiences less discomfort; is healthier and gets sick less frequently.
What more could you ask for? All without any side effects or pain to the child.
The question is why have you not done it yet?

Call 773-545-2233 right now to see how we can help you have a healthier infant.

Asthma *Part Two* Natural Solutions-Chicago Chiropractor 60630

October 15, 2009
I am Dr Cynthia Seaman and this is Part Two of asthma.
In part one , I went through the types of asthma ; allergic,exercise induced and intrinsic. There are a combination of challenges that make up this disease and there are numerous approaches to stabilize this chronic disease.
The first thing is that your respiratory system is impaired and weak or else the bronchial tubes wouldn't be affected by allergies, exercise or aging. Secondly, your immune system is weakened and impaired because the normal immune system wouldn't be reacting to a foreign substance which is what causes allergies .
At Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago, I have treated asthma very successfully by dealing with all aspects of the disease. I can help you with gentle non-force adjustments to the neck where all communication to the immune system is relayed and adjustments to the mid-back to amplify communication to the bronchial tubes and lungs. Also,I prescribe specific vitamin and homeopathic formulas to strengthen your immune system so your body doesn't react to allergens and is improved . In addition I use formulas to boost the health of your respiratory system and normalize function. For many Chicagoans, I have eliminated or reduced their need for inhalers.

Chicago has a very high rate of asthma. Call Seaman Chiropractic at 773-545-2233 today if you want a doctor that deals with the disease of asthma in a natural, effective way with no side effects. I have the answers you deserve.

Children's Chronic Ear Infections-Chicago Chiropractor Northwest side 60630

October 15, 2009

Is your child experiencing painful ear infections? Have you had to give your child antibiotics more than once ?
Is your child getting sick due to a lack of antibiotics? Doesn't that sound silly? Drugs are not the solution.
If your child is getting sick repeatedly with colds ,ear infections or flu, a great solution is pediatric chiropractic. Seaman Chiropractic on the northwest side of Chicago uses a gentle non-force touch to realign the neck vertebrae. Their immune system is determined by the nerves going to the glands in the neck. If there is interference from the brain to the glands, an impaired immune system is developed and the child is plagued by frequent ear infections or colds. Eliminate interference and a stronger immune system develops and the child can resist disease to a greater extent.

There is no downside, no drugs, no ear tubes and you are giving your child a precious gift, a stronger immune system.If your child is experiencing these symptoms call 773-545-2233 for an appointment now

Training For The Sport You Love -Lincolnwood Chiropractor 60712

October 14, 2009

Weight or resistant training can be a great way to strengthen muscles and make them less susceptible to injury. David Beckham know it is very important especially when you play a specific sport to engage and specifically concentrate on the muscles involved in that sport. For example,if you are a golfer, your lower back and shoulder girdle muscles can improve your game and prevent injuries.If you are a tennis player ,your arms,shoulders and side to side motion of your legs will get you better scores. Also with basketball that side to side motion must be developed so injuries to your knees are reduced.

Seaman Chiropractic believes that people can play the sports they love and reduce injuries with a little advise from their Lincolnwood chiropractor.Call 773-545-2233
for an appointment today

Why do you need Minerals- Harwood heights 60706

October 13, 2009

Minerals are important for all reactions and processes to work in your body. All nutrients,i.e. vitamins,proteins,carbohydrates,fats,proteins,enzymes and sugars require minerals to get nutrients into your cells. They work as a driver of reactions so the reaction can complete successfully. They are even more important than vitamins. While vitamins are required for every biochemical process,they are useless without the minerals to drive the reaction.
Minerals are also critical for healing. Tissue rebuilding occurs easier with minerals present.Trace minerals are imperative to the body. Examples of trace minerals are zinc,selenium, iron,calcium and magnesium to name a few. At Seaman Chiropractic, we use sell only the finest supplements using the latest nutritional research.
To maximize mineral absorption,calcium must be taken with Vitamin D. Women especially needs iron and because it is hard to digest ,many women don't get enough iron .B vitamins need to be taken in a specific ratio and a great B complex
is necessary rather than "a little of this and that"

In Harwood Heights if you are looking for a nutritionally based chiropractor that helps counsel patients to get the minerals they need,CALL 773-545-2233 to arrange an appointment today.

INJURY PREVENTION-Part Two-Chicago Chiropractors 60630

October 12, 2009
We want to stay active and play the sports we love. Here are some more tips to make sure that happens for you weekend warriors in 60630.
6) If you are experiencing pain,stop your activity
7) Don't play if you are stiff from previous activities. Those muscles are very prone to an injury at that point
8) Use appropriate training surfaces. At Seaman Chiropractic I have seen too many injuries from patients playing basketball or running on cement
9) Introduce new activities gradually and make sure you know how to use them safely
10) Allow sufficient time to warm up and cool down before and after working out.
11) Replace your footwear regularly. My trick is to get 2 pairs of footwear and use one pair once a week. When they start to feel different,you throw out the more used pair and buy a new one to use infrequently.
12) Monitor signs for fatigue and ease off for a day or two to recover. Listen to your body
13) Get regular chiropractic adjustments at Seaman Chiropractic to keep your joints in alignment to prevent premature wearing and injury
14) Put massage in your life to keep your muscles loose and improve circulation

Ifyou need help to keep enjoying the activities you love,call 773-545-2233 to get professional advise from Seaman Chiropractic.

INJURY PREVENTION-Part One-Chicago Chiropractors 60630

October 11, 2009

Take it from famous athletes like Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and Chicago's own Michael Jordan. The key to playing sports long term in your life is injury prevention!
There are some general rules for all Chicago sports enthusiasts to keep in mind for injury prevention.
Scientists has suggested 25% of injuries can be prevented in athletes if they take preventative actions.
Here are some tips to help you weekend warriors in Chicago stay in the game.
1) Avoid training when you are tired
2) Match increases in training intensity or
frequency with increases in rest
3) Before an increase in training load increase your strengthening
4) Treat even minor injuries very carefully to prevent them from
becoming a big problem
5) Pay attention to hydration and nutrition

For more expert advise from Seaman Chiropractic, call 773-545-2233 for your appointment today.

Asthma* Part 1* Background On This Disease-Chicago Chiropractic Nutritionist 60630

 October 10, 2009
More than 1/2 of all children with asthma in Chicago has had a severe attack in the past year and nearly 1/3 had an attack so bad they thought their life was in danger. Nationally 9 million children,12.7%, has had asthma at some point in their life.
Types of asthma include allergic, exercise induced and intrinsic. Allergic occurs in about 90% of those inflicted with asthma. Exercise induced astthma occurs about 11% and intrinsic usually occurs after 40 years old. Allergic asthma can be brought on by environmental factors such as pollen, dust ,pollution, smoke etc. Exercise induced asthma is brought on by aerobic exercise. Intrinsic can be a combination of the two but in older adults.
The lungs are a network of airway bronchial tubes made up of muscle and a mucous membrane. With an asthma attack, the membranes release mucus ,becomes inflamed, contricts and tightens which results in wheezing.

Seaman Chiropractic treats asthma with a combination of amplifying the child's
(adult's) immune system by clearing the nervous system and nutritional support.
Call 773-545-2233 for your appointment today and make a difference in your child's future

Disc,Nerve Pain-Chicago Chiropractors Acupuncturists 60646

October 9, 2009

Recently I have had a number of patients from Chicago coming in with severe low back and leg pain that has been with them for years. . The patients unfortunately have been to their general doctor, a physical therapist, sometimes another chiropractor or acupuncturist. Think like Mel Gibson, Serena Williams, and Jerry Rice to keep your body in tip top shape with chiropractic.

The problem as I see it is: one--this problem is complicated and needs a multi-disciplinary treatment plan: two--they are going for a short time and this disease need a long-term approach: three--The former chiropractors didn't use a technique specific for disc and nerve pain and the disability that results.
I have had great success with this devastating challenge. At Seaman Chiropractic, the plan of action can combine chiropractic, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, nutrition and physical rehabilitation. All of these components are an integral part of the plan to get this disease of disc degeneration under control. We may need one or more of the above treatments. At Seaman Chiropractic, we uses a specialized table that is specific for nerve and disc pain. There are very few that use a flexion -distraction table in all of Chicago. In addition,I have been practicing all these disciplines for 25 years.

The unique combination of skill, experience and variety of treatments creates the "perfect storm " of healing. If you are experiencing any of these challenges,
call my office today at 773-545-2233 and let the healing begin.

CHRONIC PAIN-Niles Chiropractors 60714

 October 8, 2009
extinguisher_708609.jpg fire_785182.jpg
What brings you to a doctor in Niles ? Usually unexplained pain or pain that doesn't completely go away. That is chronic pain .Some of the most common chronic pain areas are back ,neck and headache pain.
Anyone with chronic pain has used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Advil or Motrin or pain meds like Tylenol. Unfortunately use of these on a regular basis is associated with liver damage,kidney failure and the cause of ulcers (36,000 people per year).
Foods that increases inflammation which increases pain includes refined grains (breads ,pasta) refined sugar , large amounts of beef, fast and packaged prepared foods.
One part of the solution is dietary.The anti-inflammatory diet consists mostly of vegetables,fruit,raw nuts lean proteins (meat fish omega-3-eggs).Some spices also have anti-inflammatory properties i.e.ginger,tumeric,rosemary,oregano,garlic.
Other more natural substances you can add to your life is white willow bark and bromelain,found in pineapple, can be added as supplements for acute pain and swelling.

At Seaman Chiropractic, I has the nutritional background and products to help patients dealing with chronic pain to reduce their day to day pain with our treatments but also with real life solutions of dietary changes and supplements.
Call my office today at 773-545-2233 to begin your new pain-free life

Epidural Shots For Neck and Back Pain-Chicago Chiropractor 60630

October 6, 2009 

Below is a study proving the failure of long-term pain relief from epidural injections for people with neck and back pain.
Three hundred (300) patients with neck and back pain were given epidural injections.
In two to six weeks, most epidural blocks lost their effectiveness. There was no improvement at 3 months, 6 months or 1 year after injection. The epidurals had no impact on day-to-day functioning, the need for surgery or long-term pain control. (1-2)
Why didn't the shot work? The reason is simple - injections don't correct subluxations, chiropractors do. The underlying problem was not addressed or worked on. That is not the treatment at Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago. We analyze the cause of your problem, use the body's ability to heal, and chiropractic to get a permanent improvement in your pain.
Call our office at 773-545-2233 for your appointment today aand find the real cause of your problems.

1.Hampton T. Epidurals' benefit for back pain questioned. JAMA. 2007;297(16):1757-1758.
2.Landau WM, Nelson DA, Armon C, Argoff CE, Samuels J, Backonja MM. Assessment: use of epidural steroid injections to treat radicular lumbosacral pain: report of the Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology. Neurology. 2007;69(6):614.

Considering Surgery?? Chicago Chiropractor Acupuncturist Northwest side

October 5, 2009
I was listening to the radio today and there was a commercial about back, knee, and shoulder pain.It was a large orthopedic group advertising surgical approaches.
WHAT !!!??
You should not be considering surgery unless you have done every non-surgical treatment available. Too many times a patient sees their general practitioner, gets some anti-inflammatory drugs and the doctor then sends you to physical therapy. When it doesn't solve the problem, you are off to the surgeon.
Wait a minute. You are missing some very successful steps .
At Seaman Chiropractic, I solve and treats the root of the problem to stabilize and strengthen the joint. I combine chiropractic and acupuncture both which can
heal damaged joints. There are homeopathic, glandulars, vitamin formulas and anti-inflammatory remedies that don't hurt your stomach.
The worse case scenario if nothing works, you should consider surgery. BUT, and this is a big but, you must be aware of the damaging effects of surgery.
ONE - it doesn't always work; after going through the pain of surgery, the time off work and expense, you still have the pain or the problem.
TWO - it makes the problem worse due to damaging surrounding muscles,ligaments,nerve,disc, capsule or the scar tissue that develops.
THREE - other areas begin to have pain causing new problems due to the fact the root problem wasn't addressed and dealt with correctly.
At Seaman Chiropractic, we have seen post-surgical patients with the above results. It is heartbreaking to see someone in pain for so long, especially after a surgery. They are so devastated and demoralized. They expected it to be over and everything to be okay.

Before you take a step one that can't be reversed, see a natural practitioner like myself at Seaman Chiropractic Center on the northwest side of Chicago. Save yourself from a potential disaster.Call 773-545-2233 for your appointment today!

Chicago Chiropractor Cynthia Seaman Special Offer

October 1, 2009  
I'm Dr. Cynthia Seaman, Seaman Chiropractic Center in Chicago. I have good news for You, even though the economy is very tough.
I know everyone wants to save money. The Congress is deliberating and debating reform in our health care to help make it affordable for everyone.
I'm making available a Special Offer for my new patients.
Call 773-545-2233 the Seaman Chiropractic Center Office to schedule an appointment today!

I can help you.

Getting Pregnant With Chiropractic-Chicago Chiropractor 60631

September 26, 2009 

Now I didn't say getting pregnant by a chiropractor. At Seaman Chiropractic, we have had great success in helping woman with difficulties conceiving to get pregnant. One patient in my practice who did IVF (fertility) and still din't get pregnant. She conceived a year by chiropractic after they gave up trying to have a baby.
Chiropractic stimulates correct nerve conduction to organs and improves function. Amplifying the nervous impulses to an organ creates a condition of improves vitality and functionality.We want to get the best functioning of our organs to fight infection,improve the health of the organ and in this case create a cute baby boy.

If you need help in conceiving, call Seaman Chiropractic at 773-545-233 to maximize your nervous system.I will be happy to help you with your dream of children.

What Are Parents Doing To Their Children???? Chicago Natural Chiropractor 60706

September 26, 2009 

Stop the madness!!!! I see parent after parent filling their children with antibiotics,vaccines,aspirin ,even putting tubes in their ears after they have been having chronic ear infections. Even my adult patients ,who see the benefits of chiropractic themselves deny their children the same benefits.They have babies with colic, problems sleeping ,chronic infections,bed wetting, frequent colds ,allergies and they go repeatedly to the medical doctor and stuff their children with unnecessary drugs which are not good for a growing child.
If your child is having any health problem ,it is your responsibility to look for a less invasive,less harmful solution.Seaman Chiropractic uses no drugs but a gentle adjustment to boost a child's natural immune system and rid the body of subluxations which improves digestion, headaches, bed wetting,ear infections ,frequent colds and flus and many other childhood problems.

First do no harm is the Hippocratic oath. Parents you need to look past the medical world and find natural alternatives for your most precious gift. At Seaman Chiropractic we can help-Call 773-545-2233 today

Physical Rehabilitation-Chicago Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Expert 60630

September 25, 2009
At Seaman Chiropractic, our philosophy is to solve the root of the problem, stabilize the area and strengthen the muscles that support the area. We solve patients' problems from the inside out. It is imperative to deal with the joint and soft tissue (ligaments,capsule,discs) before making the muscles strong. Physical therapists work from the outside in, beginning with the muscles. The problem with that is you are adding muscle on an unstable structure. It would be like painting a house when the foundation is crooked or crumbling. Both Jennifer Garner and Jessica Simpson use trainers that use this philosopy to keep a strong core and structure.

If you are having pain, you have inflammation and damage. That must be stabilized by putting the joint in a more comfortable position. Therefore the joint can begin to heal . When the pain has gone down in about a month ,the muscle is now ready to be worked on and have the capacity to get stronger.
Seaman Chiropractic has specific protocols to strengthen your core. Most people who work out don't know the muscles that make up the core . So they work out their abdominal muscles and ignore the lower back. Muscles work in synergy ,needing both front and back in proportion to the size of the muscle . I find many patients work their" mirror muscles". Meaning the ones they see in the mirror . That doesn't create a strong core.

Seaman Chiropractic can help you build a more stable ,stronger area that isn't in pain because it is the best Body YOU can create.Call 773-545-2233 today.

Why Go To A Chiropractor-Chicago Chiropractic Doctor 60630

September 22, 2009
To help keep you youthful and healthy!!
All your life you've gotten your teeth, eyes, hearing, blood pressure and heart checked.how many years has it been since you've had your spine checked? Unfortunately most of us have never had this done - and it shows!
Most people's spines are suffering from a lifetime of neglect, and as a result discs are thinning, there is spinal degeneration (osteoarthritis), nerves are stressed and unhealthy, posture is off, energy is low, diseases are developing and premature aging is setting in.
Our goal at Seaman Chiropractic is to turn your health around by relieving you of a serious form of spine and nerve damage called the vertebral subluxation complex, or simply 'subluxations'.
Subluxations are distortions in your body structure that can stress and weaken your bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, discs, joints and even internal organs, including your brain. The effects can be immediate or they may take time - it depends on many factors such as age, diet and lifestyle.
Regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments can ensure that you and your loved ones live without subluxations, keeping your resistance to disease high and ensuring your body works at its optimum.

Raise your energy and the functioning of your whole body with each chiropractic adjustment

Swine Flu Scare-Chicago Chiropractor and Acupuncturist 60630

September 20, 2009

Seaman Chiropractic asks : What is the fear reports about the swine flu?? This is a mild flu compared to the normal yearly flu. The current death toll varies depending on the source. A recent WHO report pegged the number of deaths worldwide at 2,138 since April, although some U.S. government reports place the number around 3,000. While these deaths are tragic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control claims that seasonal flu kills 36,000 Americans every year, and the WHO reports that there are between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths worldwide every year from the seasonal flu, depending on its severity. Using these figures, on average, 3,000 people per month die from the flu in the United States and between 21,000 and 42,000 people die per month worldwide. While many feel that both the CDC's and the WHO's statistics are exaggerated, one can see that, taking the high number of 3,000 deaths worldwide in five months, the death toll of H1N1 pales compared to their estimate of the death toll of the seasonal flu.
So why is the government and pharmaceutical companies so Gung Ho on vaccinations for all?? Very profitable for them but dangerous for us

Acupuncture and Migraines-Chicago Chiropractor and Acupuncturist 60630

September 20, 2009

At Seaman Chiropractic Center, I have found acupuncture as a great treatment to break the pain of a migraine.With the combination of chiropractic,massage, strenghening and lifestyle changes, migraines can be successfully managed.
But in the event of of a bad headache/migraine,acupuncture can stop the pain and in the case of cluster headaches can help break the cycle. I have been practicing acupuncture for 25 years and found it to be a great healing practice.

Swine Flu-Vaccination or Not -Chicago northwest side chiropractor 60630

September 18, 2009

CHICAGO - Paris Hilton says "I don't eat that" when asked about swine flu in an online video. She's not the only one confused about the outbreak .
Seaman Chiropractic asks :What is this hysteria about the swine flu?? .This is a mild flu .
The majority of those who get swine flu recover from it without medical care. There are cases of children coming down with the "flu" a week or two after they've been vaccinated. Please avoid vaccinations for your children; they weaken their immune systems. The swine flu vaccine contains dangerous chemicals linked to serious neurological and immunological illness.It has not been fully tested and has been rushed to the market.Suppressive medical care such as antibiotics, fever reducers, other drugs and vaccinations can make the illness far worse. Comfort the patient with natural healthcare methods such as chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc.
Give nutritional support - broths, light foods. Avoid refined and non-organic foods.

Be careful.Don't rush into a fear based decision that can potentially hurt or kill you

How to keep High Energy By Eating-Chicago Chiropractic Nutritionist 60630

September 16, 2009
Ever wonder how to keep your energy without overeating ? Mariah Carey and Britney Spears use dense foods to get great nutrition without alot of food. Your body is a machine and needs food every 4 hours to keep your blood sugar stable and keep you off the roller coaster of highs and lows. If you have carbs without protein , your blood sugar goes up and your pancreas sees that and releases alot of insulin. Then your blood sugar goes into your cells and your blood sugar drops and you are tired. So you use caffeine/sugar to get another boost of energy and the cycle repeats.
First try to combine carbohydrates with protein.For example,whole wheat bread with peanut butter as a snack,fruit with a handful of nuts, meat with green,orange or yellow vegetables,cereal with milk and nuts.Either a snack or a meal every four hours.This will help with cravings and being so hungry you overeat.
Second you replace fast or packaged food with REAL food. You can eat dense, flavorful
meals combining carbohydrates (fruit ,vegetables)with protein (meat poultry ,fish,beans)and small amounts of fat for flavor.

This combination will satisfy and keep your energy up throughout the day

Chiropractic-The largest Natural Healthcare In The World-Chicago Chiropractor/Acupuncturist 60630

September 7, 2009
If you are tired of drugs and surgery or know they are really not getting to the root of your problem, try the largest and most popular natural,drug-free healthcare system IN THE WORLD!!There are natural ways of seeking wellness and natural ways of getting and keeping your health.
It was discovered in 1895 when the first chiropractic adjustment restored the hearing of a deaf janitor who had been deaf since birth.It has been a slow, long and lonely battle against the powerful medical and pharmacutical industry for our place and right to practice.It doesn't hurt that among the long term patients we have a 95% success rate and they go through life with the need for little or no drugs and have full energetic lives whatever their age.
At Seaman Chiropractic ,we combine the powerful healing power of your own body with chiropractic,acupuncture,therapeutic massage, physical rehabilitation and nutrional supports such as vitamins ,homeopathy, herbs and glandulars to amplify the results.We want to exceed your expectations and surpass your goals.

More and more people are turning away from symptom,crisis care (as I call it) and choosing natural ways of becoming and staying healthy.Are you one of those people??
You will be bucking the Status Quo but your body and quality of life will greatly improve

Trouble Sleeping? Chicago Chiropractor- Northwest side 60630

September 6, 2009

A lesson Michael Jackson didn't learn that I want all my patients at Seaman Chiropractic to realize. Drugs don't solve your problems.They mask symptoms and make you believe you are better.If you are having problems sleeping,there are many natural
remedies to help get you to sleep such as Typtophan,Melatonin and Valerian root.There are other recommendations to insure a good night sleep such as no T.V or computer in your bedroom. Go to bed on a regular basis at the same time, create a routine to tell your body it's time to go to sleep, decrease the stimulus in your bedroom ;lower the lights ,listen to soft music set on a timer,use white noise to block out distractions.If you use drugs, you build up a tolerance and need more and more. Ultimately you have to combine natural ingredients that work with your body and behavioral changes to create successful sleep

Massage Is Not Just A Luxury-Chicago Massage-60630

September 2, 2009
Most people think they need to be a patient to get a massage. Our very experienced massage therapists do massage for the general public.
All you need to do is call the office and book a half hour, 45 minutes or hour massage. They do everything from Swedish, sports, pregnancy, trigger points and deep tissue. Their hours are Monday 8:45am-7:45pm; Wednesday 8:45am-7:45pm and Thursday 3:15pm to 7:45pm.

They decrease muscle tightness and give you a light, relaxed feeling to help relieve stress and reduce pain. They are also perfect for gift certificates. Who doesn't like a massage

Acupuncture-A Great Natural Alternative-Northwest side Chicago Chiropractic Acupuncturist 60630

August 24, 2009 
At Seaman Chiropractic, we use acupuncture as a added boost to chiropractic for conditions such as migraines, sciatica(leg pain), knee problems and disc problems. Seaman Chiropractic also has a very successful acupuncture program for our "quit smoking program".
It works on energy channels and mostly what a doctor works through is blood flow. Physical material! That is why acupuncture is the best addition when we have a stubborn pain or problem that refuses to move. Usually that is an indication of stuck (stagnant )energy. Perfect for the use of acupuncture to move energy.

Celebrities such as Madonna, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet use acupuncture. But you can take advantage of a 5000 year old system like over 2 million people in the U.S. that use it for many problems without the side effects and danger associated with drugs and surgery

How to Maximize Your Body's Ability To Heal-Northwest side Chicago Chiropractor 60630

 August 21, 2009

What does Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice, Governor Schwartzenegar, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg know that you don't??
They know chiropractic helps to increase vitality ,keeps the body functioning longer and better, and prevents joint degeneration. THEY are all active chiropractic patients . They have learned the natural methods of chiropractic,
supplements and acupuncture work as a way to age better without all the side effects of drugs and surgery. They have the money and access to whatever health care they want ,and still choose chiropractic.
Is it possible ,you still have not tried chiropractic to maximize YOUR body's potential?
The nervous system controls all functions of your body and chiropractors are nervous system doctors.
This is as important, if not more ,than the care of your teeth.You can live without teeth if you had to but not without vital organs than are controlled by your nervous system.
What are you doing to slow your aging

Breakfast of Champions-Chicago Chiropractor-Jefferson Park 60630

  August 21, 2009

What would help Britney Spears have a better day? Like everyone else , how you begin your day's nutrition will help you power through your busy day.
You have not eaten for at least 8-12 hours so leave the McGriddle ,doughnut and coffee and turn on your body with a combination of fruit ,whole grains and protein.
"I don't have all morning to cook " you say but it can be as fast as a piece of whole grain bread ,peanut butter and some banana OR whole grain cereal, some sliced fruit and slivered almonds on top OR a hard boiled egg,fruit taken to work.It is nutritional and inexpensive.Try green tea for the caffeine if you can't do without and you will get anti-oxidants thrown  in the mix for free

Chicago Chiropratic Back To School Special 60630

 August 17, 2009
Mark this date on your calendar. Saturday, August 22, 2009. Bring your child or tell someone you know who has school aged children to meet me, Dr. Cynthia Seaman, on Saturday morning at the First American Bank 5000 Elston Avenue in Chicago.
First American Bank along with Seaman Chiropractic Center are sponsoring an event for families and children. Continental breakfast will be served. There will be tattoos, stickers, a crafts table and ice cream will be served.
I'll be screening, at no charge, youngsters ages 5 through 12 for scoliosis. I'll provide an explanation to parents what I have found following the exam. Scoliosis is a twisting of the spine from its normal curve. This condition develops in children when they are growing. If left unchecked it continues into adulthood negatively affecting the nervous system. In children it manifests as allergies, an excessive number of colds or even headaches; in adults it shows up as faster aging joints
There's plenty of Free parking. Be sure to bring the children for a fun time this Saturday morning, August 22, 2009 at 5000 Elston Avenue in Chicago.

Seaman Chiropractic: We will help make You better

Why Periodic Care

July 22, 2009
The true purpose of chiropractic care is not pain relief or as I say "crisis care".That is using chiropractic as an expensive aspirin.The best use of chiropractic care is to rid the body of subluxations so you age slower and create less damage to your joints ,muscles and organs so they last longer.
That is what true health is about,not just an absence of pain. How do you feel a day before a heart attack? You can feel bad or feel great. It is the same with any disease. Cancer begins years before you know it is there with a single cell.

Preventative care is done because it is logical to take care of your self ,even in the absence of pain. Pain is the last thing you will feel.
That's why regular chiropractic users report a)better quality of life b)improved physical health c)improved emotional health d)less perceived stress in their lives
e)less drugs in their lives and more energy,vitality and life enjoyment

Infant Acid Reflux/Colic and Resolution with Chiropractic-Chicago chiropractor 60630

 July 10, 2009
Sixteen infants were diagnosed by their physicians with acid reflux (9 infants) or colic (7 infants). Ten of the 16 mothers reported difficulty in their child's birth (mechanical forces) that could have caused upper cervical (neck) injuries, such as the use of vacuum extraction or the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the infant's neck.
In every child, trauma-induced upper cervical subluxations (spinal distortions causing nerve damage) were found. In every case, the acid reflux and/or colic (all 16) resolved after the child received chiropractic care to the upper cervical area.

4 Elster E. Sixteen infants with acid reflux and colic undergoing upper cervical chiropractic care to correct vertebral subluxation: a retrospective analysis of outcome. Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health - Chiropractic. 2009;2:1-7

Protect Yourself From Heart Disease And Diabetes With Sunlight-Northwest side chiropractor 60630

 July 8, 2009
In a new study it was discovered that older people can reduce their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes by spending more time in the sunshine.
Sunlight boosts vitamin D in the skin and older people are more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency due to the natural aging process and changes in lifestyle. We recommend liquid Vitamin D for the winter because in Chicago the winter creates a double problem -less sun and people are out less.
Researchers found that vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with metabolic syndrome, a combination of medical and metabolic disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Vitamin D deficiency is very common. The researchers found 94 percent of people in the study had a vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) deficiency or insufficiency.It can also produce fatigue and you won't know is related to Vitamin D deficiency.In Chicago February ,March and April, people tend to be tired and short- tempered which I contend relate to that deficiency.
The amount of sunlight it takes to make enough vitamin D is always less than the amounts that cause reddening or burning so it should be possible to get the benefits without the worry about skin cancer or skin damage
We can also boost vitamin D levels by eating foods such as oily fish, liver and eggs.
Ironically, as we get older and need to spend more time in the sun, we do the opposite - we spend less time outdoors - and cover ourselves up with clothing.So get yourself out gardening or walking.
DO IT NOW. Your body can store enough vitamin D in the sunny months so you'll have enough in you to stay healthy all winter. (2)

2. Ling L, Pan A, Hu F, Franco OH. Plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration and metabolic syndrome among middle-aged and elderly Chinese. Diabetes Care

Create More Energy-Get Your Nervous System Tuned Up -Chiropractically

July 7, 2009
Most people get their tires balanced, realigned and checked for leaks. If they don't, there'll be increased wear and tear and wasted energy. Tires get alot of movement and are a softer material. For you who do housework ,what breaks on your vacuum first. It's the belt because it has to move so much and it is only rubber.
What keeps the moving parts in your body balanced???
If you use it, you've got to make sure it's still in alignment. Otherwise you'll waste energy and have increased wear and tear. Especially the vertebrae in your spine which houses your nervous system. Don't you know your vertebrae can move in 6 directions?
When does a tire start to wear down? After 5,000 miles? 10,000 miles? 20,000 miles?
The answer: It starts to wear down the moment you start driving.

It's the same with your body. If you are alive, you are using it and it's getting worn.
Make sure you're healthy - make sure your body's structural system is aligned and balanced. You'll have less wear and tear - in other words, you'll age slower and stay younger longer

Stressed Out?? Chicago Chiropractor -northwest side 60630

July 7, 2009
The economy, business, jobs, investments, expenses, bills, the future - there are so many things that can stress us out.
These stressors are always a part of our life They might be a little more intense today than a few months ago but we have always had to deal with financial challenges, with bills, with an uncertain future.
Living under stress is a given. Yes, life is stressful. Can you escape stress? It's impossible! To be alive is to be under stress.
But stress doesn't have to eat you up inside; it doesn't have to be the kind of STRESS that damages your physical and mental health. It can be that you manage stress and chose not to internalize it or create situations to minimize its impact.
This brings us to what chiropractic can do for you in these trying times. Chiropractors get such good results because they release pressure on your nervous system and body structure. Chiropractic care helps you manage stress better with 1)joints that are moving correctly 2)muscles that aren't in spasm and 3)a nervous system that is relaxed and and optimally functioning.
So don't let yourself tighten up into a mess of stress. Come in for a chiropractic checkup and adjustment to de-stress your system before you start to develop serious health concerns.
Other things to do when under stress: exercise (it really does make a difference), eat nutrient dense foods, avoid junk foods (they affect your nervous system and weaken your physiology), make sure you get sun (good for your endocrine organs and mood) and take a break from your usual routine and go for a walk, take a vacation or engage in some relaxing activity.
To this, we can add meditation, prayer and staying connected to teachers, mentors and friends who can give us advice or at the least, just listen.

Don't just sit there and fall victim to stress. Do something! First and foremost take care of your brain and nervous system - please don't ignore yourself. You need chiropractic care now more than ever

ARTHRITIS-FIX or PATCH-Chicago Chiropractor -Jefferson Park 60630

June 28, 2009

Many people hear the word "arthritis" and don't know what it means. When they go to their medical doctor, they are told "they have arthritis and here is some drugs.There is nothing you can do".I understand the confusion because no one has explained what arthritis is and how it can be stabilized ,slowed down and maintained like any disease,pain free and without losing what you like and want to do in life.
O.K. this is what is really going on. Joints in your body move. That is their purpose. When a joint gets irritated from a)accident b)structural defects[scoliosis or any genital defect]c)neglect/ no spinal alignments d)poor posture,poor sitting habits,slouching or one sided activity or work, they get inflamed.The joint thinks to itself "If I just don't move, everything will be O.K."
The result is that any joint with this background begins to form a bridge,called a spur, and if in the spine ,the disc begins to wear away from the irritation and with other joints in the body ,the cartilage begins to wear away .This produces more inflammation and eventually you begin to have pain .That pain can be 30 years later. Mostly what people notice is a decrease in their range of motion or very minor ,come and go pain with some activities.You body is giving you signals which is a smart time to begin to address.
My office reverses the irritation with putting the joints into a neutral postion and strengthening the muscles around the joints to create the best joint possible. If one does this habitually ,your joints lives a long and healthy life .If this is not done, the joints wear out faster like a speeding train.

It is your choice how you want to age!!!

Whiplash/Car Accident-Chicago chiropractor 60630

 June 25, 2009

A car accident can be very deceptive.It could be you don't feel any pain or headaches for weeks or you feel you can't be hurt because your car sustained little damage.People react differently than plastic ,metal or glass.An immediate chiropractic exam is essential.Specific chiropractic spinal adjustments are necessary because they realign joints thrown out of position and restore normal motion to assure proper healing.
At our office, we incorporate massage and eventually strengthening so you will not re-injury yourself.That is sadly missing in medical care for whiplash as is correcting vertebae that got displaced in the accident.
You might have a constant headache ,dizziness ,neck or back pain ,arm or leg pain.
If you have an accident, get yourself to our office to get the best care available and to make sure you get all care necessary to get you back to a healthy state

ADHD DRUGS VS.CHIROPRACTIC and natural remedies

June 23, 2009  
Children with ADHD are often found to be vaccine injured and/or the victims of suppressive care - including the use of antibiotics and other drugs.
That may be a contributing factor to the high numbers of children with neurological and learning disorders, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, asthma and other such problems.
It would be better for these children to get under chiropractic care, to be placed on a nutrient-dense natural, organic diet and to be tested for heavy metal toxicity.
In addition to chiropractic care, children can benefit from other forms of expressive care such as homeopathy, herbalism and naturopathy to cleanse their systems.
Instead MDs place these drug and/or vaccine-injured children on yet more drugs, further altering their body chemistry, driving disease deeper into the brain and adding to their toxic burden. The dangers of drug therapy for ADHD children were further highlighted on CBS News on May 26, 2009 in a report on the drug RisperdalT.

It is supposed to be used primarily for adults with severe psychological problems but MDs, in their desperate attempt to find yet another drug "magic bullet," are using it to treat ADHD in children. Last year it was prescribed more than 6.5 million times. The side effects include the development of female sex organs in young males. One boy asked his mother if he was a girl. Read the report at http://www.scoop.co.nz/multimedia/tv/world/22475.html

Scoliosis Screening for Kids-Free-North west chiropractor 60630

 June 10, 2009

First American Bank and I will be having a back to school day August 22,2009 in the morning.First American is at 5000 N Elston in Chicago. I will be checking kids for scoliosis and explaining to the parents what I have found. Scoliosis always develops in a child while they are growing and if left unchecked will continue into adulthood. It is a twisting of the spine out of its normal curve and it has an adverse effect on the nervous system thus communication is impaired and the joints age faster as an adult. It can show up as headaches, allergies, lots of colds or various aches and pains in the child.
There will be other fun stuff, policemen speaking on safety and tattoos for the kids.
Join us !

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Chiropractic Healing-CTS-Northwest side Chicago 60630

 June 4, 2009

CTS is the occupational disease of the 21st century.You can have the following : tingling and numbness in the hands ,fingers and wrist; swelling of the fingers; dry palms; whitening of the palm w/pressure; and pain so intense it wakes you up at night.
At Seaman Chiropractic, we check both the wrists and the neck which is often overlooked.We have had more than a few patients come to us after CTS surgery with the same symptoms returning and it was really a pinched nerve from their neck or upper back.
Anyone who suspects they have a problem should begin with natural non-invasive care first.Usually it is the last doctor they need to see

Infant Formula Facts-Northwest Side Chiropractor 60630

June 4, 2009
Rocket fuel chemical in most powdered infant formula

No, that's not a misprint. The March 2009 Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology revealed that perchlorate, a potent thyroid toxin (a rocket fuel chemical) that may interfere with fetal and infant brain development, was found in most of the infant formula sold in the US. (2) In adults, exposure to perchlorate may cause cancer, anxiety, fatigue, depression, hair loss, unexplained weight gain and decreased libido. In at least 35 states and the District of Columbia , perchlorate was been found in drinking water. More at www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_17460.cfm

Subluxations??? What you need to Know for your Health-Jefferson Park Chiropractor 60630

 June 1, 2009
Every part of your body is directly or indirectly connected to every other part of your body. A disturbance in one area can affect many other areas.
That's why a chiropractor could adjust (realign) a spinal bone in your neck (cervical spine) and your sciatica, lumbar disc problem, low back pain or constipation could disappear!
Similarly a lower back or sacrum adjustment could release pressure on your neck and head, eyes and ears.
A vertebra out of alignment (a subluxation) could stress nerves that affect your internal organ systems and cause digestive complaints, skin problems, allergies, asthma, autism, gynecological and sexual problems, vision and hearing problems and other conditions. Additionally, balance and coordination are intimately connected to your entire body structure and that's why elite athletes often seek out chiropractic care.

There's no limit to the ways chiropractic can benefit everyone. That's because almost everyone, from infancy to adulthood, develops subluxations.It is just a part of being human. Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to locate and correct subluxations. At our office, we encourage you to bring the family and we'll check everyone

Ear Infections and Chiropractic-Northwest side Chiropractor 60630

May 29, 2009 

Ear infection and hearing. A three-year-old girl had bilateral ear pain, ear infections and hearing loss after three unsuccessful implantations of ear (tympanostomy) tubes and multiple medications. The child was given chiropractic care where upper cervical vertebral subluxations were located and corrected.
The patient reported an increase in hearing and the child's mother reported the child had less ear pain, was less irritable and had better speech after the initiation of chiropractic. Medical audiology reports documented speech and hearing improvements after the implementation of chiropractic care.
It is confusing and sad to me that parents choose drugs and surgery for their children without educating themselves and researching alternatives like chiropractic.

At Seaman Chiropractic on the northwest side of Chicago, we treat children with no side effects. Adjustments are gentle with a non-force touch and safe. Far better than antibiotics and other drugs which has long-lasing effects and side effects. Parents are even hesitant when they are patients themselves.Why would it be safe and gentle for adults but not good for their greatest achievement,their children ????

Chiropractic Vs. Physical Therapy

May 17, 2009 
I find that many people have confusion about the diference between chiropractors and P.T..The biggest difference is how we approach a problem.Generally chiropractors,who are physicians, take x-rays and does a thorough exam to find the cause of the problem and P.T.'s use a prescription from a M.D. who may or may not have done the above and then prescribe a treatment plan that the P.T. follows.
Chiropractic heals from the inside out.Meaning we care about the structure and stability of the joint.If in the spine, we want to have correct placement of vertebrae so the nervous system can emerge from the spine and correctly communicate with the entire body.At Seaman Chiropractic, we also consider strenthening the muscles when the inner structure is more stable and pain is decreased.
P.T.'s move the joints but don't know how to adjust to put structure into the correct position.They work on stabilizing the muscles which helps decrease some types of pain but is not at the cause of the problem.So paeple can get a decrease in pain but not a correction of the problem.

We do the best at combining correcting the cause of the problem and then stabilizing the musculature of your core or all the muscles surrounding any joint you are having problems with

Heel And Foot Pain-Jefferson Park Chiropractor 60630

 May 14, 2009  

Are you experiencing heel or foot pain? 99% of the time ,the first thing I look at are your arches.If your ankles are starting to angle inward,your arches are collapsing and you need custom orthotics to keep your feet in a neutral position.That is the most common reason for heel pain.It is also important to get you ankles adjusted because left in that abnormal position ,they begin to jam and your range of motion decreases and that will lead to further pain.In addition you need to stretch your achilles tendon because that also leads to decrease range of motion and increasd pain.
Second you should change your gym shoes every 6 months max.They may look good but the mid sole breaks down.
I can tell you what is the cause of the pain and give you the correct plan to correct it

The Elderly Brain needs Sun-Jefferson Park 60630 Chiropractor

 May 13, 2009

With warmer weather approaching we need to start benefiting from that great source of all life's energy - the sun. Researchers have for the first time identified a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive impairment in a large-scale study of older people. The study looked at almost 2,000 adults aged 65 and over. As levels of vitamin D went down, levels of cognitive impairment went up. Those with the lowest levels of vitamin D were more than twice as likely to be cognitively impaired. One problem faced by older people is that the capacity of their skin to absorb vitamin D from sunlight decreases as they age. (6)
At Seaman Chiropractic we often supplement patients, especially in winter, with liquid D3.

6. Llewellyn DJ, Langa K, Lang I. Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D concentration and cognitive impairment. J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol. 2009 Feb 4 (Epub ahead of print)

North Park University Workshop-Chicago Chiropractor

 May 7, 2009
During a recent healthy lifestyle presentation at North Park University here in Chicago I had expected the faculty to attend, but instead got thirty 18-20 year-old student audience members staring at me.
I had to change my workshop instantaneously. They call that flipping the script. What do they know of spouses and work and grocery stores? They live in dorms and their stress is more about parents, school grades, what career path to choose.

They are physical education students. They know about muscle but not about the master controller, the nervous system, and what creates and sustains an excellent nervous system to control everything from your immune system to your organs, to whether or not you can move.It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work to keep them interested

Migraines and Chiropractic success

May 6, 2009
Subluxations are tiny distortions in your body that interfere with the communications between your brain, nerves and body parts. This can create intense stress in your system.
Chiropractors correct subluxations so your energies flow more freely, communication returns and your body stress levels drop. No matter what the disease or condition you are healthier and happier when your subluxations are corrected. (1)
There are many studies showing the benefits of chiropractic for migraine sufferers. For example, in one study chiropractic care resulted in a reduction of 90% of migraine episodes with the length of each migraine reduced by 38%. In addition, medication use dropped 94% and other symptoms associated with migraine such as nausea, vomiting, photophobia and phonophobia (light and sound sensitivity) were reduced. (2)
In another study, a 28-year-old woman with 15 years of severe migraines, irregular menstrual cycles and inability to conceive began chiropractic care. Within two months the migraines completely ceased. A regular menstrual cycle began 7 weeks into care and within 6 months she became pregnant. (3)
A ten-year-old girl was unable to go to school due to her six times a week migraines. Three years of medical care afforded no relief. After five chiropractic adjustments she was migraine-free. (4)
Anyone suffering from headaches of any type would do well to see their chiropractor to ensure that they are free of subluxations. If there are subluxations, no amount of drugs will correct them-a chiropractic adjustment is essential.

1. Ressel O, Rudy R. Bio vertebral subluxation correlated with somatic, visceral and immune complaints: an analysis of 650 children under chiropractic care. JVSR. October 18, 2004;1-23.
2. Tuchin PJ. A case series of migraine changes following a manipulative therapy trial. Australasian Chiropractic & Osteopathy. 1997;66(3);85-91.
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4. Bofshever H. Encephalgia/migraine. ICPA Newsletter. Jan/Feb 2000

Preventing Chronic Ear Infections With Chiropractic-Chicago Chiropractor 60630

 April 23, 2009
Chronic ear infections. A child with chronic ear infections since birth received a chiropractic adjustment at 11 months of age. After 8 weeks of care the child no longer experienced ear infections nor had any drugs or antibiotics. Improvements in personality and behavior were noted by mother, babysitters and chiropractor. (13)

13. Thomas D. Irritable child with chronic ear effusion/infections responds to chiropractic care. Chiropractic Pediatrics. 1997;3(2):13-14

Consumer Reports on chiropractic success with back pain

April 23, 2009
Great news! An article just appeared in Consumer Reports magazine ranking chiropractic at the top of the list for lower back pain relief.

A few interesting points in the article are:
More than half said the pain severely limited their daily routine for a week or longer
88% said it recurred throughout the year.
46% lose sleep because of it
31% reported that it thwarted their efforts to maintain a healthy weight,
24% said that it hampered their sex life.
58% of respondents said they wished they had done more exercising

Workshop At North Park University-Jefferson Park Chiropractor

 April 17, 2009

It is always fun to do workshops on a healthy lifestyle.I imagine most of the information is not new but it is important to hear it again and maybe this time,hear it differently because it just might be the time you want to make a change.
Since this project of life is a 70 to 90 year project, you may fall off the exercise, real food, stress reduction, sleep band wagon. Humans need reminders to jump back on.
That is why it is important to have a health coach behind you. I am the perfect person for that because my interest and knowledge is in natural healthcare including
nutrition, movement, core strength, supplementation stress reduction and a healthy nervous system which controls everything.

We will be at North Park University Friday, April 24th 2009 at 10:30am speaking and interacting with the faculty. I am so excited

Disc Herniations of the spine-Chicago Chiropractor

April 16, 2009

Twenty-seven patients with painful disc herniations of the neck and low back (lumbar) spine received chiropractic care. MRIs revealed that in 63% of the patients the herniations had completely disappeared or been reduced. (12)
We ,at Seaman Chiropractic, use a specialized ,gentle table specifically designed for disc protrusions, herniations and slipped discs called a Flexion -Distraction table.
I also have had great success with the combination of this table and acupuncture for sciatica(leg pain).Your disc is a shock absorber and a spacer between the bones of the vertebrae.It is like a jelly doughnut with a soft center.

12. Ben Eliyahu DJ. Magnetic resonance imaging and clinical follow-up: study of 27 patients receiving chiropractic care for cervical and lumbar disc herniations. JMPT. 1996;19(19)

Pregnancy And The Advantage Of An Adjusted Mom

April 14, 2009

For many decades chiropractic care has been a blessing to pregnant women. Chiropractic has become the drug-free, natural, safe and effective approach to the fatigue, stress, exhaustion and pain (especially in the back, hip and pubic area) that sometimes occur in the later months of pregnancy. (1-4)
In addition to making pregnancy much more comfortable, chiropractic adjustments help pregnant women have easier births.
Further, chiropractic may prevent a breech presentation. Why? Spinal distortions (subluxations) can cause the pelvis to constrict a little and make it difficult or impossible for the unborn child to turn into proper position.
When the chiropractor corrects subluxations the entire structural system, including the pelvis, relaxes. Labor and birth are easier and a breech baby may turn into the proper position so a Caesarian section would not be needed.
To ensure a more relaxing pregnancy, labor and delivery, a balanced, stress-free spinal column and body structure is essential. Every pregnant woman should get a chiropractic checkup.

1. Stein K. The value of chiropractic care in cases of pregnancy. ACA J Chiropractic. July 1964:19.
2. Brynhildsen J, Hansson A, Persson A, Hammar M. Follow-up of patients with low back pain during pregnancy. Obstetrics & Gynecology. 1998;91(2):182-186.
3. Phillips C. An effective drug-free approach to premature contractions. ICA Review. October 1998.
4. Phillips C. Back labor: a possible solution for a painful situation. ICA Review. July/August 1997

Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Niles Chiropractor

 April 13, 2009 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome (also called mucous colitis and nervous bowel) affects millions. It is an uncomfortable condition with cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, heartburn or upper abdominal indigestion. In this study a 25-year-old woman with chronic irritable bowel syndrome for the past five years visited a chiropractor. Her symptoms began to disappear that day and two years later she remained symptom free. (11)
I have found that acupuncture also is very successful for the relief of symptoms of IBS

11. Wagner T, Owen J, Malone E, Mann K. Irritable bowel syndrome and spinal manipulation: a case report. Chiropractic Technique. 1996;7:139-140

Preventing Chronic Ear Infections With Chiropractic-Chicago Chiropractor 60630

 April 11, 2009


Chronic ear infections. A child with chronic ear infections since birth received a chiropractic adjustment at 11 months of age. After 8 weeks of care the child no longer experienced ear infections nor had any drugs or antibiotics. Improvements in personality and behavior were noted by mother, babysitters and chiropractor. (13)

Example of chiropractor adjusting children-Chicago Chiropractor

April 10, 2009

From ABC News, an example of a chiropractor adjusting children like I do in my office.This is a great little ABC news story. Send this to anyone whose children may need chiropractic care. That means anyone who has a child. After all, all children benefit from chiropractic care, as many of our patients well know.)

Chicago Chiropractor -Heal Thyself

March 27, 2009
Last Friday morning I was scheduled to make a presentation to the faculty of North Park University (NPU) in Chicago, Illinois at the new Helwig Recreation Center. I was to speak on the topic of healthy lifestyles.
In the early morning hours of last Friday I discovered this physician could not heal her temporary unhealthy condition, the result of severe food poisoning.
I am unsure of what I ate that made me ill. I just know it wasn't pretty and I was not up to my usual productive chipper self. I had to cancel.

Fortunately the NPU officials have been able to reschedule for another Friday date
in April. I'll be promoting that event in a later post

Sciatica-Chicago low back pain doctor

 March 22, 2009
Intense pain, numbness, tingling or burning in the buttock or down the leg possibly all the way to the feet is sciatica.It involves the sciatic nerve,the largest and longest nerve in your body and can be extremely painful.When the nerve becomes inflamed or traumatized, the result can be gradual pain down the leg or happen quite quickly.
This heals slower than simple back pain because it is more complicated.Sciatica is a particular difficult condition in that it involves muscle,bone,discs ligaments and nerves.Chiropractic identifies and corrects the underlying cause of the irritation.

In my office ,I use a non-force table that specializes in irritated,protruded or herniated discs.It is very successful for serious back and leg pain

What causes low back pain ? Chicago low back pain doctor

March 22, 2009

Conditions that may cause low back pain and require treatment by a chiropractor include:
Bulging disc (also called protruding, herniated, or ruptured disc). The intervertebral discs are under constant pressure. As discs degenerate and weaken, cartilage can bulge or be pushed into the space containing the spinal cord or a nerve root, causing pain. Studies have shown that most herniated discs occur in the lower, lumbar portion of the spinal column.
Sciatica is a condition in which a herniated or ruptured disc presses on the sciatic nerve, the large nerve that extends down the spinal column to its exit point in the pelvis and carries nerve fibers to the leg. This compression causes shock-like or burning low back pain combined with pain through the buttocks and down one leg to below the knee, occasionally reaching the foot. In the most extreme cases, when the nerve is pinched between the disc and an adjacent bone, the symptoms involve not pain but numbness and some loss of motor control over the leg due to interruption of nerve signaling. The condition may also be caused by a tumor, cyst, metastatic disease, or degeneration of the sciatic nerve root.
Spinal degeneration from disc wear and tear can lead to a narrowing of the spinal canal. A person with spinal degeneration may experience stiffness in the back upon awakening or may feel pain after walking or standing for a long time.
Spinal stenosis related to congenital narrowing of the bony canal predisposes some people to pain related to disc disease.
Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease marked by progressive decrease in bone density and strength. Fracture of brittle, porous bones in the spine and hips results when the body fails to produce new bone and/or absorbs too much existing bone. Women are four times more likely than men to develop osteoporosis. Caucasian women of northern European heritage are at the highest risk of developing the condition.
Skeletal irregularities produce strain on the vertebrae and supporting muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues supported by spinal column. These irregularities include scoliosis, a curving of the spine to the side; kyphosis, in which the normal curve of the upper back is severely rounded; lordosis, an abnormally accentuated arch in the lower back; back extension, a bending backward of the spine; and back flexion, in which the spine bends forward.
Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and multiple "tender points," particularly in the neck, spine, shoulders, and hips. Additional symptoms may include sleep disturbances, morning stiffness, and anxiety.

Chiropractic is very successful for the above conditions. At Seaman Chiropractic, we have gentle non force techniques for even the most serious and painful low back conditions

Chicago Chiropractor Cynthia Seaman Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

 March 18, 2009 
This Friday I will be presenting a chiropractic workshop for the faculty of North Park University in Chicago, Illinois at the Helwig Recreation Center. The Helwig Recreation Center is their new, it's nearly three years old, health and fitness center located on the university's campus.
I'm excited to be able to provide knowledge everyone can use daily for the betterment of their lives. In these presentations the audience learns what is necessary to achieve a healthy way of life.
Following my presentation there is a question and answer session which allows the audience to explore and discuss convenient non-surgical approaches to alleviate pain, while maximizing energy and mobility without using drugs. A spinal evaluation is given to each workshop participant.

If you happen to be in the area on Friday morning, March 20, 2009 at 1030 and you want ideas on how to improve or sustain a healthy lifestyle stop by the
Helwig Center on the campus of North Park University

Chicago Chiropractor Dr.Cynthia Seaman Teaches Aging Chicago Population How to Put More Life in Your Years

 March 5, 2009 
From a news release March 5, 2009:
Just as the national population is growing older and people across the country are living longer, the same is true of the population of America's third largest city, Chicago, Illinois.  That is why Dr. Cynthia Seaman whose practice serves the northwest side of Chicago offers workshops for health conscious aging baby boomers.
The increase in the number of people over the age of sixty-five combined with the fact people are living longer is the reason why I, as a chiropractor serving Chicago's northwest side for more than twenty years, began to present workshops designed for Chicago's health conscious aging population at Mather's Cafe on Higgins.
I have presented many informative workshops to local Chicago schools, community agencies and other organizations; many attendees have benefited from the knowledge they received; it's knowledge they can use everyday to improve or maintain a healthy way of life.
I'm a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Illinois Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness, and a Diplomat of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
A native of New York who attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where I received an academic scholarship, and received my undergraduate degree in Chemistry, I began my professional schooling at National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, and received a Doctorate and Bachelor of Science in 1984.
Since graduating I have taken numerous post educational courses in nutrition, biomechanics, ergonomics, rehabilitation and other subjects to enhance and update my skills. I offers my patients the latest in technological chiropractic healthcare advances to help them formulate new habits to improve their health.
My complimentary workshops are customized to address your groups' specific interests. Some topics deal with creating a healthy lifestyle; an introduction to natural health care; or a how to presentation on the way to de-stress in an increasingly stressful world.
The workshops are entertaining, fun, interactive as well as informative. Participants receive a spinal screening to evaluate potential or existing problems and possible solutions. During a question and answer session Dr. Seaman and the audience briefly discuss convenient non-drug, non-surgical approaches for eliminating pain, increasing energy and mobility.
My practice is very unique. I combine the best of scientific research with gentle non-force techniques which include a specialized table for disc problems I create a unique personalized treatment plan to fit each patient's needs.
Whether you are looking to regain health and fitness or you wish to create supportive wellness care, Dr. Cynthia Seaman along with her staff can help guide you through the process.

For more information visit SeamanChiro.com or contact Seaman Chiropractic telephone: 773-545-2233 or email: [email protected]

Why Chiropractic is so Successful-Skokie Chiropractor 60076

March 5, 2009
Chiropractic is a unique profession - we don't put anything into your body or take anything out - no drugs, no surgery, no devices, no chemicals. And yet case histories abound of people with all kinds of conditions rediscovering health and wellness after chiropractic adjustments . At Seaman Chiropractic, we have a book of patients'stories that has a patient recovery from bed-wetting( a 9 year old),to another patient getting rid of back and leg pain after he already had a failed back surgery to a woman getting pregnant after failed fertility treatments.
Who is the real doctor? The real doctor is you. Your body has the ability to heal itself from every disease.
Your chiropractor releases blockages, called subluxations, inside you that interfere with your natural healing ability and therefore prevent full healing , full functioning or resolution of pain.
When these blockages are located and released (or adjusted) the result is a healthier you - more balance, more energy, more healing. Seaman Chiropractic specializes in how to locate and correct subluxations.

A nice side effect of going to a chiropractor at Seaman Chiropractic is that you learn about a drug-free lifestyle that includes better food choices ,stress reduction ,exercise , nutritional information -including about caffeine ,water and nutritional supplementation ,sleep and increasing natural immunity. Enhancing health and wellness and eliminating pain is fun and rewarding for both the doctor and patient

Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy Chicago 60631

March 3, 2009

What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy may provide benefits for women who are pregnant. Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:
a)Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
b)Controlling symptoms of nausea
c)Reducing the time of labor and delivery
d)Relieving back, neck or joint pain
e)Prevent a potential cesarean section

At our clinic, we use a specialized , gentle non-force table that has a drop out section for a growing belly.Reducing subluxations and keeping your nervous system which communicates with your body, free from interference can go a long way to a happier and healthier pregnancy. Our massage therapists are also trained in prenatal and postpartum massage to relax muscles,backaches and relieve tension

Why Chiropractic During Your Pregnancy-Chicago 60646, 60656

March 3, 2009

Why should I have chiropractic care during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, there are several physiological and endocrinological changes that occur in preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby. The following changes could result in a misaligned spine or joint:
1)Protruding abdomen and increased back curve
2)Pelvic changes
3)Postural adaptations

Establishing pelvic balance and alignment is another reason to obtain chiropractic care during pregnancy. When the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This restriction is called intrauterine constraint. A misaligned pelvis may also make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery.

The nervous system is the master communication system to all the body systems including the reproductive system. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively.We, at Seaman Chiropractic ,use a specialized gentle, non force technique with a drop out section for a growing belly. You can comfortably get adjusted till you deliver.Our massage therapists are trained in prenatal and postpartum massage to help relieve pain, stress and tension

High blood pressure-Natural chiropractic Results-Niles chiropractor 60714

February 21, 2009

High blood pressure. Atlas vertebra subluxations were found associated with decreased blood to the brainstem and increased blood pressure. Fifty patients with Stage 1 hypertension received either an upper cervical adjustment or a sham procedure. Patients received no drugs during the 8-week study. At week 8, there were significant reductions in systolic and diastolic BP for the group receiving adjustments. The authors wrote "restoration of Atlas alignment is associated with marked and sustained reductions in BP similar to the use of two-drug combination therapy." (4)
4. Bakris G, Dickholtz M, Meyer PM et al. Atlas vertebra realignment and achievement of arterial pressure

When Should Children be adjusted-Chicago Children's Chiropractor

 February 17, 2009 
According to the late chiropractic pediatric specialist Larry Webster, D.C., there are six times in a baby's first year of life when spinal examinations are especially important:

After the birth process
When the baby starts to hold his/her head up
When the baby sits up
When the baby starts to crawl
When the baby starts to stand
When the baby starts to walk

We encourage parents to check their child's spine to see if any abnormalities are developing which can contribute to problems with formula, excess spitting up, colic, poor sleeping,excess crying, discomfort and infections

Infants and Chiropractic-Chicago Childrens' Chiropractor

February 17, 2009
How do you know if your childs spine is healthy? An unhealthy spine can effect your child's health for his/her entire life. Your doctor of chiropractic is specially trained to check your child's spine for areas of distortion causing nerve damage-the vertebral subluxation complex (subluxations).
Sometimes a newborn's spine is harmed at birth. How can that occur? According to abraham Towbin, MD: The birth process...is potentially a traumatic, crippling event...mechanical stress imposed by obstetrical manipulation-even the application of standard orthodox procedures may prove intolerable to the fetus... most signs of neonatal injury observed in the delivery room are neurological...(1)
With the birth process becomong more and more an intervening procedure, the chiropractic adjustment becomes even more important to the childs future (2)
Research is confirming chiropractors' observations that infants may suffer from spinal subluxations. In one study, 1,250 babies were examined five days after birth 211 of them suffered vomiting, hyperactivity and sleeplessness. Subluxations were found in 95% of this group.
Although the researchers in this study were MDs, they recognized the power of chiropractic care and these babies were given the spinal care they needed. The authors reported that the spinal adjustment "frequently resulted in immediate quieting, cessation of crying, muscular relaxation and sleepiness."
There seems to be no limit to the condition that can respond to chiropractic care: colic,(6-9) difficulty breast-feeding,(10-11)Erb's palsy(an arm limp and undeveloped),(12) torticollis (twisted neck),(13-14) unbalanced face and skull development,(15) foot inversion,(16) "nervousness," ear, nose and throat infections, (17) allergies and sleep disorders,(18) and projectile vomiting(19) are just a sampling. All infants however sick or well, need to have a healthy spine.

Our children deserve to be treated naturally, not with dangerous chemical drugs and unproven surgries.
Give your baby the best possible chance to have a healthy life. You have your baby's eyes checked, heart checked, hearing checked-please bring your child(ren) in for a chiropractic spinal exam. A simple checkup now might make a BIG difference for your child(ren) for the rest of their lives.

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Migaines,Headache and Chiropractic-Northwest side Chicago chiropractic

February 16, 2009 

The cause of migraines has been a mystery. New research reveal sufferers have abnormal nerve firing in the brain and spinal chord(1).This may be why chiropractic's traditional approach helps so many headache sufferers and it adds to the findings that headaches can be caused by problems in the neck (cervical spine).A study of 6,000 people who suffered from recurring headaches for 2 to 25 years showed spinal injury was the most important factor in the cause of headaches and should be suspected in every nonspecific case of headache(2)
In a 6 month study 1/2 of 127 migraine sufferers were given chiropractic while the other half was not. 22% of the chiropractic group reported MORE THAN 90% REDUCTION in migraines after 2 months and about 50%in the group reported SIGNIFICANT DECLINE IN SEVERITY of migraines.(3)

(1)Neergaard I.Migraines are unique brain disorder.
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Childhood Football Injuries and Chiropractic-Northside Chicago chiropractor

 February 11, 2009

Football collision. A 13-year-old boy entered into Seaman Chiropractic in considerable pain, wearing dark glasses and ear plugs to compensate for increased sensitivity to sound and light. One week beforehand,he had been injured in a collision in a football game. Medical doctors had given the child painkillers and traction for two weeks with no improvement. Chiropractic examination showed subluxations of atlas and C-2(upper neck) Following initial adjustment the patient could ride home without wearing his sunglasses and for the first time in two weeks expressed an interest in food. He returned the next day saying he felt, "The best I've felt in six weeks."

Physical Rehabilitation-Chicago Rehabilitation

 February 1, 2009

Why do I have such a strong belief in rehabbing after you have experienced a trauma or some pain? After I have analyzed what structure is damaged and to what extent,the first stage is to normalize the position of the joints so the body's own healing energy can start to heal all the soft tissue.Depending on what area, that might be ligament,disc,nerve,cartilage and muscle.But what then? What keeps that newly corrected neutral position.ONE-regular chiropractic adjustments.TWO-a newly balanced and stronger muscular covering over a more neutral structure.Adjusting and strengthening is the perfect combination.Just muscle work is only a partial solution.But if you are looking for maximum repair the combination is very powerful.
I have been using muscle rehabilitation in Chicago for the last 25 years

Acupuncture! How it works-Chicago acupuncture-Dr Seaman

January 31, 2009  

The human body's energy flow courses over 12 meridians or channels that are normally well balanced. If a disruption of energy flow exists,it can alter the entire system,producing pain or symptoms in the body.Correction of balance corrects the problem energy deficiency or excess. There are over 1000 points on the body and a combination of points achieve that goal.

Dr Seaman has been doing acupuncture for 25 years and find it to be a powerful solution for many problems i.e.acute and chronic pain relief,migraines,cluster, sinus and tension headaches,arm and leg pain, trigeminal neuralgia, bladder dysfunction, bed wetting, pain on the spine, shoulder and hip pain, asthma, allergies, fatigue, abnormal blood pressure and cessation of SMOKING. This is only a partial list of the numerous conditions for which acupuncture is used to treat successfully.

Chiropractic and your immunity to Colds/Flu-Chicago Natural Medicine

 January 14, 2009

Did you know there are thousands of papers describing the wonders of chiropractic and spinal care in health and disease? Remember: a person with any kind of health problem needs chiropractic. Being free from subluxations could make a big difference. Feel free to send these studies to anyone you know. By the way, is there any disease or condition you'd like to know about? Write us.

The common cold. Getting chiropractic care may be one of the best things you can do to prevent colds and flu. The immune system is controlled through glands around your neck and those glands are influenced from your cervical spine nerves in your neck.They come from your brain to your neck and out each level of your spine through spinal nerves.Keeping those nerves from getting pinched(subluxated) will keep your immune system humming along at a higher intensity.

Aromatherapy-Jefferson Park 60630 Chiropractor

January 14, 2009

The healing power of aromatherapy has been employed for thousands of years in nearly every culture. Recently Israeli researchers have discovered that the incense known as frankincense can be a very effective mood-altering tool. It affects the same part of the brain as anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs. (3)
Essential oils and incense have been used to change mood, improve the immune system, heal and promote wellness. Why not add some aromatherapy to your life?
At Seaman Chiropractic,a natural heathcare practitioner can give you sound advise about the best combination of effective treatments.

3. Moussaieff A et al. Incensole acetate, an incense component, elicits psychoactivity by activating TRPV3 channels in the brain. The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal. 2008;22:3024-3034

Subluxations and health-Chicago northside chiropractor

 January 13, 2009 
Most people have subluxations in their bodies and don't know it. It can happen from a difficult birth, a fall or some other injury in infancy or childhood (or later in life), from pregnancy, emotional stress, chemical stress and even from sitting or working in the same position day after day (micro-trauma).
Chiropractors spend years learning how to free you from damaging subluxation stress. Chiropractic promotes improved nerve and energetic communication between your brain and spinal cord, and your organs, muscles, joints, glands and many body systems.
Chiropractic's purpose is to free you from nerve interference so you may live a healthier, happier life.Dr Seaman has had a subluxation practice on Chicago northwest side for 25 years.
When your body is functioning at 100%, free of toxins and supplied with the nutrient dense foods it needs, the result is:

. A body making all the drugs and chemicals it needs.
. A healthy body - free of chronic illness and able to adapt to life's stresses.
. A healthy mind - able to adapt to life's ups and downs.
. A long life - may we all live to the Biblical ideal of 120 years. The Lord said "his days shall be a hundred and twenty years." (2)
. Living to your potential:  a happy, healthy, rich, creative, successful, long life.
With a foundation of physical, mental and spiritual wellness and growth, 2009 may be a wonderful year for us as we rise up to face the many challenges the year brings.

2. Genesis (6:3)

Acupuncture-Niles chiropractor

December 17, 2008  
The term "acupuncture" describes a family of procedures involving the stimulation of anatomical points on the body using a variety of techniques. The acupuncture technique that has been most often studied scientifically involves penetrating the skin with thin, solid, metallic needles that are manipulated by the hands or by electrical stimulation.

Practiced in China and other Asian countries for thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the key components of traditional Chinese medicine. The body is seen as a delicate balance of two opposing and inseparable forces: yin and yang.The concept of two opposing yet complementary forces described in traditional Chinese medicine. Yin represents cold, slow, or passive aspects of the person, while yang represents hot, excited, or active aspects. A major theory is that health is achieved through balancing yin and yang and disease is caused by an imbalance leading to a blockage in the flow of qi.(energy). Yin represents the cold, slow, or passive principle, while yang represents the hot, excited, or active principle. Health is achieved by maintaining the body in a "balanced state"; disease is due to an internal imbalance of yin and yang. This imbalance leads to blockage in the flow of qi.In traditional Chinese medicine, the vital energy or life force proposed to regulate a person's spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health and to be influenced by the opposing forces of yin and yang. (vital energy) along pathways known as meridians. Qi can be unblocked, by using acupuncture at certain points on the body that connect with these meridians. One commonly cited source describes meridians as 14 main channels "connecting the body in a weblike interconnecting matrix" of at least 2,000 acupuncture points.
It complements chiropractic very well with chiropractic dealing with physical nerve ,muscle, disc and the nervous system which is energy and acupuncture dealing with stagnant or deficient energy.
Dr Seaman has practiced acupuncture in Chicago for the last 25 years

Headaches-Studies=Bipolar DisordersChicago Chiropractor

 December 5, 2008

Did you know there are thousands of papers describing the wonders of chiropractic and spinal care in health and disease? Remember: a person with any kind of health problem needs chiropractic. Being free from subluxations could make a big difference in any disease. Feel free to send these studies to anyone you know. By the way, is there any disease or condition you'd like to know about? Write us.
Bipolar disorder. A 52-year-old man diagnosed with bipolar disorder sought chiropractic care for lower back pain. The man had symptoms of depression, anxiety and jerky, uncontrolled movements on one side of his body. He was adjusted using Thompson Technique protocol and advised on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. After 4 visits, the jerky movements associated with his anxiety attacks had subsided and his depressed state had improved. (2)
Headache, neck pain, arm pain. An analysis of forty-seven random controlled trials reviewed chiropractic care for headaches, neck pain, cervico-brachial pain and/or upper back pain. It took a mean of 17 visits to resolve headaches, neck pain and upper back pain. (3)
High blood pressure. Atlas vertebra subluxations were found associated with decreased blood to the brainstem and increased blood pressure. Fifty patients with Stage 1 hypertension received either an upper cervical adjustment or a sham procedure. Patients received no drugs during the 8-week study. At week 8, there were significant reductions in systolic and diastolic BP for the group receiving adjustments. The authors wrote "restoration of Atlas alignment is associated with marked and sustained reductions in BP similar to the use of two-drug combination therapy." (4)

2. Kennamer A. Chiropractic management of a man with bipolar disorder, depression, hemichorea & subluxation. JVSR. October 20, 2008;1-4.

3. Maltby JK, Harrison DD, Harrison D et al. Frequency & duration of chiropractic care for headaches, neck and upper back pain. JVSR. August 21, 2008;1-12

Your spinal chord-Jefferson Park Chiropractic 

 December 5, 2008


The illustration to the left is a cross section through one of your vertebra looking down. In the center lies the spinal cord - a tight bundle of billions of nerves that starts in the brain and travels down the spine. Nerves exit from your spinal cord and go to every part of your body. The illustration shows your nerves (in pale yellow) exiting from the spinal cord. The illustration to the right shows the connections between your nerves and your organs.

What Chiropractors Do-Northwest side chiropractor

November 26, 2008 

Chiropractors are highly trained professionals that analyze your body structure for distortions known as subluxations. Subluxations put stress on your nerves and can affect the function of your discs, muscles, joints, internal organs, and your immune, digestive, eliminative and other body systems.
Using the art of the chiropractic adjustment, Doctors of Chiropractic correct your subluxations, restore your body structure and release stress from your nerves. The result is a healthier, happier you.

This is a photo of one kind of spinal adjustment to the atlas vertebra that sits just under your skull. There are many ways chiropractors can adjust the atlas (C-1). An atlas subluxation can affect your entire spinal column and therefore the health of your entire body. Chiropractic has developed over 100 different safe, gentle and effective ways of analyzing and adjusting your spine so you'll be free of health-damaging subluxations.

Your Incredible Neck-Jefferson Park 60630 Chiropractor

 November 24, 2008
Your neck is made up of seven bones, referred to as cervical vertebrae, with discs between them.
There are a lot of structures in your neck. Your bones are strapped together with ligaments; tendons attach your bones to muscles and your neck is full of muscles that attach from your head and vertebrae to your ribs, shoulder blade (scapula), collar bone (clavicle), breastbone (sternum) and other structures in your chest. You've also got millions of nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels all over the place. In addition, there's a food tube (esophagus), an air tube (trachea), a voice box (larynx) and so many more things it would take many pages to discuss them all. Your neck is a very busy place.
Your neck vertebrae are numbered from top down, C-1, C-2, C-3 all the way to C-7. Two neck vertebrae have special names: C-1 is also called the atlas (because it holds the globe of the skull) and C-2 is referred to as the axis (because it is involved in the turning of your head).
Chiropractors pay particular attention to the neck because inside your neck, inside your vertebrae, is a special canal: the spinal canal. Your spinal cord passes through your spinal canal. If the neck vertebrae are not properly aligned, the billions of nerves making up your spinal cord may be affected.

The result? A misalignment (subluxation) of a cervical (neck) vertebra can cause almost any health problem. Your resistance to disease, your immune system, your brain, your internal organs - all can be adversely affected by an unhealthy neck

Breastfeed babies are more intelligent -Chicago Chiropractor

 November 19, 2008 

In the largest study of its kind, researchers at Montreal's McGill University followed 14,000 children over a six-year-period. They found that those breastfed at least three months and exclusively breastfed would have different mental qualities later in life. The children were tested when they were six. The breastfeeding group had IQ scores three to eight points higher and scored better in reading and writing. Researchers say that the unique mix of nutrients and mother-baby bonding may be the reason for the improved brain development. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics babies should be breastfed for a minimum of six months and weaned when the child is ready. (14)
Another important component for a infant's health is a chiropractic adjustment.It is non-force , gentle and will boost the baby's immune system.It will also eliminate colic ,spitting up excessively ,problems with formula digestion and problems sleeping.It is very sucessful with decreasing colds and earaches.
14. Kramer MS et al. Breastfeeding and child cognitive development. Archives of General Psychiatry. 2008;65(5):578-584.

Subluxations Cause Disease-Jefferson park 60630 Chiropractor

 November 4, 2008

Millions of people have discovered the magic of chiropractic. No matter what condition you may have, remember - you always need to be free from subluxations: internal physical distortions that cause nerve and energy interruption.
Parkinson's Disease, Meniere's Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Bell's Palsy. The author found a subluxation putting pressure on the brain and spinal cord in individuals suffering from Meniere's syndrome (16 people), Parkinson's disease (2 people), trigeminal neuralgia (2 people) and Bell's Palsy (2 people). Each had experienced a trauma before their condition appeared. The author writes: "All 22 patients improved dramatically after one or two [chiropractic] adjustments." (15)

Tourette Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression, Asthma, Insomnia, and Headaches. A nine-year old boy with Tourette Syndrome (TS), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, asthma, insomnia, and headaches since age 6 began chiropractic care. Forceps were used during his delivery. He was vaccinated. His medications included AlbuterolT, DepakoteT, WellbutrinT, and AdderallT. After 6 weeks of chiropractic care to correct his subluxations all 6 conditions were no longer present and all medications were discontinued with the exception of a half-dose of WellbutrinT. At the conclusion of his case at 5 months, all symptoms remained absent. (16)

Back Surgery-Jefferson Park Chiropractor

 November 1, 2008
Back surgery - just say no!
Know anyone contemplating back surgery? Send them this little quote from one of the world's top orthopedic journals, and then send them to a chiropractor.
"There is no acceptable evidence of the efficacy of any form of fusion for degenerative lumbar spondylosis, back pain, or instability." (8)
This is not new information. Although back surgery has an incredibly high failure rate and is less effective long-term than doing nothing, orthopedic surgeons still tell patients they need it.

8. Deyo R et al. fusion surgery - the case for restraint. The New England Journal of Medicine. 2004;350(7):722-726Spinal

Pregnancy and Chiropractic-Jefferson Park Chiropractic-Chicago Chiropractic

 November 1, 2008

Where did you come from, baby dear? Out of the nowhere into here. - Nursery Rhyme
If you are pregnant one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to see a doctor of chiropractic. Chiropractic care provides so many things a pregnant body needs: a flexible and balanced spine, hips, pelvis; and body structure; internal organs without postural stress and freedom from subluxations - all essential for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
In short - along with a nutrient dense diet; exercise; and avoiding drugs, vaccines, alcohol and cigarettes - chiropractic care is an essential part of a pregnant woman's healthcare regimen.
Drug-free healthcare
One of the best reasons for chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it is a drugless healthcare system. Drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter, can harm a growing fetus. Almost all types of drugs and medications have been linked to fetal damage or malformations. (1- 2) As Robert Mendelsohn, MD, the famed pediatrician, stated, pregnant women should "stay away from X-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, doctor-prescribed medication, and every other form of dangerous obstetrical intervention." (3)
Can chiropractic help?
Many professionals have observed that chiropractic may help maintain pregnancy, control vomiting during pregnancy, help deliver full-term infants with ease and produce healthier infants. (4) Chiropractic has demonstrated success with back pain, (5) premature contractions (6) and back labor. (7).At Seaman Chirpractic,we use a specialized table for the pregnant woman for comfort and our massage therapists are experienced in pregnancy massage.

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7. Phillips C. Back labor: a possible solution for a painful situation. ICA Review. July/August 1997

Chidren with Scoliosis and Autism-Chicago Chiropractor

 October 20, 2008

Scoliosis. A nine-year-old boy with juvenile idiopathic scoliosis (and intermittent back pain) began chiropractic care. His posture began to balance immediately after the first adjustment. He had an 88% overall reduction in the scoliosis after five months of chiropractic care. (1)
Autism. A 2½-year-old girl was diagnosed with autism (reduced social interaction and language skills and learning difficulties). One year later she was brought in for chiropractic care. Both the chiropractor and the parents noticed improvements in social interactions, language skills and increased symmetry in surface EMG and thermal scanning over the 10 weeks of care. (2)

1)FORTINOPOULOS V. SCOLIOSIS AND SUBLUXATION.International Chiropedic Association July/August 1999
2)Hoffman N. Russell D. Improvement in a 31/2year old autistic child following chiropractic intervention to reduce vertebral subluxation.JVSR March 24,2008

How does chiropractic help pregnancy, sports performance and the elderly?

 October 16, 2008  
If there's any class of patients that need chiropractic care the most its pregnant women. Pregnancy changes a woman's balance and can make distortions more severe which can cause pain and exhaustion. Chiropractic can help ensure that body structure is balanced and that the pelvis is relaxed and open so the developing baby has the maximum amount of room in which to develop. Clinical research reveals that breech presentations have been corrected with the fetus turning into a healthy position as a result of chiropractic pelvic-balancing procedures. Clinical reports show chiropractic helping with breastfeeding and the return to a pre-pregnancy figure.

How does chiropractic help sports performance?
Many top athletes from all over the world rely on chiropractic to keep their body structure balanced, their nerve system healthy and their muscles functioning at their peak. Chiropractic can prevent sports injuries but can also help an injured player return to the game or competition faster. Of course you don't need to be an Olympian to go to a chiropractor; anyone who uses his/her body needs it to function at its peak.

How do the elderly benefit from chiropractic care?
The elderly are among our most drugged citizens. It is not unusual for someone to be taking many different medications and suffering from serious reactions to them. Many times people are taking drugs that interact in ways that are more damaging than if they took them individually. Chiropractic offers a drug-free alternative to an over-drugged population.

In conclusion, infants, the elderly and everyone in between all need a healthy structural system, free from subluxations and nerve stress. Chiropractors are specially trained in locating and correcting subluxations, which is necessary for a long, healthy, happy life.

Why children need chiropractic and a healthy nervous system-Seaman Chiropractic

October 16, 2008

How do infants benefit from chiropractic care? Chiropractic for infants? They have low back pain? Hardly - yet infants need chiropractic care to ensure that the stress of labor and delivery hasn't damaged their spine and delicate structural system. Other stresses can involve falls - statistics tell us that nearly half of all babies have had a fall from a height (off the changing table, off the bed, etc.). Chiropractic care will help ensure a healthy baby. Also, correcting subluxations may help a baby who is ill return to health quicker and more comfortably.
How do children benefit from chiropractic care? Childhood is a rough time, full of falls, trips and stumbles. Chiropractic helps keep children naturally healthy. Just like babies and infants every child needs periodic chiropractic checkups.
How do students benefit from chiropractic care? Chiropractic care, by releasing stress from the brain and nervous system, may improve concentration, attention span, grades and interpersonal behavior. Chiropractic has been shown to increase IQ, to help coordination and self-esteem and to improve body function. No matter what health problem a child may have, chiropractic will help improve their chances of healing naturally

Dr Seaman's take on language-Chicago,Niles Lincolnwood

September 17, 2008 

Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn:
1. The bandage was wound around the wound. 2. The farm was used to produce produce. 3. The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4. We must polish the Polish furniture. 5. He'd be able to lead if he would get the lead out. 6. The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. [Triple whammy!]7. Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present. 8. A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. 9. When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10. I did not object to the object. 11. The insurance was invalid for the invalid. 12. There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row. 13. They were too close to the door to close it. 14. The buck does funny things when the does are present. 15. A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line. 16. To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.
17. The wind was too strong to wind the sail. 18. After a number of injections my jaw got number. 19. Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear. 20. I had to subject the subject to a series of tests. 21. How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?
Breastfeeding Builds baby's immune system
September 3, 2008  
Breastfeeding builds baby's immune system

Newborns are still developing and do not have a mature immune system to protect them from illness. Antibodies, or immune molecules, in a mother's breast milk are transferred to the baby, giving immunity to illnesses that the mother is immune to. The converse is also true - if a newborn is exposed to a germ, she will transfer it back to her mother while nursing. The mother's body will then produce antibodies to that particular germ and transfer them back to the baby.
Babies who are breastfed exclusively have better functioning immune systems
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Salt is great-Chicago Chiropractor

September 3, 2008
Salt is great for you - just make sure it's real

Table salt is not real salt. It is sodium chloride (NaCl) - manufactured for industrial use with sodium ferrocyanide and green ferric ammonium citrate added as anti-caking agents. Iodized salt contains potassium iodine. Sodium carbonate is added to preserve the color. What is the salt that humans have used for thousands of years?
Use real salt: sea salt Real salt is a complex crystal containing 84 elements vital to life: sodium, magnesium, silicone, chloride, calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, zirconium, silver, iodine, platinum, gold and many more - the same elements originally found in the ocean where life originated. http://www.himalayanlivingsalt.com/

Nutritional Do and Don'ts-Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago

July 29, 2008
Nutrition do's and don'ts

Do's: red_light_763702.jpg
Do drink plenty of good water.
Do use sea salt.
Do use good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil and butter.
Do use raw milk and foods made with raw milk.
Do eat a variety of different foods.
Do eat organic food.
Do eat meat from grass-fed pastured animals.
Do eat eggs from free range, organic feed chickens.
Do get sunlight - sunlight is a nutrient (just don't burn).

Don'ts: red_light2_716960.jpg
Don't drink water that is distilled or has chlorine or added fluoride.
Don't use NaCl (table salt).
Don't use oils that are unnatural or tend to rancidity. Especially stay away from canola, corn and vegetable oils and margarine.
Don't use meat from grain fed cows (cows are supposed to eat grass).
Don't use pasteurized milk or milk products (if possible).
Don't eat refined carbohydrates, soda (pop) or other refined foods.
Don't use aspartame (Nutrasweet™) or other artificial sweeteners.
Don't use sunscreen (it's linked to cancer and blocks the most healing of the sun's rays)

Your Body's Natural Healing Ability-Wellness Care-Seaman Chiropractic -Chicago

July 25, 2008
Your body is intelligent and filled with wondrous mechanisms designed to keep you alive and healthy. These mechanisms include symptoms such as pain, rash, fever, diarrhea, vomiting and others. Although unpleasant, these symptoms help your body heal, cleanse and restore itself to balance and harmony.
Symptoms tell us the body is struggling to regain balance and restore itself. If we suppress our symptoms (prevent them from doing their job) with medications and/or surgery the result can be harmful because illness may never leave but rather be driven deeper.
John Upledger, DO tells this story:
"A friend and general surgeon with more than thirty years experience once confided to me that, in retrospect, he felt the majority of surgical procedures he had performed might be classified as excisions of the 'vocal apparatuses' of the inner selves of the patients. He meant that by removing certain organs or tissues, he was eliminating the bodily voices that were attempting to communicate the presence of deeper emotional or spiritual problems in need of attention."
What's the best way to deal with uncomfortable symptoms? Work with them! Let them do their job. In their wake you'll be a healthier, stronger person. Chiropractors, by correcting subluxations, permit your body to function at its optimum so it may fully express its symptoms to burn off poisons, eliminate infection, cleanse, rest, rejuvenate and heal. While medicine uses drugs to suppress symptoms, chiropractic promotes symptom expression. Chiropractic helps support your body's cleansing processes (symptoms), which are its self-healing mechanisms.
When we take drugs to suppress our aches, pains, fever and other uncomfortable symptoms we are silencing our inner voices. Rather, we each need to increase our sensitivity to it. It is constantly whispering to our every cell leading us toward greater wholeness, fulfillment and healing so we may enjoy a long, healthy, happy, loving life.
Wake up and pay attention to the small, subtle signs of physical or mental dis-ease now, so your body and mind won't have to use serious illness to get your attention later.
Listen to your heart. Observe your dreams. Often the best indicator of ill health or dis-ease is your own intuition.

Look for the subtle clues now. Practice health optimization now rather than disease treatment later. Don't wait - do it now while you still have the energy and the will to act.

Drugs and Your body vs Natural Healthcare-Dr Seaman in Chicago

July 17, 2008
Over $30 billion in over 30 years has been thrown at a "War on Cancer." So far it looks like cancer has won. (1)
Similarly, all the money spent on an AIDS cure has not resulted in a single life saved (medically). (2)
Why, you ask; because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
For example, we think we can artificially "improve" the immune system so we "tinker" with it using vaccines. The result is an epidemic of autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, allergies, Alzheimer's, cancer, asthma, ear infections, vision problems and many other conditions.
In the same way, we think we can artificially make someone healthy by pumping synthetic drugs into them. We think the body is making a mistake when it creates symptoms and we try to suppress the symptoms rather than correct the cause (i.e. build up natural resistance, remove subluxations and other interferences).
But, there is another way: Respect the body and observe what it is doing in sickness and health. This is known as Empirical healthcare.
The body can tell us how to be healthy. Why do so many people not get cancer? Why do so many people not get AIDS - even if they have the risk factors? Why do so many people not get the flu? What makes people recover from horrible diseases while others succumb and die? This is what needs to be studied: health!
Chiropractic is based on Empirical health philosophy. Simply stated: rather than invade the body with artificial drugs and procedures, we try to learn what it wants to do and support it; we respect the body's symptoms. For example, if the body creates a fever we don't suppress it with drugs, but rather permit the body to disinfect, cleanse and heal - and the body will be healthier and stronger as a result. Relying on drugs makes us weaker. For example, studies show that antibiotics for ear infections lead to more ear infections. Also, consider that children who have more infectious diseases of childhood have lower cancer risk and less heart attacks as adults.
Chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other natural healers respect your body's wisdom by working with it to discover what is blocking healing.
Chiropractors locate and correct subluxations, often painless distortions in your body that can weaken your resistance to disease and interfere with your physical and mental health.

Remember, no matter how deep and complex science explores, our bodies seem to mirror every revelation. Let us respect the body's wisdom by working with it and the holistic nature upon which is was created and is sustained.

Exhaustion, Fatigue and Chiropractic-Seaman Chiropractic in Chicago

July 17, 2008

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."
- Carl Rogers
"Like all explorers, we are drawn to discover what's waiting out there without knowing yet if we have the courage to face it."
- Pema Chodron
"Love work, hate tyranny." - Shemayah
Looking for a drug-free lifestyle, for health and wholeness for yourself and your family? Interested in disease prevention and health enhancement?
Welcome to a more natural world ~ welcome to the world of chiropractic.
Why do people often feel an improvement in their energy with chiropractic care?
There are many reasons. One has to do with balance: as your hips, head and overall body structure become more balanced, you become more efficient and don't have to expend extra energy on misaligned body parts.
Imagine walking around with your head slightly off center - you'd have loads of stress on your neck, shoulders, hips, legs and feet that would weaken your joints, create arthritis, wear down your discs and lower your energy.
Unless you are balanced you can't function with ease and grace; every step drains energy and the evening finds you falling asleep with a book or in front of the TV (unless you have young kids, then you're trying to sleep every free moment).
In addition to fatigue, signs of structural imbalance include feelings of tightness, joints that are "noisy," an inability to move or turn in either direction or as easily as you once could and premature aging.

Make sure you're balanced - come in for a chiropractic checkup.

Teach your children- Wellness Care-Jefferson Park 60630-Seaman ChiropracticChicago Chiropractic

July 8, 2008
Teach your Children Well.
Are you popping pills, smoking, reaching for "something" every time you have an ache or a pain? Are you living on drugs? I bet you aren't but so many people are - and they have kids who watch and learn from them.
I'm reminded of a true news article, the title is: Dog Removed from Abusive Home. This really happened in Kentucky. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the local government removed a dog from a family's home because the couple that owned it fed the animal a diet of potato chips and Coca-Cola! The couple's four children remained.
Yes, shocking but true. The lack of health education is one of the main reasons people are in poor health. That's why we like the photo of the chiropractor teaching children. Your body is the world's greatest drugstore (making all the drugs and chemicals you need) IF (BIG if) you give it the raw materials it needs: good food, water (no chlorine or fluoride please), sunlight (no sunscreen so the healthy rays reach you properly), sleep, love, laughter - AND avoid poisons, recreational and prescribed.
The one thing that will stay with your children throughout their life is to show them it is important to take care of your health. Natural healthcare, not drugs, is the way to make healthy changes within your child. You bring them to the dentist but ignore their nervous system which controls their whole body function.

Look into chiropractic for your childrens' health needs and give them wellness care not sick. care.

True Health for All Ages

July 8, 2008
Discover the Truth about Chiropractic for All Ages. Chiropractic for me and my family?
Why? We don't have back or neck pain. If you are wondering about the answer to this question, you'll want to read on. As chiropractors, we often encounter those who understand the importance of regular exams for their entire family's eyes, ears, nose, throat, hearing, and teeth, but who overlook routine family spinal check-ups. In fact, they could be the most important check-ups you and your family can receive. As a health conscious person, you want the best for you and your family and no doubt wonder if you are all as healthy as you could be.
Several factors determine everyone's overall health. These include: diet, exercise, proper rest, emotional and spiritual support, and a properly functioning nervous system.
A major component of health is the communication between your brain and body. This vital link controls the growth, repair, and function of every tissue and organ. The spinal cord sends messages from the brain throughout the body via billions of nerves. Interference (nerve pressure or irritation) places the body in a state of disharmony. This can lead to decreased immune function and sickness.
Starting with the birthing process itself, our bodies are subjected to many spinal traumas. Even the most "natural" of births can cause stress and strain to the tiny developing spine. This initial damage can be compounded when the child develops proper head support, learns to sit up, to crawl, and to walk. During this time of rapid spinal growth, any tiny bump or fall can cause unexplained health problems. The home is the primary place where a young child receives spinal injuries.
A study, conducted by the National Safety Council, discovered that nearly 50% of children fall headfirst from a high place (changing table, bed, etc.) during their first year of life. Many of these falls go undetected and unfortunately, although no immediate symptoms may appear, spinal health can be compromised.
Ear infections, asthma, colic, ADD/hyperactivity, bed wetting, learning disorders, and other health problems result from nervous system interference called vertebral subluxation complex. Doctors of Chiropractic are the only health care professionals trained in the detection and correction of this problem.
School is the most common place for accidents to occur for five to eighteen year olds. A 1990 study from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner, revealed that almost a quarter of a million children under the age of 15 were treated for injuries related to playground equipment. The majority of these accidents are falls, and approximately 50% of all falls result in head and neck trauma. Bicycles are also a source of childhood trauma. Over 50,000 children per year are treated for head (not wearing a helmet) and neck trauma.
Common childhood activities including surfing, skate boarding, water slides, horseback riding, and roller-skating are often associated with falls that can cause the spinal vertebrae to lose their normal motion and position. The delicate nerve tissue housed in these bones can be damaged, impairing the brain's ability to control the associated tissues and organs.
Children should have regular well care visits to the Doctor of Chiropractic. With appropriate chiropractic care, these spinal problems can be located and corrected, restoring normal spinal and nervous system function.
Many adult spinal problems actually began in childhood. If left uncorrected, childhood spinal problems may lead to more serious conditions later in life: "As the trunk is bent, so grows the tree." Without a properly functioning spine and nervous system, true health is impossible to achieve.
Maintaining your family's spinal health is one of the greatest gifts you can provide for all of you. For this reason, families are receiving routine periodic chiropractic spinal check-ups.
Today, many progressive consumers are choosing conservative chiropractic care, to help maximize their own natural healing. Parents of children who receive regular chiropractic care often report that their kids seem healthier than other children; they get fewer colds and other childhood diseases.
Adults experiencing regular care report improvement in all areas of life including decreased physical symptoms, more emotional and mental peace and overall improved quality of life. The chiropractic approach to health is safe and natural.

For these reasons and more, your Chiropractor may be your best family doctor! Many people feel encouraged to have a Chiropractor as part of their health professionals network

Your Discs -Keep Them Happy-Jefferson Park-Seaman Chiropractic

 June 24, 2008

Between your spinal bones (vertebrae) are flexible, gel-like pads called inter vertebral discs. You have 23 discs and they help give your spine its curves, flexibility and strength (a curved, flexible spine is much stronger than a straight, rigid one). Discs act like shock absorbers so your vertebrae don't crash into each other when you walk (which would be very painful); they also connect your vertebrae together.
Discs affect your height too - you are about 1/4"-1/2 ' taller when you wake up than when you went to bed the night before because walking and sitting make your discs thin a little each day; they expand back while you lie in sleep (astronauts gain about 1" in height due to weightlessness).
A proper alignment between the disc, the vertebrae and other structures in the spine is essential for healthy discs and that is why chiropractic has such an excellent record with disc sufferers, often saving them from the bleak prospect of back surgery. MRI and CT scans have shown that chiropractic care can reduce and correct lumbar disc protrusion or herniation.
Chiropractic spinal care may help prevent disc deterioration and herniation in the first place. Can you visit a chiropractor even if you've already had surgery? Yes! Chiropractors have helped many people relieve the pain and frustration of failed back surgery and may help prevent future operations. However surgery permanently changes the body - it's far better to prevent such operations, especially since they often don't work.
At Seaman Chiropractic Center, we use an adjusting table specific for disc and nerve problems, even herniating discs.It is a gentle adjustment that can be used even if you are in high levels of pain, can't straighten up and feel like you can't move.

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